The nurse in the hospital always seems less competent, less qualified than the outwardly wise doctor with the glasses on their nose. However, we underestimate their place in the modern medicine.

When is National Nurse Day in 2022? Letโ€™s find it out!


Actually, the holiday weโ€™re talking about is not about any nurse. It is mainly dedicated to the infusion nurses, that is to those who are responsible for the infusion therapy.

No matter the wide use of such therapy in the modern medical practice, the history of its growth and development is no more than two hundred years old. First of all, it is due to the ideas about the humanโ€™s physiology and the pathogenesis of the illnesses. Today, we canโ€™t name the person who was the first to pour the alien liquid into the veins. But most of the doctors agree that one of the founders of the infusion therapy could have been two Englishmen โ€“ Mr. Wren and Mr. Lowen. The first one showed the possibility of injecting the liquids into the veins in the second half of the 17th century while the other carried out the blood transfusion between the dogs.

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But it was a long time before doing the same with a man. Of course, there were some reckless experiments such as injecting themselves with the castor oil. One of those attempts resultedinal most lethal out come yet the man survived and in a few months found that his old chronic disease had gone. After that, during the 18th century, there were hundreds of the acts to transfuse the blood or any other liquids. For the most part, they were unsuccessful but helped store the knowledge.

Finally, in the middle of the 19th century, the treatment of cholera with the infusions of the soda ended successfully. Putting it precisely, 1881 year is considered to be a year of the infusion therapy invention when a scientist carried out the injection of the common salt. It caused a huge interest in the medical circles as the experiment ended well and without any aftermaths. Exactly this act made the physiologic saline amodel for every infusion liquid. By this moment, there were known more effective ways of injection into the veins. After that, the infusion therapy started its striking development.

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When is International Nurse Day 2022? The holiday itself was proclaimed in the 80โ€™s by the official body of the United States of America.

Atthe beginning of the 20th century, the humanity invented the colloidal solutions. Originally, they were thought to replace the blood transfusion that oftentimes entailed the complications. Of course, at the times of the impending war, this was unacceptable. The very first clinic experiment was carried out in 1915 and it became clear that the colloids didnโ€™t give the oxygen carriers but they were better than crystalloids at making up the blood volume.

The middle of the century and the fast development of the new medicine area โ€“ resuscitation science โ€“ caused the creation of the brand-new colloids that combined the characteristics of the common salt and the liquids able to carry the oxygen. One of those was the blood substitute that gave rather good results during those times. However, the doctors were not content with the substation as the medicine went much forward. Thatโ€™s why today, the development of the infusion liquids moves on together with the pathogenesis of the emergency states.


What does National Nurse Day mean? It means appreciating the members of this noble and selfless squad.

The infusion therapy nowadays is one of the most important medical procedures that have to solve a wide range of the medical problems. No methods of the intensive therapy and resuscitation science can do without applying the infusions.

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The very first function of that is the correction of the blood volume and rehydration of the tissues. And the most effective combination for that is the crystalloids and the colloids. The active detoxification is also one of the goals of the process. The injection of the different liquids with the help of infusion let the specialists control their effect more thoroughly. Besides, they are dissolved and the influence on the blood vessels is minimal. Plus, the correction of the acid-base and electrolyte balanceโ€™s violations and the normalization of the circulatory systems.

Regardless of what day World Nurse Day in 2022 happens on, donโ€™t underestimate their contribution to the health of the people.


Although the nurse does not treat the patients from an illness on her own, and just performs the instructions of a doctor, her role is important. Being around the sick all the time, she notices the changes in their state and is able to calm them down and ease their pain.

The work of the nurses is so responsible and the good specialist is the one who loves their job and treats the patients with the real attention. However, even these qualities are not enough. The nurse has to have the sufficient medical knowledge and skills. She must be aware of not only the principles of looking after the sick and performing the medicinal procedures but also of the possible aftermaths of the certain medicine on the humanโ€™s organism.

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Of course, one can ask, why does she have to know that if she doesnโ€™t work be herself and just does what the doctor tells? There is only one possible answer โ€“ her work would be productive if a person knows what they do that for. Lack of understanding on the point of the procedures could injure the people. For example, the doctor prescribed the enema but suddenly the intestinal bleeding is revealed and the procedure can intensify the thing. The nurse who obeys the doctor blindly would injure the patient heavily.

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She can watch for the sick on her own, treat them (through the history of the illness) and call the doctor for consultation. Besides, in the world, the associations of the nurses are established that consider the problems of the nursing in the health services, enhancing the prestige of the profession. They draw the members of the organizations to the scientific researches that protect the rights of the nurses, etc. And it is really necessary as the nurses who obtain the new knowledge are able to perform their work more effectively which results in the patientsโ€™ well-being.

What is the date of National Nurse Day 2022? It annually falls on May 6th.

Although in the majority of the health-care agencies there is a strong stereotype about the role of the nurses in the treating process โ€“ them being the executor of the chiefโ€™s prescriptions โ€“ we hope that during the reformation of the health care system the professional acknowledge of the women would happen. This would directly influence on the assignment of the true specialists in the nursing field and, as a result, on the better medical aid.

The nurse, first of all, should strive for winning the trust of the patients, for the last to feel the close person in her who does everything she could to help.


The perfect way to celebrate the holiday would be, of course, to say thanks to the nurses you know. Spread a word on the Internet to let the others know about the underestimated profession of the nurses!

International Nurse Day Facts

  • The holiday is mainly spread in the United States and Canada.

Carve a space in your calendar, when is Nurse Day in 2022, and be thoughtful about the jobs which we look at unfairly.


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