Health of a human being is under his own care. The exclusion concerns babies and children. According to the governmental laws this sphere of the children’s life has to be under the parents’ responsibility. Teeth are to be taken care. People should follow dentists’ recommendations in order to save their own mouth in a good state. Healthy teeth are able to save our stomach and other organs of our body. The year calendar gas got a special occasion which reminds every person about the need of taking care of a mouth. When is National Toothache Day in 2020? How can we observe the occasion?


The healthy mouth is very important for many organs. The main connection is set with a stomach. It has been important since the appearance of the medical science. People always tried to take care of them. Ancient scientists and doctors explained that theory in their writings.

The tradition of diagnosing diseases started long time ago. Many ancient scientists admitted that one of the most important organs was a tongue. He was considered a barometer of a healthy body. They used to diagnose and prognosticate problems looking at the tongue.

Speaking about the history of the medical sphere as a science, it’s a rather young branch. It’s called stomatology. The word isn’t accepted everywhere. In some medical establishments it is called as “oral diagnosis and oral medicine”.

Toothache Day

The first use of the terminology with reference to the whole medical branch took place in 1848. It was used in the book of T.E.Bond, an American dentist and physician. The founder of the official oral medicine is considered to be J.Hutchinson in 1868. According to the history of the branch it was a part of periodontics. Specialists of oral medicine were certificated as doctors of periodontics.

The history of the holiday can’t be determined exactly. There’re several theories as to the start of the observance of this occasion. It is said that the occasion is devoted to Saint Apollonia. The feast of the saint was observed on the occasion. She lived in the 3rd century A.D. the Saint is recognized to patronage dental diseases. The woman got her title after an accident. A Christian persecutor knocked out all her teeth. According to other thought the date is the day of foundation of the Hershey Corporation in 1894.

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“What day World Toothache Day in 2020?” It’s on the 9th of February.


What does National Toothache Day mean for the mankind? The importance of the dental care is obvious. People should carefully study the condition of their teeth and the reason of their ache. The most spread problem is the dental caries. It is a real problem for people as it causes great problems with health and great inconveniences. The holiday is a great reason to study the principals of a healthy mouth and follow them. It can help to avoid greater problems.

Caries is usually raised by different infections and bacteria. It is always a great problem for a human being. The dental professionals insist on the thought that the greater part of bacteria come into people’s mouths with food. Sometimes we don’t take care of our mouth thoroughly. We can also avoid brushing teeth from time to time. We also don’t watch our children to brush their teeth thoroughly. The majority of people are the fans of sweets and chocolate. Such food makes our mouth unhealthy. These reasons are to be studied and decided as the main troubles of the teeth’s health.

The occasion may be used by educational and medical establishments in order to teach children how to follow the recommendations of dentists. Children are to be taught how to take care of their teeth and brush them twice. Parents also should explain their sons and daughters that healthy teeth are the result of a great care.

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The occasion is a great chance to propose poor people to diagnose their mouth. It has to be a governmental program. Every stomatology should provide such practice at least once a year. When is International Toothache Day 2020? The occasion is to be observed on the 9th of February.


The meaning of the occasion is exactly understandable to every person who knows what the dental care is. There are lots of countries in the world which people don’t know exactly how to deal with caries. The majority of people in these countries don’t even have teeth when they are old. Developing countries don’t have the appropriate level of medicine. That’s why they can’t have a medical help when they have a toothache.

The definition of the word “toothache” id obvious as the term is a fusion of two words “tooth” and “ache”. It happened in the 14th century. This way of the word formation is one of the most simple and understandable to people. The word “tooth” appeared in the 9th century. The derivatives were Latin, Greek and Sanskrit. The word “ache” was used in the 10th century. People use the term to define the process of suffering a pain. It is a dull, continuous process. The word is used as a noun and verb.

The part “ache” is used in conjunction with other words. They have the same state. The difference is that these words describe pain in different organs of the body. They are regarded as the terms in the terminology of medicine sphere. They can be met in the medical dictionaries and vocabularies of the common use. What is the date of National Toothache Day 2020? It’s on the 9th of February.

Oral hygiene


The holiday is observed in many countries of the world. It is a great chance to follow the rules of oral hygiene. They include the use of a brush, toothpaste and floss. The process of taking care of teeth has to be an everyday routine. They are to be brushed at least twice a day. You should involve your children into this process. They are to understand that care is one of the most important parts of our health.

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Many countries of the world have certain food traditions which influence people’s mouths greatly. They eat spicy or sweet food. Sweets, chocolate and biscuits cause caries and toothache. Acidic drinks also cause certain damaging processes in our mouths.

Many people don’t know how to treat a toothache. The problem is so great that many nations are mostly toothless. People have to pull teeth out because of pulpitis. Medical workers are to provide lectures in such territories to help people in managing the problem.

You can observe the occasion by visiting a dentist. Take your relatives to a dentist for a checkup too. You can also try new toothpaste and floss on the event. If you have a small child, you can tell them about the teeth’s health. Try to make a fairy-tale for them and they will follow your instructions. Visit interesting events in your town. “When is Toothache Day, calendar of events?” It can be taken from the internet.

International Toothache Day Facts

Dentists admitted several interesting facts about teeth:

  • The enamel is proved to be the hardest part in the human body.
  • The start of the process of teeth’ developing happens before the birth. Nevertheless, babies are always toothless.
  • We have 4 types of teeth for having food.
  • Permanent teeth always come after baby teeth.
  • The set of teeth is unique for every person. It is usually used as a parameter of identification.
  • Lots of diseases have a close connection with teeth health. If you don’t follow the rules of hygiene, you can have a diabetes, osteoporosis and problems with a heart.


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