What is the sweetest option to cool off with on a sweltering summer day? Eating up a serving of ice cream! What is the tastiest variation of ice cream? With lots of toppings above! What are the most classic tried-and-trusted toppings? A good dose of heated sauce with a sprinkling of nuts and a bit of fruit.

It seems like the hot fudge sundae is a fortunate combination to decrease the temperature both on the outside and inside. Probably, that’s why it’s carved its own space on the calendar of food holidays. So, when is National Hot Fudge Sundae Day in 2022 and how to spend it properly? Read thoroughly!


First of all, we have to deal with the history of this delectable dessert; otherwise, we won’t be able to fully appreciate its existence. Before the sundae and the fudge got together, they obviously were separate foodstuffs, and each of them has had quite a vague origin.

National Hot Fudge Sundae Day

On the subject of the ice cream, there are at least five places considered to be the claimants to the sundae invention. One of the most interesting versions occurred in Illinois says that once upon a time there was a man named “Sunday” (translated from the German language) who faced a challenge of making up an absolutely new dish. As you can guess on your own, he combined the frozen mixture with the syrup and was perpetuated in this slightly misspelled name.

Another legend narrates that at the end of the 19th century a much-loved beverage called ice cream soda (which is basically the ice cream immersed in nonalcoholic drink, or fizzy water) was outlawed to be served on Sundays. The resourceful sellers came up with the custom of offering the ice cream steeped in preferred syrup which got customers’ great fondness. What ties those five versions of the sundae origin is that all of them happened in the US. So, we can speak with confidence that it is an American confectionary.

The fudge is a long-known food that also reached us thanks to the US inventiveness. It is believed that in 1890 a female student of the private college in New York sent a letter describing the success of her friend’s cousin who thought up a curious dish. Later on, she found out the recipe and cooked an ample amount of fudge as a treat for the local event. This sweet combination of ingredients was quick to spread among the numerous colleges across the country and made it to the history of food products.

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The originator of the hot fudge sundae just had to pour the ice cream with the heated fudge and spruce it up with a tad of flavorful (and edible) touches. That’s how a man christened Mr. Brown introduced this delicious thing to the menu of his store and that’s why today we have the opportunity to ask when is National Hot Fudge Sundae Day 2022?

By the way, the history of the holiday itself is the most obscure issue in here as no one knows anything related to its origin but everyone celebrates it to their belly’s content!


What does National Hot Fudge Sundae Day mean? It means the whole 24 hours for an endless enjoyment of the favorite dainty without the slightest remorse!

Show us a person who doesn’t like the slowly melting ice cream flavored with the excellent combination of toppings. There’s literally wouldn’t be one because everybody loves this sweet frozen product – that’s a self-evident truth. Moreover, it’s consumed in the unimaginable amount not only in summer but also in winter. Even at the lowest temperature, you’re likely to see a human meditatively eating the ice cream. It’s not an exaggeration, people tuck into the desert for myriads of reasons – to regale themselves with a treat full of “happy” hormones, calm nerves, boost their brains, take the edge off the hunger or reduce the hot day’s pressure.

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Nonetheless, it does matter what day National Hot Fudge Sundae Day in 2022 falls on as the risk of catching cold with the ice cream in hand and the snowdrifts around is much higher. Thus it’s set on a sunny day of July 25.


In case you’ve just entered the world of the most splendid kind of ice cream, we’ll throw in some of the specifics. The sundae is a dessert that consists of several scoops of the milky and sugary mix served with sauce and garnishes. The fudge, in its direct meaning, is a product made by heating up the butter, milk, and sugar. However, the hot fudge presents a gooey sauce of chocolate flavor and taste.

Together, the true hot fudge sundae creates the dish composed of ice cream balls, heated syrup, a handful of nuts and a playfully eminent Maraschino cherry. The mix of hot and cold provokes a differently new experience for your taste buds while prolonging your delight as it doesn’t melt or freeze.

To provide one more good excuse to blissfully indulge in a serving on a July Tuesday, we’ll tell about the health benefits of ice cream. In fact, the dessert made of all-natural products contains more than 20 amino acids, 25 fatty acids, 20 vitamins and 30 minerals. That’s why some say that a portion of ice cream can calm and boost the nerves and brain. On top of that, it’s nourishing and rich in calories that restore energy and really satisfy hunger.

National Hot Fudge Sundae Day

Rumor has it that the doctors advise to regularly consume a scoop of ice cream to keep your immune system strong and train your throat to low temperatures. You remember what is the date of National Hot Fudge Sundae Day 2022? Meet it fit and strong!


What about the celebration? It’s as simple as falling off a log – eat the dessert. Scan your neck of the woods for any eateries specialized in making the hot fudge sundae at its best. Don’t forget to inquire about deals and freebies; it’s the ice cream’s day, after all.

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Of course, there’s a budget option, too. Make the fudge with your own hands right at the kitchen. As the recipe goes, you need a can of condensed milk, 350 gram of chocolate, broken in pieces, or chocolate drops, 1 tablespoon of vanillin, 160 gram of powdered sugar and a pinch of salt. Combine the chocolate and condensed milk in the saucepan over the medium heat. When the mixture is heated, stir it with a wooden spoon until the chocolate dissolved. If you’re an advanced cook and have a kitchen thermometer in the cabinet, then the optimal temperature is around 115°C. Add the powdered sugar, vanillin and salt and blend it together properly; you’ll get a thick creamy mix. Take a baking mold, cover it with baking paper and pour the mixture out into the mold. Place it into the fridge for around 2-3 hours if you want it hard or enjoy in its liquid state with the ice cream.

By the way, it can be stored for more than a week (in the fridge, of course), so every time you come back home, you take a scoop, warm it up and have a perfect ending of the day.

National Hot Fudge Sunday Day Facts

  • The month of July is Ice Cream Month. Quite symbolic, isn’t it? It was designated by Ronald Reagan himself.
  • The first President of the US, George Washington, as well as the third and the fourth one (Jefferson and Madison), was a giant lover of the ice cream.
  • The base variation of the hot fudge sundae is found in every McDonald’s restaurant. Although here it definitely lacks the nuts and cherry, it’s still worth trying!

So, mark in the calendar, when is National Hot Fudge Sundae Day in 2022, leave some space in your stomach for this delectable dessert and raise the spoon in honor of the holiday!


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