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When is National Garlic Day 2020

When is National Garlic Day in 2020? – Well, to be honest, we are nearly sure that you’re planning to be amazed as you probably have never known about this holiday presents. Are we right? In fact, only a small amount of modern people are able to give the definite reply. But, it’s certainly in vain. To our mind, this holiday really needs our attention.


Of course, the matter like what day World Garlic Day in 2020 is might be explained carefully and thoroughly. As a rule, our followers are interested in many directions and the questions about the historical moments of the event are of the greatest demand.

Unfortunately, we know nothing about the initial establishers of the occasion, however, in accordance with some specialists’ minds, at the very beginning it was just the successful marketing action, started by people, who wanted to sell their production quickly and profitably.

All in all, Central Asia is considered to be a homeland of this vegetable. The locals cultivated it actively almost everywhere in ancient Egypt and Greece, in Rome and in India. They were not afraid of strong odors. In ancient China, on the contrary, the product had quite another application. It was supposed to scare away evil spirits during the funeral ceremony.


Besides it is reliably known that both Achilles and Agamemnon, and the cunning Odysseus liked it. Therefore, the tart aroma of it’s mixed with the smell of blood in the Iliad and Odyssey. Even in later times, the ancient Greek athletes chewed things before the workouts.

In the Middle Ages, the European peasants gulped corned beef and herring with this product, and the Russian men made a joke: “Garlic and radish make the stomach strong.” In those days, this product disinfection saved many from gastric diseases. By the way, we can’t but mention that there is an obvious winning on the account of this vegetable: in 1720, it together with vinegar, saved thousands of Marseilles (France) from the spread of the plague epidemic.

In 1548, it was introduced to the UK from the shores of the Mediterranean, where it grows in abundance. At those periods on the continent, it is used without any restraint, especially in Italy. The French also added it to a variety of dishes.

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What does National Garlic Day mean? – Well, are’re really sure that we can reply this matter instead of you. Of course, we can’t. And there are some explanations for our behavior. Initially, in general, nobody has a right to tell you to spend the holidays, which are not important for you. It’s only up to you to do a corresponding decision. So, as you can see, as we don’t know you personally, we can’t even predict whether this event means something for you or not.

Actually, the date of its delivery from the continent is occasional and it’s proved. Even the English word itself dates back to the times when the Anglo-Saxon tribes smashed the Celtic tribes of Britons.

The word was formed from the combination of the words “leek” and “spear” – calling “bow with spear”. For centuries the vegetable has been grown in English churchyards, and its beads around its neck, according to belief, drove away demons and vampires. Most likely, it was grown in England before the 16th century.


Investigating the direction “When is International Garlic Day 2020?” we came to the proper conclusion that our readers may be glad to find out something more concerning this matter.

In such languages as, for example, Italian, French or Spanish the word most likely has the Latin origin.

The ancient Romans, as well as the ancient Egyptians, took the vegetable as a seasoning for game and fish dishes. They also adored making various sauces and salads from it.

Up to the present moment, this product can be found in the diet of such societies as the Swede and Eskimo. However, of course, it is more suited to oriental dishes. In the northern countries people add it to all dishes knowing much about its healing properties. And it is really true, as the advantages of this product are really great.

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Modern doctors have not confirmed that it can get rid of any disease, but the saying “It has been harassed seven diseases” was recognized as very modest. Among the last encouraging discoveries is that the product helps with arthritis.


When is Garlic Day in 2020, calendar is always available to remind you. As a rule, there are no any problems with this matter. This holiday has a definite and certain date and it is always spent in certain circles on April 19th in the USA. In fact the event is popular everywhere now. That is the main explanation you’re really free to be involved no matter you are living.

Unfortunately, it is not a bank holiday that is why we have to work on April 19th. In addition, there are no any special rules and traditions connected with its celebration. However, it is not a reason to become upset or worried. Why? – You see, you might always imagine something terrific for yourself and your surroundings. What about organizing a real treatment? – Nowadays, it is quite easy to find the recipes of these dishes and the vegetable itself is available in any shop, even in the smallest one. However, before starting, you should be really careful.

woman peeling Garlic

Please, mind that the acceptable dose of the product is one or two slices per day. So, what will happen if you eat too much garlic?

  • As the product reduces blood clotting, on the one hand it reduces blood clot formation and blood pressure, and on the other hand, any bleeding will stop much longer. And the trouble is, if this bleeding is internal.
  • Eating a lot of it on an empty stomach, you risk to spoil the microflora of the stomach and get a variety of allergic reactions
  • If you have low acidity and stomach problems – you have a considerable chance of it, with a bunch of non-lethal, but very unpleasant consequences.
  • Chewing in large quantities you risk getting burns of the mucous membranes, there is also a considerable amount of documented facts of burns of the mucous with necrosis after trying to treat aching teeth with crushed things.
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International Garlic Day Facts

Discovering the set theme “What is the date of National Garlic Day in 2020?” we should tell you that there are some people, which admire this category of vegetables.

The recognized capital of this product kingdom is the French town of Saint-Clair in Gascony. Every Thursday, starting from July and up to January they have a great number of various fairs devoted to this single vegetable. And how many varieties exhibited! The competition is great, each local praises his/her product. But it takes an hour or two, and the goods are already diverging: every day there are about fifty tons sold, and in the summer more than a hundred. The main pride of the fair is local garlic, one of the best varieties in the world. And in August, the whole city is transformed: the Feast of Garlic is started. Everybody takes part in the holiday: after all, many neighboring farmers grow exclusively items. It is eaten here, and more in the old fashioned way – just rubbing bread on the back. And if the locals fry, then they do it a little bit, considering that the rawer the thing is, the tastier.

During the festivities, citizens are given serious lectures on the history of the vegetables and the traditions of its cultivation. And nearby in the squares puppet shows in mimics this professorial approach.

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