How to obtain complete forgiveness of sins and the gift of new life? You needed to go to Mount Arafat, July of 29, 2024 (if you are a devout Muslim; and adult; healthy, legally free as well). Perhaps you did not manage to do this. It is worth at least once to perform this ancient precept in life. Day of Arafah will come each year. When is Waqf al Arafa in 2024 and much more about one of the most blessed and holy days in the year in this article.

If we talk about the Muslim lunar calendar, this special day always comes on the 9th of the last month. The number of pilgrims is colossal, so Hajj lasts for three days – from 7 to 9. The month for this pilgrimage falls in August in the Gregorian calendar. Central pilgrimage rite takes place in this day we are discussing. Pay attention to feel the difference between these twenty-four hours from the rest of the year, what day Waqf al Arafa is in 2024, what will be happening in the world.

Waqf al Arafa

The essence of this day

This is the most memorable of the days of Allah. Like Ekadasi in Hinduism, this period is perfect for doing good deeds. After all, if the remuneration is increased many times, such a blessed opportunity should not be missed. Perhaps you do not think that is correct to do good for personal gain? Well then let it be all gratuitous. But no less important is to remember that the weight of sins on this day and the punishment for them increases hundreds of times too.

Day of Arafah is called the most expensive day. Not only because it is expensive for the pilgrims. Doing good deeds on this day the reward increases many times. Truly, no one but Allah knows the true value and meaning of what is being accomplished on the earth. This is a unique time when our prayers are heard and even the tiniest grain of faith will be seen by God or Allah.

Believers execute many ancient prescriptions, and the main ones are:

  • Pay your requests to Allah, repeating them three times.
  • Begin by reading Salavat the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), and finish with the same prayer. At the end they say, “Amen.”
  • On this day, we must beware of eating or doing whatever is sin or dibious.


As in many cultures around the world, a day of prayer involves many restrictions. It is very desirable on the day of Arafah to give alms, even a little. But it is equally important to know to whom charity is most needed, and bring more good. Fasting in thought, words and deeds (strict self-control about all violence, acts of intolerance, swearing, theft and other), and of course in eating and drinking. Follow the tradition and you will feel incomparable joy, increasing the sensation of taste in the next day, after a day of abstinence. Fasting is a desirable action in order to wash away the sins of the previous and subsequent years. In the Holy Scriptures their value is equal to a thousand other days.

One who is sick or a patient in a hospital, does not have to fast that day, but still must comply with the required diet. This also applies to a child or an old man. A woman should fast first discussing it with her family, especially her husband. It is better to let a man fast than his wife overdo it and spoil her health. It is prescribed to everyone who has no difficulty to do it, you must fast. Therefore, those who make worship at Mount Arafat cannot fast in order to have the necessary physical strength to climb when Waqf al Arafa is in 2024. On this day you should take a little food. Eat a light meal: vegetables and fruits, less legumes and cereals, without meat and milk.

Some questions:

  • Why this place?
  • What happened after the expulsion from paradise? Where is the place where the Prophet Adam and his wife Eve met after losing paradise? Where are the prayers of the first people were taken? The answer is according to legend Mount Arafat. They received forgiveness on the Arafat plain. You can see it now, in the middle of it, Mount Arafat rises. It is known that on this day the Messenger of Allah said: “A Muslim, fasting on the day of Tavriya and avoiding sinful words, will enter Paradise.”

Waqf al Arafa

These days have great spiritual significance. However, Islam does not require of every Muslimย compulsory execution of the precept. Not every Muslim can afford to go on a pilgrimage because of financial requirements, for example. Crowd funding of trips to Mount Arafat is the largest annual raising of money in the Islamic world. However, despite all the difficulties, every devout Muslim strives to visit these holy places at least once in their life.

You could see in the film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand “Home” in 2009, watching a pilgrimage – is an amazing sight. Even if we evaluate the aesthetic point of view, this is a great powerful event. Muslims perform all rites near Grace Mount in a state of consecration. Clothes worn are of two pieces of plain fabric as a rule, they are white and have no seams. Muslims spend the entire day in the valley of Arafat, when the pilgrimage is considered complete and valid (although then each of them also perform many subsequent ceremonies). During this time a pilgrim in a state of purity, certain actions are forbidden that can make the Hajj invalid. For example, engaging in trade, marital relationships and smoking.

So what is the date of Waqf al Arafa 2024? According to the Gregorian calendar, it will be the on 29 of July. On this day people remember Allah throughout the world as never commemorated at other times of the year. They worship more, pray over him, shed a lot of tears, read a lot of the Koran โ€“ praise God. People hope for compassion, forgiveness and the mercy of God, because no one can promise, let alone guarantee salvation, except the creator.

Put when Waqf al Arafa is in 2024 in the calendar; it will remind you. A wise man does not lose or waste his time, not only all his life, but especially on this day. The most intelligent man is the one who will hold this day in worship and supplication to the Almighty. Indeed, in the chase of pleasures or in running from fear and uncertainty, we forget the most important thing. What is this?


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