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When is National Oyster Day 2022

The best shellfish in the world should be looked for not on the bottom of the sea, but in the menu of New York restaurants. But do you know the answer to the question “When is National Oyster Day in 2022?” immediately? Do you know where to please yourself with this delicious dish?

We will help you to reply. – The matter is that on August 5, all leading urban restaurants are ready to surprise you, preparing for your visit in advance. The chefs are trying to outdo each other with unique seasonings and new recipes for these seafood dishes.

That is the main reason, why we are going to discuss this matter in details.


Of course, we know that it is almost impossible to answer the question “What is the date of Oyster Day 2022?” without discussing the historical background of this special occasion. But, unfortunately, it has been impossible to set who was the first person or organization, which established this day as well as why it is celebrated exactly on August 5.

National Oyster Day

But there has been long relationship between people and this tasty meal. All in all eating mollusks began about 2000 years ago in Rome. And in Ancient Greece, oysters, or rather their shells, served as ballots for voting: they were kept with the written names of politicians for whom a voice was given. They even invented the special term “ostracism,” that meant “expulsion” and “persecution.”

Then it was the turn to taste the oysters of England and France, where they were successfully imported. Nowadays it is even difficult to imagine that in these countries oysters were considered to be a food for poor people until the beginning of the XIX century.

However, the uncontrolled catch resulted in poor food becoming a delicacy.


What does National Oyster Day mean? As a rule it is just a period, during which you can as much of your favorite food, as you want. But are you ready to disclose some myths? Here is the list of the most common ones.

  • Oysters are an aphrodisiac
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If an aphrodisiac is understood as a means of increasing sexual desire, then the oysters have nothing to do with it. Zinc, contained in mollusks, certainly contributes to the production of male sex hormones. However, the sexual attraction of oysters does not affect the human beings. The contemporary scientists haven’t found any exciting substances in them.

  • Oysters treat

Oysters, of course, are useful for our health, but they are not able to treat any disease. Moreover, in exorbitant quantities, this dish can cause certain harm to health.

  • Gray-green items are spoilt

The color is not an indicator of perfect condition. It should be alive, but the hints can vary from white to gray and green. Looking for the answer to the question “When is International Oyster Day 2022?” you should know how to determine whether this product is good for eating. The only thing you need is to drip some lemon juice on the edge of the oyster. If the creature moves, you can eat it without any hesitation.

  • From well-baked oysters there are no allergies

In fact there is nothing like this. The allergy can be both from raw oysters, as well as from cooked. The reasons of the allergic reaction are individual intolerance or banal gluttony.


So you have already known, what day National Oyster Day in 2022 is, but would you like to read about common mistakes, concerning the product of August 5?

Some people are sure that cheap items are not always of poor quality. The low price does not indicate a bad condition of the product. It is not true.

If somebody tells you that the oysters are considered to a powerful aphrodisiac and a cure for some diseases, don’t believe him/her.

There is a common misunderstanding that there are many names of these items, but in fact there are only five varieties in nature. Despite the endless list of titles, that can be presented in the restaurant’s menu, the specialists are able to name Kumamoto, European flat, Atlantic, Pacific and Olimpia. The type of oysters depends on the growing region.

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By the way, do you know that oysters are perfectly combined with absinthe? Usually this dish is served with champagne or wine. But salted and rich in minerals products create a terrific taste symbiosis with mint and fennel in the composition of absinthe.

Also we can’t but mention that oysters improve the ecology being a natural filter and cleaning an average of 50 liters of water every day. When you look at a clean and deep ocean, think about those creatures that have contributed much to such beauty.


There is a misconception that this tasty meal isn’t eaten in summer, particular, from May to August. Some people are sure that during this period they are not suitable for use. But that is a real mistake.

Some years ago this gossip was created in order to preserve the number of oysters, during the period of their reproduction. Later, the bans were abolished, and the rule became a myth.

But, according to experts, the most delicious this dish will be in March. But, of course, this does not mean that the rest of the time they are inedible or tasteless.

August 5 is a perfect time for a real feast. – Are you ready for it? Yes? You can treat them alone, with your family members or even organize a real party. It is up to you to decide. However, in any case it is recommended to mind that the most delicious products should will be chilled, poured with lemon juice and had with champagne or dry wine.

And, of course, your products have to be fresh and practically still live oysters.

National Oyster Day

By the way some contemporary people give preference to this meal, served with a good home red wine (usually dry) and bread.

The most important thing is for these items to be fresh and even still alive, as it has been already mentioned above. Slightly open the shell with the help of the knife. Inside you will see the fresh inhabitant. In addition to the body of the mollusk, there must be liquid. If everything is ok, the light liquid will be flowing. By the way, have you known that the old oyster usually weighs lighter than the fresh one. If you have any doubts about the freshness, then it’s better not to take chances.

Oyster Day Facts

When is Oyster Day in 2022, calendar is always ready to remind you, but would you like to know what advantages this holiday can bring you?

  • These products strengthen immunity
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These items are rich in zinc, which, as it is known, strengthens the immune system. Therefore, the specialists advise to cook them, when you feel the approach of a cold. But mind that in this case you need to know when to stop. Do not forget that zinc can cause anemia. In addition to zinc, oysters have a lot of iron, calcium, magnesium, iodine and phosphorus.

  • The source of protein

100 g (about 6 pieces) contains 17 g of protein. This is an average of about 1⁄4 of the daily human needs. Accordingly, a dozen oysters (they are served, usually in the amount of 6 or 12 pieces) are half the daily rate. In general there are more than a dozen of them, so it is recommended to eat much, otherwise, they can cause an allergy or a stomach disorder.

  • Oysters are good for men

Thanks to the same zinc, they stimulate the production of testosterone (the sex hormone). If you believe the manuscripts, the famous hero-lover Casanova ate 50 bivalves for breakfast.

  • Perfect dish for diet

Oysters are low-calorie. 100 grams contains 95 calories. This is the same as in 100 g of tuna or 100 g of veal. Therefore, those who are afraid of putting some weight, can eat a dozen oysters with clean conscience (this is about 200 calories).

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