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When is Peace Officers Memorial Day 2018

There are millions of types of jobs on the planet and people do each his or her work to earn their living. Some of them are more difficult, some of them are easier. But somebody has to do all this work to make the society survive and live better. And in this article, we would like to speak about difficult, serious and dangerous jobs because it is a really important mission and not every person is able to do such a job and be brave enough or to have such risks. A holiday is devoted to the people, who died while performing their duties at work and is called Peace Officers Memorial Day. And further we will speak about this holiday closely and will know, when is Peace Officers Memorial Day in 2018.

Why does the holiday begin existing

So, continuing the previous paragraph it is important to admit, that a lot of people work in police, for example, whose work is really dangerous. They have to protect their country and people and always face with death, fear and a lot of dangerous people. Many of such workers are not only injured while performing their duties but even may be killed. There a statistics exist, according to which it is seen, how many people suffer at work or die.

Peace Officers Memorial Day 2018

But the truth is that it is impossible for any country to exist and operate normally without such jobs and people because the world will turn into chaos without those, who help those, who are weaker or keep order. Though such works are extremely dangerous and a person does not even know for sure, what will happen today, everybody works and tries to do their best to keep things right.

Before the start of the holiday:

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Those, who know, what day Peace Officers Memorial Day in 2018 is, understand, how important is it and why do people need this day to be. Certainly, mostly families, close people and colleagues of those, who died at work or suffered there, memorize it. Their loss is a difficult thing, which they have to live with. And they honor the memory of these people for the whole life.

This holiday has not existed for a long time. It was offered only less than a hundred years ago, as strange it may sound. The idea has been offered by Congress of the USA because for some time people had thought about honoring people, who left their lives at work. After offering the idea, the president of the USA immediately agreed and signed the bill. So, from 1960es people celebrate this day and have an opportunity to think about their close people in a quiet situation.

So, it can’t be said that the holiday has a long history. Actually, it has not history at all. Since the bill has been signed by the president, people celebrate this day once a year and know, when is Peace Officers Memorial Day 2018. Though it has not been made as a federal holiday, so people do not rest on this day. All state buildings do not display flags and special ceremonies are held, which are organized to make a tribute to all those people.

Nevertheless, some concessions are made for people, who treat this day more important than others do. They are allowed to regulate their working time not so strict, can come to work a bit later or go from it a bit earlier. Also, it is possible to have a longer coffee break. Actually, people usually do not need so much time during the day. Usually, all of them need to visit cemeteries, and it is usually done at noon when it is quite late. But during the day they do their usual deeds, work, and other things.

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What is happening during the day

As it is not such a holiday, where people have fun, where there are a lot of smiles and happy mood, there are no some entertainments or such like things. There are no parades, no festivals. This day brings the sad mood to many people, who remember their close people, who died and can’t be with them more. Usual people visit cemeteries, may go to church and pray, for example. But also during this day, a work of government is also important. All governmental buildings always lower their flags. Colleagues also remember their partners, who worked together and helped each other, but were not so lucky like others.

Peace Officers Memorial Day

As to the governmental work, cities organize laying of flowers and wreaths to the memorials, devoted to the police officers. It is an official part of this holiday every year and it is obligatory. In such a way officials show their respect to all these people and pay tribute to them with their sincere feelings. It all looks really beautiful and afterward flowers remind people of this day for a long time. Moreover, members of families and other colleagues also may visit this ceremony and remember all these soldiers and officers. It should be admitted, that officers of all ages are regularly killed at work – there are young guys and adult men too. According to the statistics, about 150 people are killed every year among police workers. It is a huge number.

Also at this day government held different things in order to remember people, that it is all our work to prevent such cases, to be accurate with violence and be less rude and aggressive. Because all this leads to the deaths of people, who are not guilty in anything but just do their work. Except for people who die, there are a lot of people left, who suffer from all this for many years more. That is why it is extremely important for everybody to remember, when is Peace Officers Memorial Day 2018 – May 15th. It will be extremely important for every of us to pay tribute to people, who protect us every day and give their lives for us all days and nights long. Let’s respect each other personally and respect what others people do.

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