There are so many nationalities in our world and all they now live peacefully and respect each other, though we are very different. But such picture didnโ€™t exist for all the time. Earlier it was very difficult to survive for those nations, whose quantities were smaller and who had their own traditions, different and unknown for those, who were bigger in numbers. It is a well-known fact that people are always afraid of everything new that is why they try to kill it or not let it be spread. Jewish people suffered all those horrors on their own and for the most part of their history had to struggle for their freedom. In this article, we would like to speak about one of their holidays, called Sukkot. We will know, what is it in particular and when is Las Day of Sukkot in 2022.

Last day of Sukkot

Historical background of the holiday

So, as we began speaking about Jewish history, letโ€™s look a bit dipper into it. Really, the nation of these people and their religious views were strongly criticized from early times and these people had really difficult lives. It was something new, something different and those nations and religions, which has already been formed by that times, tries not to let this new thing to be developed. Many Jewish people were killed, suffered, they were banished from their native land and saw many other horrible things.

But they survived because they appeared to be strong people with strict rules and ideas. Their faith helped them to unite and survive in all these horrible conditions and โ€œtestsโ€ of life. Due to their courage nowadays they have an opportunity to live their own lives with their rules and traditions and not to be afraid of others. The rest of the world knows, that this nation can protect them.

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And now letโ€™s move particularly to the holiday of Sukkot and its history. It all is dedicated to those times when Jewish had to wonder through the desert for a long time after they left Egypt. They spent 40 days there without food and water and had to survive and they made it. Usually, this holiday can be called a Festival of Harvest.

Also at this time Jewish also celebrate the harvest of grapes. On the whole, the holiday is celebrated for seven or eight days, according to different sources. But the most common opinion that particularly eightโ€™s day is one of the most important. That is why Jewish know, what day Last Day of Sukkot in 2022 is.

Also due to the sense of the holiday, there are a couple of symbols for it. The first one is sukkah. Every Jewish knows what is it. It is a sort of a hovel, which is temporarily made only for the period of Sukkot celebrations. It is usually made of different plants, like bamboo, palm leaves, corn, etc. It is a tradition for the people to live in this temporary nature house during all time of the holiday and eat there. The exceptions can be made only in a couple of cases, for example, if there are an extremely bad weather conditions or if a person is seriously ill. In all other cases, every person must spend all the time there. Such a house is like a union with nature, which helped this nation to survive and always helps people in the whole world.

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Also, there is an important symbol, which is called โ€œfour speciesโ€ in Jewish. It looks like a sort of bush, made of particular tree leaves: palm tree, citron tree, myrtle tree and willow treeโ€. They altogether represent a sort of blessings from nature. These two symbols are obligatory during the whole time of holiday and make special sense for Jewish people. Every of them knows well the history of their nation and respects it and knows, when is Last Day of Sukkot 2022.

Last day of Sukkot

Celebrations of the holiday in the United States

So, as it is a usual practice, holidays, which are dedicated to different minorities or people of different religions, are usually not days off in the United States. Those, who also treat these traditions among other nationalities, may also observe the holiday freely. But Jewish, who live in their own communities, may set their own rules according to their own beliefs. As Sukkot is one of the most important holidays in their religion, their communities may allow students not visit their studies. Also, many of their offices, businesses and other organizations are closed at the day, when is the Last Day of Sukkot in 2022.

Certainly, as this holiday is a religious one, people visit synagogues during these days and read prayers, which are different from usual ones. That is why during the whole week synagogue is full of people. Also, a special ritual is held with Torah and sukkah. As Torah is kept at a special place, it is taken out of there and while holding it and sukkah, they make seven circuits and reading a special prayer. It looks rather unusual and people have a very respectful attitude towards this ritual and pray all together all the time. They are all very thankful for nature-mother because it gives life to us all and will help us to survive in any situation.

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It can be hardly defined, which are the rest of traditions, which are obligatory to follow. In different areas, they may differ a bit due to the lifestyle of different communes. Some say that and obligatory thing is to eat special festive meals at the last day of the holiday. Others say that they need to wear a kittle โ€“ a traditional wear too. But different source gives different information. Nevertheless, it is more important to know what is the last of the holiday โ€“ this year it will be celebrated on October 13th, which will go on Wednesday and a usual people will make their preparations to it.


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