When is National Ride The Wind Day in 2024? Can you answer this question? As a rule the most part of contemporary men and women reply it negatively, as they have never heard about the existence of the holiday like this among the special occasions of the modern calendar. Well, this event doesn’t really belong to the list of the most popular ones, and we know it quite well. However, it deserves to be famous. That is why today we are going to represent it to all our followers.


Talking about the matter what day Ride The Wind Day in 2024 is, we can’t but mention the historical background of the event. As you can see, the significant amount of our followers is really glad to know something new about the establishment of the various holidays in the calendar. Are you among them?

Unfortunately, we can’t represent you the terrific facts as to the Ride The Wind Day. The names of the holiday creators are also unknown. However, we are sure that no matter who they were, they tried to organize an amazing experience for the other people around. And they did succeed, didn’t they?

All in all, this special occasion can be interpreted in two ways. It belongs to the people, both men and women, who like running the distances and to the human powered flights. If you are in one of these spheres you may join the celebration without any hesitations.

By the way, do you know what human powered flights mean? – They are thought to be the particular aircrafts that use the power of human muscles to run. In accordance with the technological issues, they can’t fly for very long distances. Moreover, they are able to do it for a definite amount of time. as a rule, these flights are taken for many purposes, usually experimental and recreational ones.

The very first authenticated objects were successfully used in 1961. It was on November 9 to be more exact. They dealt a significant distance. The first glider pilot was Derek Piggott. He flew for about 600 meters.


What does Ride The Wind Day mean? Well, we are not quite sure that we can answer this question instead of you. We have never met you personally, so we can’t even predict your reaction. In the modern world it is only up to you to find out which holidays to celebrate and which ones can be forgotten without any regrets and hesitations.

All in all, running is a favorite sport for both guys and ladies. However, we must admit that the representatives of the stronger sex still get faster in running. That is of the common knowledge. However, have you ever thought why this happens? By the way, it happens even under the condition when men and women eat the same things, train and run the same distance. Following the experts, it is not at all a matter of physical strength. Your ability to run fast is influenced mostly by hormones and body size.


We have already answered the question “When is International Ride The Wind Day 2024?” and you have known quite well that it happens on August 23rd annually.

However, this matter is much wider than it may seem at the first sight. It involves many details. Before a person begins puberty, the bodies of boys and girls are almost the same. Since a woman’s body produces less testosterone, their muscle mass is significantly less. In addition, the ladies’ body produces more estrogen than men, which is why they have a higher percentage of fat, which significantly reduces their speed while running.

Male legs have 80% more muscle than female legs. The extra muscles help men move much faster. In addition, a woman’s lungs and heart can pump less oxygen than a man’s body. A similar factor, like the previous ones, is of great importance in the issue of running speed.

Following the modern specialist, success in sports doesn’t always depend on speed alone. Balance, flexibility of muscles and tendons, and many other factors help women to win medals and achieve high results.

So you have to keep these facts in mind when you want to win the medals.


When is Ride The Wind Day in 2024, calendar will definitely remind you. And usually it is not a problem to memorize the day, as it is fixed. It simultaneously means that the special occasion is held on the same day annually. It happens on August 23rd every year.

As you perhaps understand it would be quite stupid to expect that the local authorities all around the planet will organize something special devoted to this day. Of course, they won’t. However, you are always free to make a real holiday for yourselves as well as for your close surroundings.

And we are glad to introduce you some ideas.

  • Try to learn as much information about the history of the human powered flights as it is possible. Nowadays there have been a lot of internet articles, magazines, documentaries and films devoted to this direction. It is up to you to choose. In fact the choices are endless. By the way, their science is also amazing. Perhaps you will need some knowledge to read the scientific documents, but this will be a terrific experience.
  • Well, on August 23rd you may take some flying lessons. As a rule, on this day the weather is good, so you will for sure enjoy yourselves. Flying over your native area will help you to watch the landscapes from the other, quite different side.
  • By the way, do you like running or jogging in the morning? Among the modern men and women there are a lot of those who wait for the convenient reason to start it. Perhaps, you are among them, aren’t you? – Start your new hobby on August 23rd then. Why not?
  • And the last idea from our list. Do you have a bike at home? If not, you may rent it as well. Take it, invite your friends and spend this August 23rd riding. It may be a city ride or, with a bit of luck, you may travel somewhere. Ride as fast as you can. You should feel the wind in your hair this day.

National Ride The Wind Day Facts

The question “What is the date of Ride The Wind Day in 2024?” involves a lot of amazing pieces of information. Would you like to find out something new in this sphere? – Well, we have prepared an interesting list for you.

  • The absolute record for running marathons in a row is 365 days every day! Could you believe in it? – It was set by Belgian runner Stéphane Engels in 2011.
  • Music can significantly improve your results in running. Up to 15%! If the external environment charges you, turn up the volume in your headphones!
  • More than 1 billion pairs of running shoes are sold worldwide every year. It sounds terrific, doesn’t it?
  • In 1961, Australian farmer Cliff Young won the ultramarathon, although he ran it for the first time. It turned out that the farmer did not take sleep breaks and ran while everyone was asleep.
  • The average person has so much energy in their fat reserves that they could run non-stop for 3 days at about 24 km per hour.
  • Following the recent studies, runners were asked what food they can’t live without the most. Banana won!
  • According to statistics, athletes in red clothes win the competition most often.
  • Even if you are the slowest runner, running just for your pleasure, you burn at least 10 calories per minute of running. This means you can “burn” the floor of a dark chocolate bar in 23 minutes.
  • Your feet have 26 bones, 33 joints, 112 ligaments, and also a network of nerve branches, tendons and blood vessels. And all this should work in sync when you run!


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