There is a feast of Succoth, which is divided into several holidays. About minor events hardly anyone knows, but all they hear names during Succoth. One such event is Shemini Atzeret. Let’s be clear what it is for a holiday and how to celebrate. So let us learn when Shemini Atzeret is in 2024?

The origin of the holiday

Succoth holiday begins teshre 15 and lasts 7 days. Of them the first day this Yom Tuff with all strict prohibitions. The remaining 6 days are the so-called Hole Mount, i.e. half a holiday. In these 6 days, every morning people say an extra prayer. As it happens.

Praying with 4 types of bypasses around multiple times plants were read, Thor. This prayer is called Oshana. Praying every day say different Oscans. In the last seventh day, this prayer becomes longer in 7 times because the 7-day dais bypass is already seven times and pronounce everything Oscans.

Shemini Atzeret

Oshana Raba, it’s the last day of Sukkot. What day Shemini Atzeret in 2024 happens? It stands out only because on this day, people pray in a special way.

The next day the 22nd teshret, on the eighth day is celebrated another holiday-Shemini Atzeret. This holiday, though, and is associated with the Sukotom still is an independent event. It integrates and completes all the holidays of the year, including the alone.

The history of the holiday

Most people have never heard of this holiday, but actually, this is a very important holiday of the year, he completes the entire annual cycle holidays.

Approximately 1700 years ago, it was agreed that this day will end with a public reading of the Torah. What is it specifically expressed? Prayer Psalms and pronounced a eulogy, choose all the scrolls of the Torah and begin to sing and dance with them. People arrange a meal in honor of the Torah and rejoice. Because this event is very joyful, it received the name Simcha Torah (Joy of the Torah). We need to know the history in order to understand when Shmini Atzeret is 2024. Shemini Atzeret 2024 will begin in the evening of October 9 and ends in the evening of October 11.

Custom complete Torah reading holiday happened gradually, although it has deep roots and in the Torah, in the book of Zora. In the old days, in the era of the originator of this book in Israel, it was decided to complete the Torah reading on Saturday with a frequency of once every three, three and a half years. The true meaning of the holiday is very distant from our understanding, so it is very difficult to understand him. He is full of deep meaning, which not everybody manages to walk with your consciousness. Therefore, we can only understand a little of his essence.

In Israel accepted all festivals celebrate only 1 day, so many erroneously believe that after Sukkot Simcha Torah should be. Actually, after comes the Sukkot feast of Shemini Atzeret.

The essence of the holiday

The true meaning of the holiday is very distant from our understanding, so it is very difficult to understand him. He is full of deep meaning, which not everybody manages to walk with your consciousness. Therefore, we can only understand a little of his essence.

To get a little insight into the meaning of Shemini Atzeret, you need to consider the entire parallel holidays of Succoth. It traced the two linked Group holidays. One called the three pillars, which are linked by a single process, the process of repairing the world. He begins leaving Egypt and the birth of the Jewish people. Ends when the Jews had a complete correction of peace and rest in a cloud of glory. This is the holiday of Succoth. So, what is the date of Shemini Atzeret 2024?

Shemini Atzeret celebration

All holidays are linked by one goal: the idea of preserving peace and patching of all mankind. In parallel with the second process. It makes sense to evaluate the first process, whether or not he reaches his goal or not. Here is justice. On this day the entire world passes in front of the creator and evaluates the role of each person in this giant process of world history, set the fate of the world and finally approved.

In the feast of Succoth intertwined both lines of holidays.

The difference between Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah

The Court, which is meant by the judgment, it is not simply the Court of the Almighty, this Court as a whole. In parallel, it exists within another and another court hearing. So what are we talking about?

During the wheat harvest, justice is administered. On other days is decided whether fruit trees. The Sukkot is the unequal justice: awarded the people water. Will it rain or drought arrive? It extends understanding of the Court.

Eventually, all life on earth depends on water and cannot live without water. That is the fate of the world depends on the sentence about water.

Because it happens in Sukkot, becomes understandable why this Court until Oshana slave. Because it is the final sentence about water. Water gives life. So we made more sense Oshana Slaves.

Shemini Atzeret

However, this does not clarify the issue associated with an almost untouched wilderness. Moreover, the issue still more enters into an impasse. As a whole, this custom is associated with water?

Before we try to explain something, it should be reminded that an understanding of Torah and all Jewish customs require abstract thinking.

In our world, we can observe a strange ceremony. But it is only at first glance. If you understand that behind him, the strangeness disappears instantly. The relationship between the material and its spiritual roots becomes apparent. That is, if Willow grows here, need to understand this abstract idea what exactly lies behind this symbolism.

First, you will get confused and then find a solution and the solution. Try to understand where is Willow from the point of view of spiritual roots and the spiritual structure of the world. When is Shemini Atzeret in 2024, calendar will help you learn that? It turns out that Willow one high into the heavens.

We are talking about the spiritual foundations of peace, and that which is closest to the Almighty has received the name willow. As in spiritual practice strive to the maximum, and God above and above all, it means people should be striving for as willow. It means all our acts must be designed to reach that level.

Because the position of the Willows on the account, the seventh, the sages contacted Willow it is on the seventh day of the feast.


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