1. Cats are excellent at climbing high tree branches, but they cannot return from a height at all on the ground upside down. This is due to the structure of their claws, which are wrapped a little inward. In this way, it is inconvenient for cats to cling to the bark, so they climb out of trees backwards, or they call rescuers with a ladder for help. 😆
  2. Not only the dogs Belka and Strelka were sent into space, but also French cat Felicet. In 1963, the fluffy pet rose to a height of 210 kilometers above the upper layer of the Earth. The cat was in space for only about 15 minutes, but this event made her a national heroine of France.
  3. Ancestors of modern cats hunted for small prey, unlike canine ancestors. That is why our pets today eat very little, in small portions, and sometimes even leave a little feed in the bowl. Such a diet – frequent but not saturated meals – is a consequence of the lifestyle of feline ancestors.
  4. Cats hunt for the sake of the process itself. In 80% of cases, domestic predators do not even plan to feast on their prey. Scientists at the University of Georgia conducted an experiment, the result of which was the establishment that only in 28% of cases cats eat the prey that they caught. Other prey is used as a toy or is a gift to the owner.
  5. Cats have large eyes, which is anatomically justified by the need for night hunting. Animals cover a large area with their vision, but when they focus their gaze closely, they see almost nothing. That is why pet owners are sometimes surprised that cats do not see pieces of food right in front of their noses. Most domestic cats are farsighted.
  6. Scientists and archaeologists studied the remains of cats found in China and determined their approximate age – 5300 years. The diet of one of the cats, according to the study, was much more diverse than the diet of the other, which can be said about the existence of domestic cats even earlier than the generally accepted era.
  7. These pets were never pets in the conventional sense of the word. It is believed that cats were in a mutually beneficial relationship with humans. Thus they are kept their independence and had no shortage of food and housing. People, like now, kept pets for the purpose of exterminating pests.
  8. Cats rarely communicate with each other by meowing. This way of conducting negotiations is intended only for man. The more often the owner of the animal will talk to it, the more the cat will respond. Cats are also capable of change intonation of the voice: you can often hear capricious, demanding, dissatisfied, or gentle shades in a cat’s meow.
  9. Cats have 24 more bones than humans. They are characterized by a flexible and elastic skeleton. They can penetrate into any narrow place – the space under the sofa, a gap in the fence. That, and the usually soft landing from a great height – the result of missing clavicles.
  10. The most ancient ancestors of modern domestic cats are myacids, who lived about 40 million years ago. These small animals lived in trees and were distinguished by dexterity and cunning. The first familiar felines appeared only 12 million years ago.

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