Grammar is a part of a language which is usually difficult to study. The knowledge of grammar usually makes people more educative. You are to choose whether to be a grammar addictive person or to make mistakes in your speech. The truth is that mistakes in this part of the language can spoil your life or simplify any situation. If you want to check your knowledge of language, you should follow a special observation. When is National Grammar Day in 2020? How do the people usually follow the tradition of the day?


The event was invented in by a woman who founded the SPOGG. Martha Brockenbrouth decided to initiate a special date when she faced many mistakes in grammar. She proposed a new observance in 2008. The woman saw the words โ€œabasedโ€ and โ€œabusedโ€ which were simply disordered.

The woman hated a situation when people treated the native language in such a way. She admitted that they need a certain study to speak and write well. Martha decided to provide a date when people could pay attention to the correct use of language. She insisted on the necessity of saving and following the rules of the language. Adjectives and adverbs, nouns and pronouns are usually used in a wrong way. They are often lost and transferred in a wrong way. The woman proposed to study grammar better and to pay attention to the details.

Grammar Day

The day was taken for granted by many people. Educational establishments propose various programs for their students to develop their abilities and language skills. Schools also make their children train their grammar skills. They can develop their language in different ways through writing compositions and making puzzles.

The date is annually provided by various educational departments not only in the United States of America but also in other countries. The internet community also follows the observance in many ways. โ€œWhat day World Grammar Day in 2020?โ€ The date is annually observed on the 4th on March.

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What does National Grammar Day mean for the public and languages? The occasion is a great possibility to improve language skills. This branch sometimes makes a person disoriented. Every language has got specifications. They are certain peculiarities which make mistakes possible. The presence of a certain number of mistakes can fill the conversation with strong disorder.

Children usually donโ€™t like grammar exercises. They donโ€™t like to be disordered. Strong efforts arenโ€™t also the tension of every person who studies a new language. Nevertheless, people are to know the main tenses and the rules of word transformation.

The greatest problem is that people usually have problem with their own native language, they mispronounce words and use them in a wrong way. The main problem is the misuse of the tenses and the forms of words. The departments of education in many countries develop many programs to make the language clearer. They propose different educational programs for every grade at schools and universities. Nevertheless, these steps very often donโ€™t help in a full way. Children and adults donโ€™t even feel discomfort while using wrong forms. When is International Grammar Day 2020? The events are followed on the 4th of March.


The holiday isnโ€™t a real festival. Itโ€™s rather an observance. The day isnโ€™t accepted as a national official holiday. Nevertheless, it can be considered as the public observance when people try to follow the traditions of observance in many countries. So, the day is accepted as an international event.

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The definition of the word is set by many dictionaries in the world. As itโ€™s an international word it is common for many languages. Thatโ€™s why the meaning of the day is understandable for many people. They donโ€™t need any explanation when they meet the title of the holiday in the calendar.

The first use of the word happened in Old Greek. It meant โ€œa written thingโ€ or โ€œa letter of an alphabetโ€. Later the word was used by Latin and Old French languages. Several hundred years later the word was taken into English.

Nowadays dictionaries give several definitions of the word. Commonly, it is defined as study of the written structure of sentences and the relations in them. It also studies the preferences in syntax and inflection. The main content is a complex of rules which is used to make sentences and texts. Every book with such rules is also defined as grammar. What is the date of National Grammar Day 2020?


There are different ways to celebrate the holiday. People can use anyone to follow the tradition. The best way is to follow the rules every day and every minute.

The first step is to tell everyone about the holiday. The informative chains are to be made by many groups of people. It can be effectively done in the internet. You should make a post concerning the day. Itโ€™s good to set a puzzle or another exercise which can check or develop skills. Try to promote the observance among your friends and relatives.

Grammar Checking

There are lots of sites which post the funniest mistakes in different letters. There are typo stories in the internet. Try to watch them. Some of them may be yours. Try to correct them and look through the following grammar rules.

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You are to find the best resources which give the rules in different languages. They will help you to be wise and to avoid ordinary mistakes in the native languages. If you want to be educated, you should start studying this part on the day.

The most frequent way of following the occasion is to sign in any educational program which is proposed by the local schools and universities. They usually propose simple systems of studying for every person who wants to improve his skills. Follow their calendars โ€œWhen is Grammar Day in 2020, calendar of lessons?โ€

International Grammar Day Facts

There are several facts that every man may know:

  • The shortest sentence in English is โ€œI amโ€.
  • Every language has got a sentence with all letters. Itโ€™s pangram.
  • Thereโ€™re some words that are named as ghost wordsโ€œ.
  • The longest word was proposed by Mary Poppins and accepted by the dictionaries. It meant โ€œfantasticโ€. It had 45 letters.
  • โ€œIโ€ is the most used word in the world. It is the oldest word.
  • The English dictionaries have a new word every 2 hours.
  • A crutch word is a word which is repeated many times. Every language has got such words.
  • Every pilot speaks English during his flight.
  • In the previous times people used to use the word โ€œgirlโ€ for every child without any reference on the gender.
  • Annually English gets more than 4 thousand words.
  • Englishmen use the word โ€œhappyโ€ 3 times more frequent than โ€œsadโ€.
  • The United States of America doesnโ€™t have any official language.
  • The most numerous amount of definitions is given to the verb โ€œsetโ€.
  • 67 countries in the world have officially accepted English.
  • โ€œTownโ€ is the oldest word in the English language.


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