First, we translate the time one hour ahead because of winter, then translate back an hour because of Summers, and then decide what we will always live in winter time, and return to the original plan because again something wrong. Enough to stand it. Why do you need summer or winter time? Which one is better and why we just don’t live as we lived before? When is Daylight Saving Time starts in 2021? This will happen on March 18, 2021.

Historical reasons

For man naturally awake in the daytime. Historically. Until the mid-17th century, nobody really thought hard about. People knew that in the middle of the day, that is, at noon, the Sun is at its zenith, directly over their heads. For individual and even for the whole locality is quite convenient: up with the dawn, run before sunset, and lie down to sleep.

Daylight Saving Time 2018

But with the development of communication, in particular railways and Telegraphs, began to emerge of complexity. If from one city to another, which is located hundreds of miles apart rides the train, calculating how much time he will spend in ways it became uncomfortable because the Sun will not be able to be at the zenith in several parts of the country. The drafters of the railway schedules began to suffer and present, telegraphists, who tried to deliver messages exactly on time, too, had to be tough.

All more or less advanced countries of the world started to look for a solution to the problem. What day Daylight Saving Time starts in 2021? The easiest way to enter a single turned out to be for the entire time that the country was determined by solar time in the capital, but for our country, this turned out to be too simple, so here are all the trains and Telegraphs were tied to solar time Petersburg and other regions continued to live their lives.

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Time zone

Fortunately, this outrage lasted a relatively short time. In 1870h years of engineer Sandford Fleming railwayman from Canada came up with to divide the globe into 24 belts 15 degrees each. The difference between the two time zones was always 1:00 Starting point after long disputes and discussions, it was decided to take the Greenwich Meridian. A system called the world coordinated time. In our country some time continued to live on their own, but when Lenin was still decided to divide the country into zones.

Here in European countries, people began to resent that the summer sun rises too early, and went too early when the working day is already and people have fun kitchen outdoors. Of course, the Government of such discontent is not worried, but for reasons of economy, during the first world war in Germany clock and truth have moved back an hour. This information can let us know, when is Daylight Saving Time starts 2021.

Why wasting electricity if you can in the evening for an hour longer to work and fight for natural light. In principle savings the only good reason to transfer the arrows. Russia did not immediately support this idea, but eventually got it too. In the year 1931, it was decided to transfer the time back one hour relative to daylight time. So appeared the notion of legal time. And then began the summer transfer arrows for another hour on this most maternity time.

How this solution really helps save electricity, for a long time nobody did. But there is plenty of evidence that temporary shifts have had a negative impact on human health, cause sleeplessness and a decline in health. At the same time, a prolonged stay in the dark is fraught with seasonal depression and a sort of hibernation because the human body begins to produce too much melatonin, the sleep hormone.

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In the overall time, it is very important to find a happy medium. Namely, try to negotiate a long working day with long daylight hours. So you can eliminate the need to look at your watch, and just getting started to shift offices, companies, and factories. Summer start working early and winter later. Thus, now we can know what is the date of Daylight Saving Time starts 2021.

Interesting facts about daylight saving time

on November 18 this is a very interesting day in the history of the United States. This is the day when the railway stations of Canada and United States have agreed on the use of standard time zones in Mainland North America.

This decision is the first Government not taken, all started precisely railway companies. And all because the schedule was very difficult, because in every city in America had their time. Every town lived its astronomical time. Eventually, with the development of the railways, this outrage began to interfere. Railroads of the United States and Canada came together and decided to work on a certain time zone.

Daylight Saving Time

In the 1883 year 18 November, they started work on the standard temporary zones. Most cities had supported this idea and were to follow new temporary zones. However, oddly enough, Congress made time zones formally institutionalized only in the year 1919. These time zones are preserved to this day.

Interestingly, in the same year, together with the time zones have enacted daylight saving time. But the following year, after the adoption of the Act, the President vetoed it. Then the States gained freedom. Some States moved to time, what is not wanted and not passed. During the second world war until 45 years appeared the obligation of States to move to daylight saving time and follow him all year.

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The first time zone appeared not in the United States and in New Zealand, where he established a single standard time for the whole country. It happened in the year 1868. Long before the United States.

So back to daylight saving time. When is Daylight Saving Time starts in 2021, calendar can let you know that. The summer after the end of the war again became unofficial, all States have again appeared. Later it’s still approved the law and since they live in such a time.

Until the 2006 year in Indiana, which is on the eastern part of the country. Up to the year 2006 for some reason, this part is not switched to daylight saving time, and after this year the entire Indiana still decided to switch to daylight saving time. Since then, 2006 year, only the United States and that still does not switch to daylight saving time left Arizona and Hawaii. There all year remains unchanged.


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