When is National Look Up at the Sky Day in 2020? – Well, we are almost sure that you are amazed to hear about this special occasion existence. However, it sounds quite relaxing, doesn’t it? In accordance with some specialists’ points of view, its celebration would be rather necessary and desirable for many people in the modern world, filled up with constant noise and incredible speeds. And, frankly speaking, this is an explanation why we are going to tell you about it today.


As many popular directions we are dealing with, the theme what day Look Up at the Sky Day in 2020 is requires some clarifications and explanations, which can be interesting for our curious readers. It is a real pity to confess, but we haven’t managed to find the suitable pieces of information telling us about the establishers of this holiday. We also don’t know why there is a tradition to celebrate it on April 14th exactly.

However, we are almost sure that no matter who these people are, they seem to be kind, creative and romantic. Why do we think so? – You see, that the idea like this can’t come to the heads of boring, moody and envy people.

And what about April 14th, perhaps, initially it was the date important these creators. Let’s imagine that that day but some years ago they saw something special in the sky, that that image changed their lives forever.

man looking at the sky


What does Look Up at the Sky Day mean? Frankly speaking, asking this we would like to know whether this holiday means something special for you exactly. What do you think whether it is worth to be held in a special way? As you can perhaps understand, we can’t reply instead of you, otherwise, it will look like an imposing.

You see, throughout its history, humanity has passed the path of knowledge. Inexplicable things were compared with messages from above and believed that this was an omen of happiness or misfortune. In our time, almost all natural phenomena have found an explanation. But from this they did not become less attractive to humans. The sky has always been attractive. People have tried to discover it and have been sure that it contains the answer to the most important questions.


When we were trying to find out the most complete answer to the question “When is International Look Up at the Sky Day 2020?” we discovered that this direction has a lot of secrets and we can’t but share them with our followers.

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How to see your own shadow in the skies? Do you know it? As a rule, most people have never heard that it is even possible. – However, it is really true. When you are somewhere at the top of the mountain or on board the aircraft you can observe an unusual optical thing, which was called “Gloria”.

All in all Gloria is a halo of multi-colored spheres that arise around the observers’ shadow, which is falling on a cloud or layer of fog. This phenomenon is usually observed somewhere in the mountains, where these things are located below the person himself/herself, or when he or she is flying above them. In order to see this phenomenon, you need to stand up in a way the source of light (the Sun or the Moon one) is behind your back. Sometimes in the multicolored ring you can see the shadow of the plane, but only on the condition that you are in this plane.

Unlike a rainbow, which appears as a result of refraction and reflection of light, the bright luminescence of one or several rings of Gloria arises due to the diffraction of light reflected in drops of water. The more droplets of the same size in a cloud, the more rings are formed around the shadow. Inside the halo there is a blue ring, followed by a green one, then a red one, followed by a purple one, and the last one is again a blue one.

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When is Look Up at the Sky Day in 2020, calendar will remind you quite easily and without any difficulties. The only thing you have to do if you want to be involved is to memorize the date of its celebration. It won’t be difficult in fact, as it is fixed. The holiday is held on April 14th annually.

Certainly it is not an official one, so you shouldn’t expect for any events organized by local authorities on the state level. Have you got upset? – In vain! You are always free to create something special for yourself as well as for many other people, surrounding you at home, in the office or even along the streets.

The special occasion celebrated on April 14th is not only unique. The psychologists are sure that it can be very useful for those modern men and women, who are always busy and in a hurry. Are you among them? – Well, under these conditions you have to be involved.

Frankly speaking, there are not many things you can see above you head: endless blue space, some clouds, the sun, birds, perhaps, a distant plane or a helicopter. But try to imagine something special. – For example, a white cloud can look like a giraffe or a crocodile. And you friends may see a whale or a tiger instead.

Involve the children into celebration and you will discover a lot of new ideas. As a rule, their level of imagination is much higher than ours and that is why they can help you a lot.

Of course, unfortunately, sometimes on April 14th the sky is covered with dark clouds. However, it is not the reason for being upset as well. Devote this day to discovering something new concerning this direction. Numerous films, documentaries, magazines, books, Internet articles or even cartoons will help you.

girl looking at the sky

National Look Up at the Sky Day Facts

Investigating the question “What is the date of Look Up at the Sky Day in 2020?” we came to the conclusion that there are a plenty of pieces of information we want to share with our readers. Not everybody knows that there are various kinds of clouds we can see in the sky. Here is the list of the most amazing ones:

  • Nacreous clouds
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Sometimes at dusk or before sunrise, clouds at an altitude of 15-25 km reflect the light of the sun hidden behind the horizon. Further, all the same tiny pieces of ice come in, and they start to refract the light, and the clouds are painted in different colors, albeit dimmer than with a fiery rainbow. The so-called mother of pearl fluffy things is the neighbors of the Northern Lights. In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, most often they can be seen in the polar latitudes, for example, in Iceland, Oslo or the Swedish Kiruna.

  • Lenticular clouds

High level of humidity appeared between two powerful air currents may create the so-called lenticular clouds. They are remarkable not only for their lenticular form, but also for the ability to hover in place, despite the wind. Because of their form and stillness, they were often mistaken for UFOs before. Usually you can see them in the mountains, even low ones. In Kamchatka, for example, fells often have such terrific cloudy crowns.

  • Fake clouds

When the rain cloud is under a layer of dry air, turbulence begins to “see through” from it. This type resembles bags, the other bubble wrap for fragile things. But for most, judging by the name, they look like a chest or udder. To see how the sky turns into a giant udder, you can notice them in Australia or in other tropical lands.

  • Wavy-hilly (devilish) clouds

The rarest and most unexplored type of clouds is frightening, albeit deceptive. Devilish things really look ominous, as if the skies are about to tear to shreds, and fire and sulfur rush from above. But in fact, even banal rain does not pour from them. The contemporary specialists say that such things most often occur in Scotland and New Zealand.


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