Each national cuisine has its secrets and traditions covered in mystery because no thinking people would give a recipe for their meal. Today we gonna discuss one of the most popular and widespread cuisines in the world โ€“ Mexican one. Furthermore, we will delve into details connected with their best-selling product โ€“ taco. So, letโ€™s find out what and when National Taco Day in 2022 is?

Well, National Taco Day is held annually on 4th of October and is organized to support the national cuisine and emphasize its huge role in the worldโ€™s society. It should be kept in mind and we must support such events in order to globalize our planet.


To begin with, some historical information and details should be mentioned before getting what day World Taco Day in 2022 is?

National Taco Day 2017

The “heart” of Mexican cuisine is rightly called kidney beans, chili and tortillas โ€“ almost every Mexican dish includes at least one of these ingredients. The most popular of them is taco. This is a traditional Mexican flat cake with a spicy filling. They put the filling in thin corn or wheat tortillas (tortillas) and fold the cake in half.

Taco is considered to be one of the most popular dishes of national cuisine in Mexico: they are sold not only in special culinary establishments but also on the streets of the country’s cities in “mobile” kiosks. In tacos, local craftsmen wrap an incredible variety of fillings: chopped fried or boiled beef, pork, chicken, fish. It is always necessary to use cheese, onions, and vegetables. At the request of the client, a kind of “edible envelope” is also flavored with spicy seasonings, from which inexperienced tasters usually have tears and sweat on their face.

The fillings of tacos are very different: with cheese and asparagus, with vegetables, with tofu, salmon, beef, tuna, pineapple and pork, sweet pepper, baked meat, with beans, chorizo, chicken, shrimps, avocado, and corn.

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In Mexico, they also prepare tacos, which are especially respected by the supporters of exotic dishes. For example, local chefs season the filling of tortillas with special types of grasshoppers, caterpillars, living in the leaves of maguee cactus and even ant larvae.

The dish is eaten solely by hands, although the foreigner can also offer cutlery. Experts on Mexican food warn against the use of chili sauce, because not every European stomach can withstand it.

It is worth noting that tarting for tacos can be made from either corn or wheat flour. As a rule, such meat as pork, beef or chicken is used as stuffing for tacos. In addition, tacos are filled with seafood, vegetables, and sausages.

The most popular tacos are with sausage chorizo, beans and even the leaves of edible cacti. The world-famous salsa, guacamole, or cilantro, as well as chili one, are served as sauces to each taco meal. Such a dish is convenient because it can be eaten “on the run” without using cutlery.

The history of tacos as dishes began even before the landing of the Spaniards in the territory of South America and the formation of Mexico State. Researchers were able to find anthropological reliable evidence for the fact that even indigenous people, the ancient tribes used to eat tacos stuffed with small fishes.

At the time of the Spanish conquistadors, the recipe for tacos was changed. The main component of the filling for tacos was meat, and fish were used during the preparation of dishes extremely rarely. In addition, the meaning of the name of the dish has changed.

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According to official statistics, on average, every Mexican citizen consumes at least 60 kg of tortillas per year. The local population created a real cult of this dish. Each “tacoria” will offer many varieties of tacos for every taste.

From most modern fast dishes this Mexican delicacy differs first of all in its naturalness. No artificial mustard, mayonnaise and flavor enhancers. Each ingredient is prepared with your own hands and immediately wrapped in a freshly baked scent cake.

It is not twisted: the filling is wrapped only before the guest takes to eating tacos. It’s very convenient, and everything is hot. For example, burrito, which also gained popularity in Mexico and beyond, wrapped in a flat cake beforehand and served on the table.

Now, there is practically no major city on the planet where you could not eat this tortilla stuffed meal. In Guadalajara, the classic De Cochinita was prepared, which, in addition to the tortilla, includes specially pickled pork, which is then stewed. So, the new record was an incredible two and a half units! To establish a record, it took 4 tons of pork and 36 thousand tortillas.


What does National Taco Day mean? Through the prism of information we already have will give you the full picture of the fest. So, when International Taco Day in 2022 is organized, the aim is to try as much dishes as you can gathering your friends and relatives to have more emotions and memories. Each country has its own taco cooking and preparation so wherever you are on this day you just must try a bit to feel the difference. Also, donโ€™t forget to make photos and post them on your social media accounts.

National Taco Day


We had just answered the question what is the date of National Taco Day 2022 using the calendar that has helped us in getting an information.

The festival means you should try your hand in eating such a delicacy as taco wherever you are. The best way to navigate yourself in a different country is looking for a tag #NationalTacoDay that will help you to understand and feel the atmosphere of any fest in the area. It also gives an opportunity to make new friends and contacts. Moreover, this day organizes many theme parks where you can participate in any activity you want. So, donโ€™t miss such an opportunity to try one of the famous Mexican dishes and get lots of emotions.

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As we know, each country provides own customs and traditions in celebrating any event. This day is not an exception as itโ€™s recommended to arrange group meetings and competitions connected with the main topic โ€“ taco. Donโ€™t be afraid of the calories you would have eaten as this day lifts all the restrictions and opens the doors to a new life and new experience.

On this day, an average American eat about 4000 calories. As we remember, 2000 calories โ€“ more than enough for a person a day. So it’s not surprising that after such a large amount of food, people can hardly move and seem to fall into a peculiar coma due to overeating. Americans call this state “food coma”. This topic, by the way, is devoted to a rather large number of jokes by the Taco Day.

Day Facts

  1. North Mexicans prefer meat dishes, while in the south they prefer to use chicken and vegetables as the main ingredients.
  2. Even traditional Mexican desserts are prepared with chili, which helps to achieve a pleasant combination of hot and sweet.
  3. For the preparation of traditional Mexican dishes, all parts of cows and domestic bulls are used, including udders, stomach, tongue, even the uterus, and testicles.

Summarizing, donโ€™t miss an opportunity to eat extremely delicious food and gather your friends and relatives one more time to have only positive emotions and feelings.



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