Funny holidays are ordinary for many countries. They are initiated as an act of promotion. They also can become a way of having fun. People are eager to celebrate such holidays. One of these days is devoted to a dessert. There’s no matter what kind is the basis of the observance. Try any variant you like. There are several days during the year calendar which are observed in honor of a dessert. Some people confuse the event another holiday – Eat an Extra Dessert Day. It takes place in September. When is National Dessert Day in 2022? What is the most traditional way of observing the day?


Traditional sources don’t give exact information about the origin of the holiday. Though it is mentioned as national, the official list of governmental observances doesn’t include this occasion. The holiday isn’t considered as official day. That’s why there isn’t an obligatory week-end. Everybody should work. Extra free hours aren’t also given to employees.

The exact founder of the event isn’t known to the public. It is mentioned in many sites in the internet. There’s a thought that the occasion was initiated due to the active gourmets’ promo acts in the internet.

Another version of the origin of the occasion concerns the idea that several cafes and restaurants decided to sell more desserts, so they announced a special holiday with a number of sales and propositions. Regardless the origin of the holiday it has been accepted by many people across the world. Lots of dessert-lovers like to spend several minutes in a neighboring café.


The desserts were made lots of thousands years ago. The people from Mesopotamia made sweets for their gods. Indians also used sweets as a part of their religious actions. There was no modern sugar in use for many centuries. People used honey and dried fruit. So the well-known desserts weren’t widely spread. The development of sweets and desserts took place only after the beginning of use of sugarcane. The start of use took place in China, the Middle East and South Asia. These territories used sugarcane for a thousand years.

Europeans got acquainted with it in the 12th century. It was available only for wealthy people. They could effort tasting sweets and desserts. In the beginning of the 20th century the use of desserts spread rapidly. Later the industrial revolution in the world made the production of desserts possible. They were preserved, mass-produced, packaged, canned.

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In the 20s of the 20th century the process of freezing became popular. The manufacturers started to produce freeze desserts. Those years are considered to be the start of mass food industrialization in the world.  “What day World Dessert Day in 2022?” it’s on the 14th of October.


What does National Dessert Day mean for food industry in many countries? The occasion isn’t an official observance. There aren’t any parades and festivals. Nevertheless, it is obviously one of the most popular observances in the USA. Americans adore holidays which are devoted to different food and drinks.

The day is a reason to spend a day or an evening in a small restaurant and café. There’s no need to taste a certain kind of a dessert. Every person can choose the tastiest variant for himself. That’s why the restaurant chains propose different desserts to their clients.

The occasion can be used to develop relations between people. Friends can meet on the day. Relatives can help each other during the date. The circle of friends and dear people is the best companionship on the holiday.

The holiday is a good reason to raise the mood. It’s said that sugar is able to break sadness. The occasion is suitable for every season. Warm dessert can be tasted in winter. Summer food usually include ice-cream. A person can taste his favorite meal on the day.

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Every person has a great relax and joy in the evening while tasting the favorite dessert or pastry. Families can spend the whole day making the most interesting sweet variants. They can involve their children into the process of preparing the festive meals. It’s a high time to give attention and love to children. Mothers and daughters always feel support on such days. When is International Dessert Day 2022? The holiday is set on the 14th of October.


The name of the holiday is devoted to the dessert itself. It is an international word. That is why people don’t feel any difficulty as to the title of the holiday. Representatives of many nationalities understand what they should do on the holiday. There is no importance what dessert they should taste exactly. It can be a pudding, an ice-cream, a festive cake or favorite candies.

The word “dessert” has an international nature. The origin of this term is a French word “desservir”. It was always served after tasting the main dishes. It isn’t served before their removal from the table. The word itself meant “to clear a table”. The use of the phrase was noticed at the beginning of the 17th century in the book of W. Vaughan.

The term is explained as a sweet course. In the middle of the previous millennium chefs included a large amount of sugar into their desserts. That’s why people always have a sweet treat. What is the date of National Dessert Day 2022? The occasion is on the 14th of October.

Dessert tray


The most popular way to celebrate the holiday is to visit the local café and restaurant and have a good time there tasting a favorite kind of a sweet course. The occasion is usually followed by every café. The owners try to follow the traditions of the holiday and propose a great variety of cakes, sweets and other representatives of the course. In the local restaurants this course can be proposed with a certain sale. Other benefits can be also proposed to visitors.

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The most popular sweet dishes are ice-cream, a brownie, a chocolate chip cookie, a chocolate cake and fudge. These dishes are ordered more frequently than other sweet meals. Every representative of the list has got its own holiday. Nevertheless, the 14th of October is a good reason to taste this thing one more time.

An individual can invite their friends to spend an evening in a café. Another variant is to organize a party. The main course of the party is a dessert. That’s why guests can cook their best recipes and bring them to the party. Coffee and tea are the best companions of the course. Friends can exchange their recipes and take the tastiest variant to their relatives.

The day can be used by children. They may create their own recipes for their parents. It is high time to develop culinary skills.

There are lots of different culinary courses which propose the best recipes of the tastiest deserts.  When is Dessert Day in 2022, calendar of online culinary lessons?

International Dessert Day Facts

  • Chips made from chocolate weren’t the first representative of the course. A chocolate cookie was the first.
  • People celebrate the dessert month in October.
  • The first Girl Scout cookie wasn’t the product of a manufacture. It was a homemade cookie.
  • A chocolate bar became a theme of a contest. It was held in Armenia. Its weight is 9 thousand pounds. The contest took place in 2010.



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