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🏞 When is National Take A Hike Day 2022

“Hike! Hike as much as possible!” This idea is not original, but not all of us realize that walking or hiking is the simplest and natural kind of physical activity that can help each of us to restore contact with our own body. Do you believe? Well, let’s check! For example, can you answer the question “When is National Take a Hike Day in 2022?” immediately? Or, perhaps, you need some minutes for thinking about? Unfortunately, asking that contemporary people, you should suppose negative reply.

And that is the explanation, why we would like to discover this matter in details.


Of course, it goes without saying that it would be wrong to talk about what day World Take A Hike Day in 2022 is, without paying close attention to the historical background of this interesting special occasion.

It is a real pity, but we haven’t managed to discover why this notable date is celebrated on November 17 exactly. Frankly speaking, this day seems not to be suitable indeed for this kind of leisure activity. You see, in most countries this autumn month automatically means nasty weather, cold rains and hard winds. It doesn’t sound too optimistic for long trips in the open air, does it?

People on a hike

All in all, this event was initially organized and established by the world-known Hiking society from the USA. The representatives were going to encourage the whole groups of families, friends, mates and even colleagues from work to get out for some time into the wild nature in attempt to feel a real taste of freedom to be away from civilized places.


What does National Take A Hike Day mean? This question doesn’t have any definite reply. Would you like to know why? – The matter is that it is up to you to decide whether this day as well as the kind of leisure activity in general is important for you or it is worth to be completely forgotten from your side.

The specialists are sure that hiking is a rather available kind of sport that usually helps to restore our ties with nature around. It is also suitable for people, who are going to have healthy body and heart in particular.

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The people, who are in, think that hiking should never be fast. Hurry or rush there are really impropriate here. – Take your time and listen to yourself and the world around. This day will be able to remind that all, even the busiest men and women of the contemporary world, are an inseparable part of civilization as well as a piece of the nature.


Have you ever heard the statement that walking is good for your health? We are sure you have! It is real true, but, unfortunately, having become an axiom, it has almost lost its meaning for us and most of us don’t have any desire to follow it.

Meanwhile, trying to find the answer to the question “When is International Take A Hike Day 2022?” we can’t but mention it once again. – All in all there are more and more new pieces of information about what effect, made by these most natural movements, called a rhythmic step. Harvard University (USA) regularly publishes research results confirming that walking relieves pain during menstruation, facilitates the course of pregnancy and easies pain in the lower back. It is also is an excellent prevention of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and migraine headaches.

Any physical activity contributes to the harmonization of our body, mind and spirit. Try to walk to the store on foot or to climb the stairs, instead of using the elevator, go to a neighboring office instead of communicating by phone or the Internet. All in all walking can give life a new quality. Walking with a dog, with family, alone or with headphones – the main thing is to have fun! – It seems that all this sounds trivial. But it is precisely such “steps” that can lead us to the most desirable results, including on a global scale. Because the simple care of one’s own health or the desire to relieve stress here come in contact with social issues that seek their solution. So, our intention to use the car less often contains a grain of good for the environment, our small contribution to the elimination of traffic jams – and it means that walking along the streets will become even more pleasant.

To make a habitual walk, you will have to get out of the house again, that is, to tear yourself away from the TV and skip the release of fresh TV news, as a result of which we automatically avoid unnecessary stress. So, our life will only get better – literally with every step.

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When is Take A Hike Day in 2022, calendar is always ready to remind you. Of course, it is not a problem. The only thing you should do is to remember when November 17 comes.

However, do you know how to organize this day properly? – No? – Please, don’t worry as we will give you some tips.

Of course, November 17 is a perfect moment to organize a small or even a big hike together. You see, unfortunately, modern people not often have either opportunity or time to get out for a walk all together. And even the weekend many parents continue their work, leaving their children with grandparents or nannies. Therefore, joint trips by the whole family to a park or a small picnic often become a real event and a beautiful chance to communicate.

But mind, if the family is going on a picnic, it is recommended to think about amount and quality of provisions. It is desirable that the products are non-perishable or in a sealed package.

Mountain view

Being in the open air you can play different active or board games or discover the places around. Some people prefer to devote this time to finding out new plants of animal spices. You can take pictures of them, search the names in the Internet and create a special album, devoted you small adventure.

International Take A Hike Day Facts

The life of modern people, unfortunately, is passive. Walks on the street with friends and hiking are replaced by social networking, sports changed to games in front of the monitor. Active rest is completely forgotten. That is the main reason why the answer to the question “What is the date of National Take A Hike Day 2022?” becomes really actual.

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It is easy enough to change the situation, but you need to organize the whole family for this. – Nature, family, active games, delicious food, a healthy dream, a friendly rest! About such a rest, every family dream about. You can relax from everyday problems, spend time with your beloved ones and spend unforgettable moments.

If the family decides to have such a holiday, then you need to prepare carefully for this pastime. In advance it is necessary to take care of the equipment, which should be for each member of the family. First of all, it’s certainly a backpack. Let each member of the family make his/her choice independently, so that everyone would show interest in preparing for such an event. The backpacks should contain all the necessary things, the list of which must be compiled in advance.

Do not forget about medication. The route should be made long before departure, and must be coordinated with all members of the family. In order to make the adventure interesting or even amazing, you need to play various games.

Try to ask your loved ones more about their thoughts, views, experiences and expectations, thereby becoming even closer to each other. The trip will unite the whole family, make it stronger and add the unforgettable colors and emotions to the ordinary life.

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