When is National Rice Ball Day in 2020? Asking you this question we are already predicting your negative reply. And this is a true thing. โ€“ In accordance with many expertsโ€™ points of view, this holiday is not a very popular one, and unfortunately, only a few people know about its existence. Frankly speaking, we canโ€™t tell you for sure why it happens. โ€“ This dish is really tasty and favorite all around the planet and it is a pity that only a few people know when it can be celebrated. To clarify the situation we have come to the conclusion to investigate this event in details today.


Of course, the answer to the question what day World Rice Ball Day in 2020 is would be incomplete, if we donโ€™t introduce the readers the matters concerning the history of this special occasion. To tell you the truth, there are no many facts devoted to this direction.

The experts have already discovered that historically, mentioned above balls were the food that the peasants took with them to the field. Since Japan has long been an agrarian country, the dish has become extremely widespread. The diary of the court lady and writer Murasaki Shikibu (XI century) mentions people who eat balls of compressed product. At the time, such food was called tonziki and often served as a treat during outdoor picnics.

Rice Balls

Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to find out any suitable facts about the establishers of this event. We donโ€™t know their names; however, we are sure that they were the real gourmets. These people wanted to mix some ordinary components in order to create something new and really terrific.

By the way some specialists believe that initially the holiday devoted to this tasty round things were nothing but a rather successful marketing decision. Somebody wanted to sell as many them as it was possible. Well, perhaps it is really true. No matter what the initial reasons were, nowadays we have a real opportunity to celebrate an unusual day and to treat ourselves with something terrific! Why not?


What does National Rice Ball Day mean? โ€“ All in all, as you can understand perhaps, nobody can tell you what holidays to celebrate and which one you may forgot without any guilty consciences. It is up to you to come to the definite conclusion.

In fact this treatment is a dish of Japanese cuisine cooked and prepared from unleavened product, molded into a triangle or bowl. Usually the representatives of this country put stuffing in onigiri and wrap it in a sheet of dried seaweed called nori. The filling can also be evenly mixed into the product. In their turn, the assortment of the inner ingredients is very different. Some people prefer to take them with lettuce leaves, other give preference to omelettes and at the same time there are a lot of those, who adore ham slices inside.

The tendency of this dish preparation is much requested nowadays. However, if you don’t like to cook, just buy some things. But, please, be careful, in Japan they are sold only in specialized shops, the other ones are considered to be fakes.


Such theme as โ€œWhen is International Rice Ball Day 2020?โ€ needs some additional explanations and clarifications.

In fact, rice balls are a fun way to serve mentioned above garnish to the table. These little things can be taken as a light snack for the whole family without any exceptions. As a rule, they are appreciated both by children and by adults even the naughtiest people select them from the huge amount of various dishes.

There are many modifications of these round items. You are always free to choose something special. For example, in accordance with the contemporary specialistsโ€™ points of view, if you want to make the treatment softer and more delicious, you can add some cheese. If desired, you can add any savory filling, wrapping them in a mentioned above coat.


When is Rice Ball Day in 2020, calendar will tell you, of course. Actually there is no need to worry about this matter. The special occasion has a stable date, and this fact simultaneously means that you can be involved any year you like on April 19th. Perhaps, the celebration date is the only thing you have to remember under these conditions.

As you can perhaps understand there are no any definite rules and traditions, devoted and created for the holiday celebration. However, certainly it is not the reason for being upset. Are you planning to spend the event properly? โ€“ Just invent your own customs and enjoy your next April 19th.

What about cooking something really terrific? โ€“ Future balls are considered to be a perfect choice for calm family gatherings as well as for noisy parties.

Put warm ingredients in the palm, add the stuffing in the middle and begin to squeeze gently, wrapping the ingredients around the filling. It is very important not to โ€œsqueezeโ€ the main component, the items should not fall apart, but compressed main component significantly impairs the taste and aesthetic enjoyment of the dish. The traditional form of them is round, of course.

Rice Ball pandas

Some cooks prefer to use replacements if you like. As it has already been mentioned above all products that are used in ordinary rolls as a filling are red fish, chicken, sweet pepper, eel, omelette, etc. It is only up to you to decide what to give your preference to.

In accordance with some impressions: it tastes like hot rolls (which is understandable), but some people personally like them more due to the crispy batter. Fuss with such things is not very much. Some people prepare the things with crab sticks, but they were not particularly tasty. Ideal for such dish are shrimp and red fish (salmon, trout, etc.). We personally advise you to put more filling and less rice.

International Rice Ball Day Facts

Investigating the matter ยซWhat is the date of National Rice Ball Day in 2020?โ€ thoroughly, we concluded that the discussion direction is even more interesting than it may seem at the first sight. That is the explanation why want to represent you some amazing details today. Here is the easiest recipe of this terrific dish. Of course, in the course of time, when you will be already a professional cook, you can improve it adding something. As a rule, people give preference to spices to their own taste or amount of salt.

If you are going to prepare such balls, you need the following products: rice, onion, butter, hard cheese, breading mix, salt, sour cream and some dried greens. Here is the list of the actions and the only thing you have to do is to follow them thoroughly.

  • Boil main component and fold in a sieve. Chop onion and fry in butter for 5-6 minutes.
  • Add to the mixture of rice and onion grated hard cheese, as well as salt. Cheese, a little melted in the “stuffing”, will provide mass stickiness. Mix everything well.
  • From the mixture create the round things, rolling them. The size of the ball should be slightly larger than the walnut. It is most convenient to roll the required items with wet palms. Otherwise you will need much more time to succeed.
  • Now the small thing should be breaded. To do this, you can use breading culinary mixture, crushed crackers and even corn or wheat flour.
  • Put the main components in breading in a pan with oil. You can choose any kind you like. Fry, occasionally turning on different sides.
  • Serve the rice balls, watering with sour cream or sauce and sprinkle with dried or fresh herbs. The things are tasty and warm and cold.

Enjoy your meal!


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