There are lots of arts which have been worldwide accepted. People have been always trying to become famous and popular. Fame is available to politicians and people of art. The presence of a talent isnโ€™t always an index of future success. Literature and fine art are those spheres when people can live in poverty and become famous only after their death. Thereโ€™re many such examples in the world culture. If you want to get some knowledge about talented but not very popular people of art, you can celebrate some holidays. One of them is devoted to poetry. When is World Poetry Day in 2020?


The observance hasnโ€™t got a short history. It was initiated by the UNESCO. The decision of the observance was accepted in 1999, in November. The holiday got its name, the World Poetry Day. It was decided to be held on March, 21.

The need of such observance was caused by the important role of this kind of art and the lack of the publicโ€™s attention during the last years. The problems of this kind of art and publishing rose greatly that it was necessary to be promoted among the society.

The history of this kind of literature accounts some thousands years. It is regarded that it predated literacy. The first poem was the Epic of Gilgamesh. It dates 5000 years. It is a representative of the Sumer art. Ancient people used clay tablets to write on them.

Poetry Day

The oldest piece of art, the Story of Sinube, depicts the story of a king who marries the goddess. It is a story about love. The work of art is almost four thousand years. It was written in Egypt.

The poetic form was very popular in ancient times. It was used by many great poets of old times. The Odyssey and the Illiad were created in Old Greece. The Yasna and the Gathic Avesta are known as the Avestan books. The Mahabharata and the Ramayana are the piece of the Indian culture. Some of the representatives were taken from folk songs. They depicted the culture of the old countries, their religious traditions.

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You should study the history of the art on the concrete date. Get the information about its date asking what day National Poetry Day is. Itโ€™s on the 21st of March.


What does Poetry Day mean for culture and society? The date has got a great cultural and social value. For the last decades literature has lost its great impact on people. Thereโ€™re lots of fans of this kind of art, nevertheless some problems have risen. The need of the holiday became obvious when the representatives of UNESCO organization faced the lack of the peopleโ€™s knowledge about this kind of art and poets and the massive absence of interest to the art.

Nowadays educational programs of all countries include many poetic works of native and foreign poets. They pay much attention to the study of poetry and other genres of literature. The obligatory school program is mainly studied, but it doesnโ€™t include hundreds of poets who arenโ€™t so poplar and famous. The occasion is to prevent such lack of knowledge.

Literature and poetry have always been the mouthpiece of the concrete epoch. People always can find the description of social injustice and the most timely problems verses. They can find the beauty of nature, love and life. Literature can give hope and belief in future life.

The annual date is always devoted to a certain poet. He is chosen during the meeting of the UNESCO organization. The choice doesnโ€™t depend on the race, political and religious convictions of a person. Nikoloz Baratashvili and Rabindranath Tagore were the honoured poets of 2017 and 2018.

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When is International Poetry Day 2020? It is held on March, 21.


People donโ€™t meet any difficulty when they hear the name of the holiday. They canโ€™t find the event in the common list of governmental holidays of the world. Nevertheless, the event was initiated by UNESCO, thatโ€™s why it is a part of obligatory annual celebration. The holiday is observed in the majority countries of the world. When you hear about the celebration, you certainly understand that you should read a poem at least.

The word has many similar meanings in vocabularies. The main meaning is defined as the way of expressing thoughts and feelings in a rhythmical manner. It can be spoken or written. It is imaginative and beautiful thoughts.

The term also means the verse or a work in metrical form. The poetry as the prose is literal forms. People can also define the prose as the poetic form when the work has got poetic qualities. Such works of art are usually names as free verses. The word got its modern meaning in the middle of the 14th century. It is a derivative from the Greek variant.

The kind of literature has got several forms which are of different origins. The Japanese variants are known as Tanka and Haiku.ย  Shi is a part of Classical Japanese variant. Sonnets developed in Italy in the 13th century. What is the date of World Poetry Day? Itโ€™s on March, 21.


Traditionally people read verses and poems on the observance. Everybody can choose any masterpiece they like. They can also choose any poet. The list of verses can be made up beforehand. You can include many verses and read them during the occasion.

Poetry pen

You can follow the chosen topic of the event or choose your own plan of the rise of the educational level. You can read of a different country every year or you can also find verses of famous poets which arenโ€™t widely known themselves.

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The governmental and cultural organizations give a certain support to this kind of art. They organize lots of events in different establishments which are devoted to the topic. They propose different themes and genres. The poetic genre is promoted and advertized everywhere. People are proposed to write their own poems and get a prize for the best masterpiece. They can post their poems in the internet and gain the common respect.

Schools and universities also provide different events during the date. One of the most popular events is reading of poetry. Famous poets are invited to classrooms. Children can not only hear and study this kind of art but also communicate with the author. Teachers also propose various lessons which are devoted to the reading of poetry and studying different forms. Many cafes and book stores are also great places where people can find interesting readings. Poets usually visit such places and make audiences. TV programs and shows also are devoted to various poets and their works worth of recognition. If you have time in the evening, you can spend it visiting an exhibition which is devoted to a poet. โ€œWhen is Poetry Day in 2020, calendar of events?โ€ Itโ€™s on March, 21.

National Poetry Day Facts

  • The oldest poetic masterpiece is considered to be a Sumerian one. It was created almost 4 thousand years ago. It was an example of love poetry. It was written on a clay tablet.
  • The longest poem in the world is the Mahabharata. It consists of mostly 2 million words.
  • The Haiku is one of the most popular poetic forms. It contains only 3 lines. It is rarely rhymed.
  • One of the oldest types is the Epic. It depicts the deeds of the hero and describes the culture and traditions of the country.
  • Some poets are very strange. G.Burmann didnโ€™t use the letter R because it despised it. A.Lowell insisted that 10 thousand cigars had been bought in order to help writing.


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