Sometimes the representatives of the contemporary society organize and celebrate very unusual types of holidays. The great amount of people hasn’t even heard about its existence in the calendar. Don’t you believe us? Well, we are going to proof you that you are mistaken. Can you, please, answer the question “When is National Kite Flying Day in 2020?” – Yes, this special occasion is among the data, which are able to surprise and there are men and women who don’t imagine their life without it. In fact this holiday is usually appreciated by small children, teenagers and romantic people in general.


Discovering the matter, what day World Kite Flying Day in 2020 is, we should tell our readers about the historical background of this special occasion.

The story of the kites begins at the time of ancient China. There, it was called a small dragon, as it was initially created in the feast of the Dragon, which was held on September 9. It was the very moment when huge paper bodies, which had a serpent’s head at the end, were launched into the sky. Starting from the second century, this tradition has been still alive.

In the ancient chronicles of the Slavs and the Byzantines, there are different references to the similarities of the kites. It was only military equipment more than toys. In order to confuse the enemies or just scare them, Prince Oleg used something like these. And capturing England Wilhelm the Conqueror used these samples as the successful military special signals in 1066.

Kite Flying

In the past, only a few types of kites were known. They were single-walled, that was, having a tail, and compound, which were connected to a flexible system.

Famous mathematician L. Euler in 1756 said that a kite was a children’s toy, which was underestimated by scientists, but it made you think seriously about yourself.

The achievements of Icarus and Daedalus were tried again after 140 years by the German engineer Lilienthal and the Austrian Hargrave. Hargrave first launched a man in the air with the help of this device and did not stop at the achievement.

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The result was a box-shaped device that did not require a tail for stability during the flight. Such flying boxes, which invented Hargrave, propelled the concept of aerodynamics and helped in the creation of the first aircraft, and became the 3rd possible construction – multi-plane.


What does National Kite Flying Day mean? Oh, frankly speaking, we are not able to answer the question instead of you.

In general flying this colorful thing is rather simple and quite enjoyable activity for everybody. In order to do this, you do not need to read many lines with physical schemas and formulas, just find the proper wind, catch it and pull the leer.

In fact there is nothing easier than running a kite. Mastery is usually acquired with experience and it is required only in cases when the wind is weak or uneven. For your sample to fly, you need only two things – a good place to start and a good wind.


Investigating the direction “When is International Kite Flying Day 2020?” we would like to give the definition to this item in general as well as to the activity in particular.

Of course, you can ask a question, what is it? – Flying paper thing on threads in the wind, which has the simplest design at the first sight? Is this a triangle of colored paper, with the help of which famous Merry Poppins was landed?

For a great amount of contemporary people it is nothing but a usual toy for us. But have you ever tried to create it with your own hands? – We should tell you that it is a so simple task as it may seem from the very beginning.

However, there is real evidence of the existence of giant kites, for example, the Japanese Van Wan – the wingspan of 27 m, and the length of the tail is 146 m. weighed about 2.5 tons. To launch such a device was required 200 people, for leer people had to take a ship anchor cable. If during the start of this item a rather strong wind blew, then it was impossible to lower the Va-Wan to the ground by human forces; we had to wait for the weakening of the wind. The first evidence of such cones dates back to 1692 in Japan.

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When is Kite Flying Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you and it is not a serious problem in fact. The date of February 8 is not difficult to be remembered. And, by the way it is considered to be fixed, that is why you can be involved any year you like and any moment you want.

Frankly speaking, we are almost sure that you know well, how to celebrate this holiday properly. – To fly the kite, of course!

But we want to give you some recommendations. Mind that all in all the wind power may be any, but the ordinary technology requires 2 people for starting.

Here we will describe the technique, which is well-known to everyone, who has been involved into this activity. – Your friend takes the kite into his/her hands, and you unwind about 20 meters leer towards the wind. After that you stand your back to the wind and face to the item and pull the leer slightly.

By your command, a friend releases a device, and in the meantime, depending on the strength of the wind, you remain in place, and the kite rises upward, or, if the wind is not enough for launching, take a few steps or even run back until you feel that the thing has caught the wind and it rushes up further.

Kite Festival

All in all, this leisure activity is considered to be one of the safest games, but under certain conditions. Never run it near power lines or in a thunderstorm – you risk catching a lightening. Never launch kites near airports – for the sake of serenity of dispatching services or to prevent your toy from getting into the engine of a landing or taking off plane.

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Never run it over a crowd of people, a car or a railroad, as sometimes, when the thing falls, it causes serious injury or simply legal dissatisfaction.

It is useful, and in the case of a large device, it is simply necessary to wear leather gloves, starting a thing so as not to damage the handler’s own hands.

International Kite Flying Day Facts

When you are talking about the matter “What is the date of National Kite Flying Day 2020?” you will definitely want to know a great amount of various pieces of information. Here is our list of the most amazing facts.

In India, from ancient times and up to the present time, battles of kites have been considered to be an unchanged tradition. The feast and festivals of this kind usually collect a plenty of spectators for the performance.

There are a lot of legends, myths, fairy tales and epics in different parts of the Asian region, in which a very important role has been given to the kite. For example, the story of samurai Tamemoto, whom he and his son were sent to Hatidzio Island. Tamemoto did not reconcile fate, and, having made a huge air kite, he liberated his son from the bay, sending him to the mainland.

From time to time paper lanterns were fastened to the air kites, and even fireworks – a fabulous, fantastic show comes out. At night, such a kit looks especially fascinating.

These paper things seem as if a little closer to heaven, where the gods live. In such a way some people want to draw their attention to their bright appearance, there was more chance to draw the attention of the heavenly men to their prayers. For example, starting a serpent, scaring away evil spirits and protecting themselves from evil forces, diseases, and asking for a rich harvest. At the birth of a child in Korea, a kite was launched into the sky, which carried away with it all the misfortunes and miseries that came into this world together with the newborn.


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