In the world there are a lot of special occasions, which are known well only among the definite categories of modern people in some corners of the planet. For instance, the set question “When is National Hug an Australian Day in 2020?” sounds pretty amazing, however, not all people are ready to give a reply immediately. Today we want to clarify the situation and to introduce a new holiday for you to celebrate something unusual. Are you planning to be involved? We are starting.


Of course, the readers, who are interested in the direction what day Hug an Australian Day in 2020 is, would be really glad to find out something interesting about the establishers as well as about the historical background of this holiday in general. To tell you the truth, we want it too. However, unfortunately, the origin of this event remains unclear. We know nothing about its establishers as well as about the reasons to spend April 26th differently.

Despite it, the occasion has quickly become popular over the last years, and up to the present moment, it is celebrated worldwide. The strangest tradition is that people prefer to send the greeting cards (both ordinary and electronic ones) to Aussie friends.

Perhaps, initially the creators chose this date because of their own considerations. We don’t know them, but the fact is that they did a great job and thanks to them we have had a perfect addition to the list of kind holidays of the planet.

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What does Hug an Australian Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate some occasions or not. In the 21st century every person is free to choose what holidays are involved into. We are not sure, whether you will like this event or not, but we recommend to try to do it once in order to understand and to clarify it for you.

In general it would seem that hugs are just a manifestation of sympathy or affection for a person. But in reality, they carry a greater power than it might seem at first glance. The use of hugs is to improve the mental and physical condition of people. After the manifestation of this form of intimacy, a general improvement in the person’s mood is noted.

By the way in the ancient Eastern scriptures, this activity is said to be very important for any person to have a healing and rejuvenating effect. When a man and a woman embrace, there is an exchange of energy: the couple gets closer to each other. In fact all life things are waiting for warmth and kindness.

It has long been known to everyone that most diseases begin to develop in the human body from negative and pessimistic thoughts. This type of activities is thought to be an excellent preventative tool for them. And all thanks to the hormone of happiness – oxytocin – which begins to be produced in the hypothalamus, when people touch each other. It helps to reduce stress levels, feelings of anxiety and improve the quality of life.


When is International Hug an Australian Day 2020? This question seems to be rather amazing. However, it causes the appearance of additional amazing matters. For example, do you know for sure how many hugs a child needs in his or her life? – In accordance with the last publications of the great amount of contemporary specialists, it makes no difference whether you have a girl or a boy. The need for hugs is absolutely the same for those and for others. – The modern psychologists recommend hugging children up to 30 times a day. During tactile contact with the child speak pleasant and tender words. But of course, it’s not necessary to count how much today you have hugged your child. Everything must come from the bottom of the heart, and from pure feelings and emotions. Love your baby deeply! Embrace them as often as possible: when you read a book together, sing songs, play, talk, watch cartoons, etc.

If children are hugged regularly at their early age, then they will grow up to be people capable of love. Children who have not been hugged before the age of 7 very often grow up closed and incapable of feeling. They will be at odds with society. As a rule, due to the lack of caress in childhood, violent personalities grow up. And there is plenty of evidence.


If you like to know, when is Hug an Australian Day in 2020, calendar will surely and under any conditions remind this. However, under the case you are planning to be involved you have to remember the date of the holiday celebration. It is spent on April 26th annually. But the most interesting thing that this funny and kind event is not famous worldwide, it is typical only for some peculiar regions. That is why it is not a great surprise that there are a lot of those men and women who have never heard about the holiday existence in the list of the favorite calendar occasions. Perhaps, they celebrated if they know about it.

There are many way to spend this day in a good way. Actually everything depends on your imagination. For example, it can be a good motivation to make friends with some Australians. If it is impossible in your country for any reason, try to do it with the help of internet. In practice, when the person is building up new ties and connections he or she does not only get the priceless gift of friendships but perhaps, you will also find someone to hug on the holiday next year.

Under the condition you do not like the Internet to be a part of your life, especially on holidays, spend this day for something pleasant things. – What about visiting the zoo? Are you surprised? Why are we recommending this direction for you? – The matter is that in this place you can find the animals, which are typical for Australia. The most common ones are koalas and kangaroos. You can watch them or even hug them. In such a way, you can make April 26th the most remarkable moment of your year.

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National Hug an Australian Day Facts

Taking about the question “What is the date of Hug an Australian Day in 2020?” we want to introduce our curious readers about the strength of this kind of activity for our everyday life.

Have you ever thought how many hugs you should have a day in order to feel yourself better physically and more comfortable emotionally? – You see, according to one of the founders of the self-help movement, Louise Hay, for the pleasant survival in the modern society, a person needs to embrace at least 4 times a day, 8 times – to support life, 12 times – for growth and development. Hugs are really vital for a healthy and happy life. They bring pleasure, cheer up and make smile. Sincere touching perfectly helps both psychologically and physically.

By the way, would you like to practice something new just at this very moment? – We have one proposition for you. If someone is sitting with you right now (your favorite person, mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, daughter, son, sister, brother, your favorite cat or dog) or is in the next room, do not be lazy to come and hug tight tightly Do not hesitate, press him/her for at least 2-3 seconds. Relax and forget the insults. Immerse yourself in the world of man (or your pet), give him/her your warmth, love, and you will remember the feeling of mutual cosmic kindness for a long time.

Have you already heard about such a thing as “hug therapy”? Up to the present moment, many trainings use hugs to get rid of isolation, to treat depression and other mental disorders. According to many psychologists, modern society lacks physical intimacy. For embraces a close person or even a favorite pet are suitable. The absence of this simple and innocent contact deprives a person of the joy of life, leads mostly to isolation and loss of intimacy with the environment and people. Hugging is a must.


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