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🕌 When is Ramadan 2021

Muslims are very sensitive towards their religion and lifestyle. Every detail is important for them and they can be deeply offended if other people of other confessions or nationalities show disrespect to their rules and laws. Muslims themselves obey all the rules, dictated by their religion and written in Koran – their saint book, which teaches them how to live in this world and how to do things right. And certainly, they have different religious holidays, which are dedicated to some historical event of saint people, who changed the world or vision of religion and life on the whole. In this article, we will observe one of the central holidays in the Muslims world Ramadan. We will tell you about its traditions and when is Ramadan in 2021.

Ramadan 2018

So, to begin with, it is better to speak about the sense of the holiday. Ramadan lasts for months – it’s not a separate day or a couple of days. It is like Lent in Christianity and has some similarities. During the whole month people fast – keep to a special diet and look after their behavior. This fast is obligatory for all people without any exceptions. In comparison to Christian Lent, those who want to fast – do it; those who don’t want – don’t keep it. Here the situation is different and not keeping to this fast is treated like a sin. People believe that if they don’t keep to this fast, Allah will be discontented with them and they will be punished.

Why do people need this fast? In the Islamic religion, this action symbolizes the strength of a person’s faith. During these dates of Ramadan 2021 people must live without:

  • Cigarettes
  • Alcohol
  • Intimate relations
  • Food (during daytime)
  • Drinks at all (during daytime)


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A bit of water and food is allowed only after the sunset. If the person can’t withstand any of these points – he shows that he believes in God not so much. The strength of people’s faith is proved by the possibility of living without all people’s needs during the day.

When does Ramadan start in 2021, after the sun rises, people stop taking food and drinks and keep to other traditions? Also, they believe that prayers help them not to suffer from the lack of any of these things. The more a person prays – the better and easier he lives during Ramadan.

Also, it is very important for people to grow spiritually during this holiday. All this month people try to do everything good what they can, they try not to do sins, help others, ask God to forgive everything bad, what have been done through the year.


When is Ramadan 2021, calendar

So, the dates of this fast differ from year to year, because every time it is calculated due to the moon calendar and it changes. This year the beginning will take a plane on 23rd of April. The whole month people will prove the strength of their faith and of  23rd of May, after sunset they will end it successfully and will be able to use all needs, which people like and live with. Now you know, how long is Ramadan in 2021 and can imagine, how difficult is it to live all this time like Muslims do. Also, it all shows the importance of their faith and how they really believe in God and treat all their traditions. We can hardly find any other nation, which is so selfless towards it.

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