From time to time in the summer evening, when you are resting in the countryside in the company of your closest friends, there comes an idea to prepare this dish. It seems that perhaps nothing better has been invented for a quiet conversation and cozy gatherings. Of course, it goes without saying, however, can you give the proper reply to the question “When is National Fondue Day in 2020?” Oh, don’t be so puzzled, please! The matter is that only people, who are involved into restaurant business, are able to do it successfully.

That is an explanation, why we have decided to investigate this theme in details.


Of course, we understand that it would be quite stupid to discover the theme “What is the date of National Cheese Fondue Day 2020?” without informing our reader about the peculiar features of this holiday appearance.

It is a real pity to confess the failure, but we haven’t been able to find out any facts available as to the establishers of this tasty event, as well as about the reason to celebrate it on April 11th every year. Some specialists are sure that initially this event was nothing but an interesting and attractive marketing decision.

Cheese Fondue


What does National Cheese Fondue Day mean? – Frankly speaking we are not able to do it for you and give the proper reply. Why? – To tell you the truth, in this situation the matter is the problem category. You see, in the modern world there are a lot of those, who have never eaten this yummy thing or just don’t like its taste. So it is not a great surprise that these men and women are not going to celebrate this special occasion in general.

What is fondue? – This is a thing, which is melted in white wine, appetizing gurgling on a slow fire in a special dish… But this is not everything. – Fondue is a real tasting and temptation, that can’t loud music, wild dancing and outdoor activities.

Its main peculiar feature is to gather close friends together for peacefultalks and calm evenings, immersing into gurgling thin slices of bread and washing down the meal with light wine.

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The contemporary production proposes a great variety of various things, which can be associated with this kind of dish.

Here is our own list:

  • Wine

As a rule, people give preference to white dry sorts. It is best to take the wine of the region from which the things originated. Therefore, in our case, French will be quite suitable.

  • Browning

It can be sold ready. However, if you have enough time, why not to do it yourself?It is quite easy in fact. In order to achieve good result, take a tablespoon of butter, warm it up in a frying pan and add 2 tablespoons of oil. Fry gradually adding some flour in order to get fatty large crumbs. As a rule, this mixture is used to tighten sauces. It is suitable for fondue, so that the mass is not too liquid.

  • Strong alcohol

In the classical version, 30 ml of a cherry kirsh, a colorless distillate from cherry, with strength of about 40 degrees, is used. But you can spend April 11th without strong alcohol. According to some experts point of view, it will make you dish even much tastier.


Talking about the question “When is International Cheese Fondue Day 2020?” we should tell our readers some interesting details about this kind of treatment.

Classical Swiss fondue is made from two types of product: Gruyer and Emmental, taken in equal proportions. This is the best combination, as the cheeses perfectly complement each other to taste. Nowadays in the contemporary stores these two varieties are quite accessible.

Of course, it is impossible even to imagine this dish without some special devices and tableware. The most typical means is called Kakelon and is not uncommon or rare. It can be bought in shops with a good choice of dishes or in large hardware stores.

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It is difficult to replace it, since it is important that the fondue container is heated all the time. Under it is a burner. The kakelon can be with a ceramic bowl or with a cast iron bowl. The second option is considered to be more practical, as in such dishes you can also prepare meat fondue, cooked on the broth.

In the set for fondue there are forks for dipping fillings in product and a burner. Sometimes there is a gel or dry tablets for the burner, but most often they will need to be purchased separately.

Cheese Fondue with onion

And now we are going to propose you a list of the main ingredients, necessary for cheese fondue preparation.
We are taking into consideration the amount, suitable for two servings.

  • 200 g of Gruyere and Emmeental cheese;
  • 200 ml of French white wine, preferably white;
  • 30 ml of cherry;
  • 2-3 garlic cloves;
  • 1 tbsp. butter;
  • 3-4 tablespoons of ordinary flour;
  • some nutmeg;
  • pepper – to your own taste;
  • salt – to your own taste.


When is Cheese Fondue Day in 2020, calendar is ready to inform you. This is not a problem in fact. However, have you really prepared for proper April 11th spending?

All in all there are any special traditions for its keeping and the best way will be to organize the tastes. You can do it alone or in the company of the best friends. But mind that this evening should be devotes to calm relaxation, hearty conversations, staying indoors or even, perhaps, hugs and kisses with beloved partners.

Why not to spend April 11th for cooking this yummy thing at home? For preparation and then trying, of course.

If you still did not have these things, don’t be upset, please. Just take any cheese or even a few. The main thing is that you like the taste of the selected sorts. But mind that under these conditions this will not be a classic dish, once invented by Swiss shepherds.

Making Cheese Fondue

In this situation the classical question is what to eat with this dish. The classical idea is represented by dried small pieces of bread. They are prepared to make it more convenient to pierce the forks and dipped in yummy. In this form they will not fall off the fork. And it is more delicious with crusty bread.

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In addition, you can dunk everything in your cheese. Very tasty idea is represented by seafood, shrimp and mussels. Excellent variety will be smoked meat. Some people prefer to consume their fondue with vegetables, which are cut into cubes, small baked mushrooms and tiny potato tubers. As you can see in this case the choices are really endless for everybody, even for the naughtiest gourmets.

International Cheese Fondue Day Facts

Discovering the matter, what day World Cheese Fondue Day in 2020 is, we should mention some peculiar features of this yummy thing consumption.

There are no any definite explanations as to the portions of this dish. It’s quite difficult to say how much yummy should be taken for one serving, as it is usually prepared for the company, not for one person. And all these people are going to have a long and calm evening. Therefore, 2 servings, proposed above, are rather conditional. If you stay long until late, you will have to add cheese mass to the dishes.

How to do it properly? – First you need to take a frying pan with a thick bottom and walls, in order to cook a yummy mass in it. Mind that it is uncomfortable to do this in one device, so we melt the cheese on the stove.

Product should be rubbed on a large grater. And only after that it is recommended to add wine. Crush the cloves of garlic and put them to the cheese. Salt and pepper everything. Add nutmeg, pour in kirsch and put in floury puff.

Put on medium fire and stir constantly, otherwise it will burn. The thing is not drowned for long. After the cheese mass has become liquid, it needs to be held on fire for another 5-7 minutes.


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