What means Day after New Year’s Day in different parts of the globe?

We all know New Year’s Day – it’s famous bright day that all countries celebrate in an unusual, different time. It is generally regarded that the start of New Year is usually a family moment when you can talk heart to heart with family and relatives, because in the other time it is difficult to identify, even for an hour between work and other responsibilities, worries of everyday life. And then at your disposal a big selection of events, things to do: it is the active form of recreation in the open air (snowballs, skating, skiing, etc.) and cultural activities (cinema, theater, exhibitions, bowling, etc.), and just joint gatherings in cafes, restaurants and even just sitting in the kitchen.

However, there is also interesting weekend “The Day after New Year’s Day” that some states feast as a big event. When is Day After New Year’s Day in 2021? We will try to figure it out in this article.

Day After New Year’s Day

Celebration in Romania

Usually people held a holiday on January 2. Obviously, no one visit school or work. People prefer to rest, meet relatives and mates, and participate different social games. January 2 is the official weekend  that’s why mostly all government places are closed. If you need to visit bank – visit it better before holidays. People usually wear red clothes that mean luck and good mood. If you eat fish in this time – it will bring something good to your life in New Year. If a baby is born on this day – it means he will be a lucky person. Also, there is special tradition to open doors at 12:00 between the old and upcoming year. It means that you let go away the passing time and begin a new year. What Day After New Year’s Day in 2021 in Romania is certain and simple – directly on 2 January.

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Where Canadian spend holidays?

In Canada, this is a holiday too. Public places don’t work and all the folks rest and start New Year. Not all government banks are closed – anyway, you can find some of them are opened. If a holiday happens on Saturday – then weekend for the bank is moving to Monday. If happens on Sunday – then banks will have extra holiday on Monday and Tuesday.

Day After New Year’s Day in Canada

You can imagine that a holiday symbolizes the end of Christmas and start New Year. People who have a hobby are lucky to spend this perfect time in peace. Some of them spend time with family. Some of them join ice hockey games or much more massive skiing around the country. Because of climate- people just ice fishing in a free time. When is Day After New Year’s Day 2021 in Canada? Same with Romanian it is on 2 January. Usually, people from Quebec spend a winter vacation in the southeast of Florida. Some folks adore spending time in Exotic Mexico, hot Cuba, famous Caribbean islands. By the way, January 2 is not the juridical weekend, it’s not related to law at all. Same with Saturday and December 26.

What’s happening in New Zealand?

What is the date of Day After New Year’s Day 2021 for New Zealand? All people try to relax and rest before coming back to work. 1 and 2 January folks go on outdoor camping and various travel to the beach, some of them prefer to stay at home.

Interesting facts:

  • Although all government places are closed – business is still working throughout the New Zealand as usual.
  • Because of New Zealand has GMT+13 time –the New Year comes at first to there among all countries.
  • People Maori feast the New Year accordingly to the lunar calendar, and it falls on June.
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Day After New Year’s Day in New Zealand

What to do?

There are so many activities, that you can make a plan before holidays. Usually, people take a family vacation, travel, arrange BBQ with friends, and watch New Year movies. The most favorite are New Year’s Eve, A Kiss at Midnight, and 200 Cigarettes.

Facts from History

When people came to New Zealand from Great Britain around 1800s, they established celebrations of Christmas and New Year’s events in summer, but not in the wintertime that they get used to. Some of them added their national habits that include New Year’s Day celebration. People from Scotland would like to celebrate this holiday like in their motherland. Men wear kilts and improvise on bagpipe in the New Year time.

When is Day After New Year’s Day in 2021 calendar? In most of the places, this holiday people celebrate on 2 January.

Small advice

What to do on New Year with a benefit for yourself and family? First of all, cancel resting on the couch, gluttony and stupor in front of TV. Begin to move, do not eat much, and try to spend time in the air – at least when the weather is enough good for it.

Of course, many may cause rejection: we have been waiting so much for a day off, to finally catch up on sleep, relax and quietly watch your favorite TV shows! And now to spend this rare opportunity for some walks, to go somewhere, why? There is no work.

What experts think about it? They say that the best rest for our body  is an active outdoor recreation. If at least an hour to walk through on skis and the human body will have a full rest and total relax a lot better than a day of “rest” on the couch. This will be true even if you are deadly tired and desire only one thing – lie down and not move. And psychologists believe that just one hour walking in the forest will bring huge benefits to your body.

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A variant relaxing watching series make tired our already tired psyche even more. Relax emotionally, psychologically only outdoors, in nature. So do not kill valuable time – let’s spend the holidays with the benefit!

Of course, after the main holiday of the year, on January 1st, to go for a walk in the forest is unlikely to succeed in most of us, but in the vacation days, it is already possible to organize outdoor activities. The most simple – outing to the ice rink, but it is more suitable for those who have their own skates. Skate rental holidays – it is almost impossible, so you should consider other ways to have fun with friends and relax.

If during the New Year holidays to plan and carry out several such visits to the winter forest, the feeling of complete rest and a holiday will remain with you for a long time. You should go play games in the snow or just in the fresh air, whatever. Enjoy funny winter games, drink cocoa or tea and eat baked potatoes in the ashes of the fire.


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