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When is National Shirtless Day 2018

Being shirtless is not only about the men. The women can walk topless as well. At least, that is what the holiday we’re going to talk about implies.

When is National Shirtless Day in 2018? Read on!


If there is an emancipation, then certainly the absolute one. Looks like this is the slogan of the organization named Go Topless that was created thirteen years ago. The integration of the activists is fighting for the equality between men and women in terms of various aspects, including the one that prohibits the latter to undress the upper body on the street.

In fact, the association itself was established by a rather weird man – yes, man, you’ve heard it right – who also built a sort of the cult around his name and the circle of the passionate followers. In the beginning, he was an ordinary man working at the car magazine but in a while, he claimed that he saw the aliens when walking around the volcano. No, the aliens didn’t want to abduct him. Instead, as the man himself told, they initiated him into the secret of the humanity. Which exactly? Well, it’s a secret, don’t you see? Probably, considering the further drastic turn in his activity, it was something about the women being allowed to go topless whenever they want.

Shirtless People


What does National Shirtless Day mean? Well, shirtless, topless, all the same. And it means exactly what it tells – taking off the shirt and exposing your proud chest.

In the way the breast changed in the clothes, we can follow the relationships between the females and the society. During the modern history of the human, the breast – as the distinctive feature of the woman – has been under control of the social standards. The choice of the way it would look under the clothing is still the question of the submission of the generally accepted system of the values. In other words, the females are almost the last persons who decide what the breast should look like after they get dressed.

The role of the woman in the community put her in the place when her breast has never belonged to her. The child, husband, family, aesthetic norms, fashion, medical industry – all of them claimed their own right on possession. And only nowadays, they have the chance to have their breast backformaking any decision consciously and according to their will. Especially in the situations when it comes to the choice of the outfit.

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The majority of the ancient societies accepted the women’s breast as the symbol of the flourishing and the fertility and the goddesses were portrayed with the huge bosom. The beauty standards were shaped in the same way – the bigger it was the more beautiful the female was.

When is International Shirtless Day 2018? Well, Americans know for sure!

When the corsets came, the feminist movements together with the medicine criticized the thing as the clothing that damaged the woman’s health. That’s why the wide dresses appeared and the first bras. The latter came the whole way from being the symbol of the emancipated woman to the object of the strong critics from the feminists. In the 40’s, it was the necessary part of the official dress-code that mounted the breast in the adequate for the business affairs shape – the natural forms were hidden.

During the history, the females used the manly or the androgenic image that hid the breasts totally to get out of the boundaries the society had built around them. Jeanne d’Arc wore the man’s armor for not only fight fiercely but also to be considered as one of the fighters.

Behind all this fuss about the woman and her breast, the world forgets about the main function of it – for feeding a child. In the different periods of time, the fashion, the social order or the government limited the woman in this right. To slip into the corset or to work behind the machine on the next day after giving birth, they bandaged the breast and trusted the infant to the wet-nurse. Placing the interests of the children above their own ones was believed to be silly and was heavily criticized.

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In the 80’s, with the spread of the natural maternity conception and the WHO recommendations on the feeding of the children, the popularity of the clothes for feeding mothers began to grow. The majority of the models were cut to hide the fact of the feeding while the passersby saw just the baby kept next to the chest of the mother. Besides, the special physiological bras were created with the cotton wool, fabric, and silicone inserts that allowed being involved in any kind of activity and even in the sport without the risks of spoiling the clothes with the milk. It was another step toward the women’s freedom – they got the tight to continue the same way of life and reveal themselves as mothers at the same time.

Regardless of what day World Shirtless Day in 2018 happens on, remember that the way to the woman’s freedom in the disposal of her own breast was a long and difficult one.

Finally, the refusal of wearing the underwear, contrary to the aesthetic and ethic standards of the society, is the last step. The modern bras – especially the shaping one – often interfere with the natural physiological processes. For example, the blood circulation and the flow of the lymph. In the systematic violation of these processes, the doctors see the cause for the modern conditions of the breasts. Because the parameters of the breast are individual, eighty percent of the women face the difficulties when wearing the bras that do not fit. To continue to wear them without the harm, it’s important to choose them in the right way and size.

Well, today, the woman’s breast is finally in her own hands. That’s the good news and the certain reason for being optimistic enough to believe that sometimes they would be allowed walking shirtless and topless equally with the men!

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People Celebrating Shirtless Day


The holiday has the goal of fighting for the gender equality. The means of reaching this goal are the nude bodies. What is the date of National Shirtless Day 2018? It’s August 26th.

The members of the integration claim that the females have the equal constitutional rights for exposing their breasts in the public places, just like the men. Today, the women who are brave enough to walk around without anything on the upper part of her body would be arrested and made to pay the fees.

That’s why every year the half-nude females are gathering across the whole country as the sign of showing the protest against this inequality in the legal system. They demand their right for being legally topless to be adopted.

Why August 26th? On this date, after the long fight, the constitution of the US was supplemented with the remark that the women finally obtained the right to vote. A bit later, the Congress announced the date as the day of the women’s equality. And it fits the message of the organization we’ve mentioned as nothing else does!


You’re still thinking of how to ring in the date? Take part in the festival of the topless and shirtless females that is staged every year in the US. The main location is in Washington in front of the White House. By the way, you can also partake with the clothes on.

International Shirtless Day Facts

  • Only three states in the United States proclaimed the holiday as the illegal one.

Make a firm fixture in your calendar, when is Shirtless Day in 2018, and remember what a proud holiday it is.

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