When is National Hindi Diwas in India in 2024? Well, the question can be answered easily only by people, who are living in India. The representatives of other countries have never heard about its existence in general. And it is not a great surprise actually, as it doesn’t belong to the most popular languages of the planet. However, today we are going to introduce you an amazing occasion. Do you want to invent something new today? – We are starting!


The matter what day Hindi Diwas in 2024 is, is not as easy as it may seem at the first sight. The most part of our followers would be very glad to find out something amazing about the historical background of the event.

All in all, in accordance with the specialists’ points of view, this language appeared on the territory of the northern India a long time ago. Frankly speaking, it happened during the ruling of Mughal Empire in XVI century. It was the period of the colonial times, which began in the 19th century. Hindustani was divided into two main directions: Hindi and Urdu. The first one was spoken by people in the Hindu community. In general, it used the so-called Devanagari script and the words of Sanskrit prevailed there. Urdu was spoken in the Muslim community, and simultaneously the Persian alphabet was used in writing. The specialists are sure that initially many Persian and Arabic words were used.

After that in 1947, India obtained long-awaited independence from the British Empire. Since the locals speak a great amount of languages. Since that very moment the question of the official state language was very important. On September 14, 1949, the Constitutional Assembly recognized it as the official one of the country. It should be noted that this manner of speaking is the official language of the Indian government. However, it is not a national one. Up to the present moment there have been no national languages in India.


What does Hindi Diwas mean? Frankly speaking, it is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate this special occasion or not. We understand quite well that among the representatives of the contemporary society there are those men and women, who are not interested in this theme at all. So most likely they are not going to celebrate this holiday.

All in all there are about 500 million native speakers in the world, which makes this language one of the most common on the planet. In this case, as a rule, the language is understood as a whole set of dialects characteristic of the inhabitants of northern India.

In general on Hindi Diwas, the fans of this language do not stand aside from the numerous events. The Indian Embassies all around the planet as well as the specialized schools, departments of universities, where it is studied, hold festive events.


The question “When is Hindi Diwas in India 2024?” needs the representation of the great amount of various pieces of information. The holiday was timed to coincide with the official adoption at the Constituent Assembly as the state language of the country. Since then, the Constitution of India enshrines the rule that actually it is one of two languages, which along with English ensures the activities of the national government.

There are no any generally accepted opinions about where the state language of India came from. Most scholars are inclined to believe that it was formed on the basis of local dialects, and later it borrowed words from Arabic and Persian. Taking into account the long and complex history, it is distinguished by its linguistic features, which usually represent the main obstacle in its study.

All in all India is a very interesting country in terms of its study. Here are intertwined with different nationalities with their cultures and traditions, languages and religions. In this state, 845 languages and different dialects coexist, but English and Hindi are recognized as official ones. From history it is known that India was an English colony for 200 years. It is spoken by residents of the northern and central regions of the country, and it is one of the literary languages of India.


When is Hindi Diwas in India in 2024, calendar will surely remind you under the condition you would like to know the answer. As it has been already mentioned above, the holiday is held on September 14 annually.

On the occasion, India regularly organizes and hosts various events that emphasize the importance of the language in modern Indian life at the state level, as well as in scientific, educational and social aspects.

There are even contests and awards for distributing and creating a favorable atmosphere for its development in central government offices and public sector enterprises. All of these programs, organized on the occasion of the anniversary of the adoption of it as the state language by the Constitutional Assembly. It helps to create an atmosphere for successful implementation of official language policy in it.

This special occasion in India is also celebrated in many schools, colleges and universities. Pupils and students usually try to show the importance of the language. They read poems and historical documents in it. Schools run various religious and cultural educational programs. Students and teachers use the language in business communication and personal conversations throughout the day. As a rule, in some offices no one another manner is allowed to speak on September 14.

Various events take place in schools between students of different age groups and specializations. Competitions include quizzes and reader contests. There are photo competitions focusing on it, as well as exhibitions and painting workshops. Pupils play the Antakshari conversation game, when the players have to use the lines of verses and couplets from Indian songs from Bollywood favorite films.

National Hindi Diwas Facts

Investigating the question “What is the date of Hindi Diwas in 2024?” we came to the conclusion that our readers would like to know the peculiar features of this manner of speaking.

Certainly, like many other exotic languages, it is rather difficult to study this language without the professional help of an experienced teacher. Why? – The main problem is due to the phonetic and grammatical features. A typical pupil can immediately confuse its alphabet – “Devanagari” (in translation means the Divine urban letter), 9 tenses, the complicated rules for constructing sentences, etc. The alphabet has 44 letters, 4 ligatures and 7 letters with a dot. However, it is quite logical, so it is not so difficult to learn it as it may seem at the first sight. Devanagari is a syllable alphabet, that is, each consonant is pronounced with a brief sound A.

It is quite difficult to master the writing in view of the fact that many letters have the same sound. But this feature has a disadvantage as well. As a rule, it is very difficult to determine the sound properly. Also we can’t but mention that there are no prepositions in it, but there are postpositions that stand after the word and carry the same meaning as the prepositions.

Those who have already mastered the features claim that its structure is very close to Russian, English, Italian, Persian and other languages. For example, it contains only 2 genders, which are masculine and feminine, 2 numbers – singular and plural, there is a pronoun “one” as in Russian, an extensive verbal system as in English.


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