For several decades in a row, a white shirt is an integral part of the wardrobe. But do you know why it is so popular? As a rule, contemporary people are interested in many other questions as well. The most typical ones are the following. – Which models are in vogue now? What is the best combination of a long sleeve shirt? What does a fitted shirt look like? When is National White Shirt Day in 2020?

And today we are going to discuss them all in details. Are you ready? โ€“ We are starting!


Of course, such question like โ€œWhen is International White Shirt Day 2020?โ€ needs some clarifications and explanations. And, as a rule, a great part of our readers are interested in the historical background of all the holidays. And this one is not an exception.

Would you like to find out how this special occasion appeared? โ€“ To tell you the truth the past of this day is quite long and relatively interesting.

Being celebrated on February 11th, this event is considered to be unofficial. Initially it was announced some time ago in order to honor those people (both men and women), who took an active part in the huge strike, organized inside General Motors Company. It happened in distant 1937.

White Shirt

This day but 80 years ago the autoworkers of UAW were helped by local officials. As a result the successful sole bargaining was received by the strikers.

At the very beginning White Shirt Day appeared and was well-known in the town of Flint, in the American State of Michigan, but in the course of time some other cities were involved.


What does White Shirt Day mean? โ€“ To tell you the truth, we are not going to answer this question instead of you. Why? โ€“ The matter is that it is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate this special occasion. There are some people, who consider it to be quite unimportant, as they never wear this type of clothes, giving preference to something brighter and more informal.

However, we would like to mention that classic dress code is always popular. It simultaneously means that nowadays the snow shirt is no less in demand than before.

For a long period of time this peopleโ€™s wearing was dressed on the most celebrated days of the life. You can often see young graduate guys or ladies in a long sleeved sample of this shade.

The bridegroom at the wedding will also surely look solemnly, if under a new suit there is a fitted snow shirt.

By the way, does this clothing fit every day? Have you ever thought about it? Definitely contemporary fashion offers new variations, so you will never get bored with. For example, a fitted long-sleeve model is great for young people with a slim figure. In addition, with some things, it can be worn out. The snow clothe perfectly harmonizes both with jeans and with classic trousers.


Investigating the matter, what day White Shirt Day in 2020 is, we would like to tell you some very necessary pieces of information.

All in all it’s important to choose the right model for a snow color item to sit perfectly on you and to emphasize your body properly. In addition to the model, it is worth taking into account a great amount of factors that will help you always stay at the peak of the fashion, while remaining stylish and attractive.

To make the correct choice, you have to mind the following points:

  • the fabric from which the sample has been sewn;
  • suitable collar shape;
  • comfortable and functional buttons;
  • solid cuffs;
  • pockets;
  • seam quality.

A white shirt is an element of clothing that should be in any wardrobe, both in women’s and men’s. It must be and that is all! It is suitable for people of all ages, participates in creating a fashionable image both in a business or urban style.

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Such a thing like a clothing element of this shadeirt has only advantages. First of all, stylish clothing of a large size implies the presence of this classic element in the wardrobe, which will never go out of fashion and will be appropriate in any situation.

Women in White Shirts

Secondly, the snow-white shirt is perfect absolutely for everyone. It is able to refresh the face in any moment. And at the same time this sample can be combined with any things and color shades in clothes, adding balance and harmony to any outfit.

The third thing is a light sample is a universal thing that can be worn all day long – it is perfect for the office, fit into the casual daily routine, appropriate at a party, romantic date, or any other evening event.


When is White Shirt Day in 2020, calendar will remind you without any problems and as a rule there are no troubles in this matter. Some people have already celebrated February 11 for many years, others can be involved any moment they like. Frankly speaking, it is not difficult to remember the date as it is considered to be fixed.

How can we celebrate this special occasion properly? โ€“ Well, the best idea would be to wear the type of clothes all day long. But now we are going to explain you some special rules of doing this in a correct way.

  1. Do not spray perfume and other hygiene products on light cloth.
  2. Snow shade things are by no means recommended to be washed off at high temperatures and, moreover, boiled, since this fabric is thinning and may lose its original color and become yellow.
  3. Never wash white items in the washing machine together with colored and dark things.
  4. When removing different spots, do not use brushes with rigid bristles, from which on the fabric appear the pellets and the fabric is damaged.
  5. Do not use strong bleaches, from this also the fabric becomes thin and is damaged quite quickly.
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Some people prefer to use this day of February 11th for searching and purchasing of the new sample of this shade. It is an amazing way to celebrate the holiday. Would you mind to be among them?

People in White Shirts

National White Shirt Day Facts

Discussing the question โ€œWhat is the date of White Shirt Day?โ€ we would like to give our readers a great amount of various recommendations and pieces of advice. If you follow them, you will get a real success and you favorite clothes will serve you for a long time.

Do you know how to wash your snow shade clothing properly? โ€“ Here are some simple steps.

  1. In order to wash them is recommended at a temperature of not more than 30 degrees. If you are going to do it in a washing machine, torn on a mode of delicate washing or careful washing. Remember that too high temperature will spoil the quality of the fabric, especially the cotton one.
  2. It is not desirable to ruin by washing and to soak them in water for a long time as it also worsens the quality of the fabric and leads to quick wear. In the case of difficult contamination it is recommended to take such a shirt into dry cleanerโ€™s. This is especially true for blouses with various decorative samples.
  3. To get rid of all hard-to-remove spots on the collars and cuffs, you can use special tools that either are applied to the contamination themselves or added to the water for soaking.

If you are going to wear your light clothe for a long time, you should learn how to dry it properly.

  • It is desirable to dry white blouses and shirts only on hangers used especially for this purpose; otherwise, there is a probability that the fabric after drying will be too crumpled.
  • Pay attention to the composition of the fabric. If, for example, elastin fibers are present inside, drying with a large number of turns in the washing machine will result in a bad condition of the blouse.


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