When is National Neighbor Day in 2020? That is a good question indeed. However, as the practice shows, even having the best neighbors or being them, we usually donโ€™t know about this holiday existence. And this is not a good thing in fact. That is why, taking into account all the information given above, we have made an important decision to investigate the event in details.


Certainly, we understand quite well, that the discovering of such matter as what day World Neighbor Day in 2020 is, needs a lot of clarifications and explanations. As a rule, the directions concerning the historical background of this event are especially requested among our readers and followers.

From the very beginning we would like to mention that the special occasion was established by the so-called European Federation of Local Solidarity. This is the organization, which is known quite well in some societies. All in all the event aim is to show and to promote our community some specific rules of communication as well as proper cohesion.

Unfortunately, up to the present moment the social bonds have been becoming really thinner and contemporary humans lead more solitude lives. This holiday means to act together as often as it is possible. It encourages all men and women to have a great fun getting with people living nearby.

Neighbor doors

Initially the celebration was started in Paris in 2000. That is why the holiday is considered to be relatively young. Since then, more and more states have decided to take an active part in its organization and celebration. For example, last year there were more than 30 million participants, who were the representatives from 36 different countries.


What does National Neighbor Day mean? – Well, are you really sure that we are going to answer this question instead of you? We find it to be quite impossible and the explanation is quite simple. We have never met you personally, that is why we don’t know where you live and what people dwell nearby. Whether they good or bad it is up to you to decide.

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As a rule, this appreciation depends on your personal preferences. Certainly, it is always desirable to stay in peace with our neighbors, no matter distant or close ones. However, unfortunately, this statement does not work for sure.

From time to time we make various kinds of demands on those men and women who live next to our flat, apartment or house, we often complain about them to our close friends, colleagues from work and relatives, but, perhaps it is not the thing we have to do. Have you ever thought how these people see us, and how it is to be a really ideal neighbor?


Looking for the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Neighbor Day 2020?โ€ we have found out a lot of details, which can be amazing for our readers.

When we are entering a new house, we are interested not only in matters related to the apartment. We usually want to know how many shops are arranged nearby, whether the territory green or not, how long it takes to reach the center. Of course, all these things are very important, however, the contemporary specialists recommend to pay a close attention to the type of people, who live nearby, as we will need to develop mutual relations almost immediately. All in all the last ones can be friendly, irreconcilable and neutral.

Certainly, the best thing is to be friends with neighbors. Why? – The matter is that under these conditions you will be always free to ask for help. They may look after your children or a pet, when you are out. Sometimes a pleasant talk after a difficult day can return good mood. You see, it is a great thing to have the people nearby, with whom you can share your joys or troubles. They may always listen to you and to give a wise advice.

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However, we should mention that such close relations have to be important for both parties. If they are arisen only by one side, the situation will not work. Neighbors can be too different: cheerful or sociable, aggressive or angry, friendly or conflicting. That is why the relations will develop in different ways with them and this is OK.


When is Earth Hour in 2020, calendar will surely remind you, however, you have to be rather careful and attentive if you are going to participate. You see, the matter is that the holiday doesnโ€™t have any fixed day. It is celebrated every last Sunday in May. In 2020 it will be on May 26th.

By the way, we find this fact to be rather convenient. You see, weekend is a perfect opportunity to organize something special and to involve as many people as it is possible.

As a rule, you shouldn’t do a lot of things to be involved and to participate. As you can understand this day is non-official that is why there is no need to expect for something on the state level. But you are always free to organize a merry party with your neighbors. Well, there are no any universal ways to do it properly. You can gather the people in your own garden (if you are lucky to live in the private house), out in the street (if it is possible, of course) or in a local community hall (of course, if there is any nearby). The main idea of the holiday is to unite people. The problem of the contemporary society is that even living nearby speak, talk and have fun together quite rarely.

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By the way, would you like to have a support? – To tell you the truth it is available and given by EFLS. The organization has even established a special award for housing associations. All you need to get a prize is to create a promotional video and send it to the official site of the organization.

love your neigbour

International Neighbor Day Facts

Discovering the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Neighbor Day in 2020?โ€ we would like a lot of recommendations to our readers.

When you are moving a new home, find out the names of your neighbors, who are living close to you. Take some time and introduce yourself as well as your family members.

Be sure to greet your neighbors every day. Do not make enemies to yourself.

The experts are sure that the simpler the housing conditions are, the more people communicate. In prestigious homes, people lead a more closed way of life, they are more restrained, not so open, emphatically polite, adhere to the principle of non-interference in theirย  life and in their territory.

Age plays an important role. The people of the same age have more chances to become friends. However, you are always free to get the pleasant relations with everybody. The big difference in age is much more likely to lead to misunderstanding and to conflicts, but not obligatory, of course. Everything depends on people and their mutual desire to succeed.

Children can also bring their neighbors together. Usually it happens when the kids of the same age live nearby. Parents are often drawn into friendly relations because of children. But from time to time small boys and girls can cause of quarrels between adults.

The presence of animals from neighbors also has a very strong effect on relationships. You see, some people love animals, others are intolerant to them.


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