Do you have any animal at home? As a rule, contemporary people give preference to dogs and cats, and as a result there are plenty of them in our towns and cities. Small or big, tender or aggressive, funny and serious, they are the creatures, which are able to make our life more interesting, kinder and more saturated. However, are you ready to answer the question โ€œWhen is National Dress Up Your Pet Day in 2020?โ€ without any reminding or, perhaps, you need some prompts? Oh, frankly speaking, we are sure that the reply of the most part of our readers will be negative. And that is the main reason, why we’ve made the decision to discover the matter in details. Are you ready? โ€“ We are starting!


It would be quite silly to try to discover the theme, what day World Dress Up Your Pet Day in 2020 is, without taking into account the historical background of this amazing event. Of course, it would be quite more logical, but we havenโ€™t managed to get any information available about the establishers of this date as well as about the reasons to hold the occasion on January 14th exactly.

Some specialists are really sure that initially and at the moment of the appearance it was nothing but a rather successful and profitable marketing decision that helped one particular company to sell a great amount of their production. But it happens this day annually is a hidden piece of information. Perhaps it was a birthday of a dog or a car of the creator. Who knows?

Dressed Up Dogs


What does National Dress Up Your Pet Day mean? Well, are you really sure, that we’re able to answer this question instead of you? Of course, not! As a rule, this date is celebrated by those, who have an animal at home and prefer to dress them up either for decoration or for cold prevention.

Today you can everywhere watch how the owners dress up their small companions in clothes, drive them to beauty salons and buy luxury accessories for them: exclusive roulettes, collars and costumes.

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This phenomenon in the world practice, psychologists call “the phenomenon of humanization of animals.” This means that the people, associating animals with themselves, attribute to them needs that they themselves have. At the same time, often these little creatures also emphasize the status of their masters. That is an explanation, who to provide the pets with all the best becomes equally important in the contemporary world.

Owners of decorative (and not only decorative) breeds of dogs, clothing their pets in clothes, can often hear: “Here, the abnormal when the dog is dressed!” or “Why have you wrapped up this creature? Its hair is warm!”

Of course, for dogs, a cold nose is a sign of health, but do you remember the proverb, that measure should be in everything you are doing?

Certainly, first of all, the need for clothes arises mostly for decorative reasons. Some small breeds of dogs are so weak that they canโ€™t spend even 5 minutes outdoors. And at this time the temperature may be relatively mild: about 0 degree or slightly near the subzero one.

But it’s not even in comfort, but more in the care and protection of the pet. A dog, like any animal organism, can freeze, chill itself, and, as a result, get sick. Therefore, in the cold season, it is better to take care of warm clothes and practical shoes for your four-legged friend.


Discovering the set above matter โ€œWhen is International Dress Up Your Pet Day in 2020?โ€ we’dย  like to demonstrate you a really great amount of various pieces of amazing information. Are you ready for this?

For example, what do you think about the clothes in the warm season? Why do these home creatures wear tracksuits and T-shirts, dresses and sweatshirts? Maybe it is mostly for beauty? Letโ€™s discover together.

In accordance with professionalsโ€™ points of view, it is not exactly, although there is some truth in this. But at the same time here are a few reasons to wear a dog in the warm season. You see in summer, the clothes are very important for protecting against forest mites, burdock, and urban dust. And naked and smooth-haired dogs are also protected by clothing from sunburn.

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When buying clothes for your dog, of course, it is advisable to get it with you. If this is not possible, you need to know the size. Usually this’s the volume of the chest and the length of the back. Some people like taking to the shops a suit that their dog wears and choose the right size for it.

It’s possible to accustom to clothes from 3-4 months. Start small: put a T-shirt on the paws, you can wear socks, so the dog will soon get used to the shoes in the future.

The most interesting thing is that over time the dog gets used to its clothes and it starts to like it. If the newly dressed dog behaves calmly, it simultaneous means that it likes the clothes and feels rather comfortable in it. But in the case it turns, gets nervous, tries to get rid of the items, or vice versa, behaves like if it’s stuck in place. Mind that the size plays a very important role in this case.


When is Dress Up Your Pet Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. The only thing we want to recommend you to remember if you’re going to be involved is when January 14th comes. It is not so difficult, isnโ€™t it?

As you can, perhaps, there aren’t any established official traditions and rules devoted especially to this special occasion, however, we’re sure that people with good imagination level are always ready to invent something special.

Dressed Up Iguana

Of course, the most obvious idea is to purchase something new and pretty for your beloved creature. If you are not going to buy something substantial this day, you can give your preference to some kid of decoration.

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International Dress Up Your Pet Day Facts

So you have already known that the answer for the subject โ€œWhat is the date of National Dress Up Your Pet Day in 2020?โ€ sounds like โ€œOn January 14thโ€ and as a rule, this date is usually remembered by those people, who have an animal at home.

In this article we would also like to mention such important thing like the shoes for our four-legged friends.

Sometimes it looks rather funny, when you see a dog or a cat in various kinds of boots, shoes or socks outside. But have you ever thought about the role of all these things for them?

You see, boots will protect their legs not only from wet and dirt, but also from reagents that corrode paw pads and skin between the pads.

In winter, footwear for dogs protects against cold, and in the summer – from red-hot asphalt, glass and dirt. Also, the shoes serve as protection of the paws against abrasion against hard coating (asphalt, concrete, gravel, hard snow or snow crust).

If you are going to shoe beloved creature, it is better to accustom it to these things beginning from the age of 5-6 months old. Donโ€™t forget that it is quite necessary to praise the pet, on the feet of which they put on shoes, talk about how good it is. If the animal is walking well and obedient, gives the favorite delicious treat. You see, for the first time a dog as well as a cat should be first forced to walk at home and only then along the street. It is recommended to demonstrate the pet and wait until he/she understands that walking in shoes is much warmer and more comfortable than barefoot.

The main thing is to put on your shoes properly, so that the living being is comfortable, and the boot is not lost. And the result you will get warm, clean paws of your pet, which do not need to be washed after a walk.


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