Every American student who has reached the prominent results in the college sports faces the moment when they have to decide whether to sign the letter of intent?

There is even a holiday created that marks the importance of the nationwide event. When is National Letter of Intent Signing Day in 2018 and what is it about? Let’s find out!


The program was invented in the middle of the 60’s. By this time, the college sports had already been insanely popular in the United States yet the process of recruiting the future stars of the college teams was rather poor. The students were promised the heaps of gold if they broke off the agreement with the school they’d entered and signed the new commitment to its competitor. Deluded by the cunning recruiters, the sportsmen rushed about the colleges and oftentimes were left with nothing at all.

The professor of the Texas University made up the system of the national letter of intent to bring the certainty and transparency to the relationships between the athletes and the schools. It was quick to be adopted in the whole country and obtained the flair of the moment of the pure pride for those who announced their choice and signed the commitment.

Boy Signing Letter of Intent

In 2007, the program was handed under control of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. This one integrates more than two thousands of the schools, sports leagues, and other related to the collegiate sports institutions of the US and Canada. It is a non-commercial company which goal is not to get profit but to support the sports programs, organize the competitions and other events that help students to get involved in the sport. The NCAA is the largest yet not the single student association in the country.

When is International Letter of Intent Signing Day 2018? The date varies depending on the kind ofsport but still, there has been announced the certain day of the week.


What does National Letter of Intent Signing Day mean? It means the glorious day when an athlete commits themselves to the college they chose to connect the education and career with.

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Why is the collegiate sport so popular in the United States? Well, first, the professional clubs in the country do not have the affiliated structures that would be responsible for training the future stars from the early childhood. That’s why this function is meant for the educational institutions. During the draft for the US sports leagues before the playing seasons’ opening, all players are chosen from the college and even school teams.

In a nutshell, the base for the sport in America is the numerous educational establishments. The popularity dates back to the middle of the 19th century when theYale University organized the boating club. Eight years later, there were the very first intercollegiate competitions staged, between the Yale and the Harvard. Thus the Ivy League appeared and the all-embracing love for that sort of the sport.

Since those times, the US obtained a soft spot for the baseball – the team game with the ball and the bat which is, in fact, the American interpretation of the old English game. In a while, the popularity came to the athletics, rugby, football. The latter is the most popular collegiate sport in the country.

Overall, the universities of the US compete in twenty kinds of the sport. It involves around four hundred thousands of the students. All of them are committed to one of the schools registered in the NCAA. About two millions of the students play sports while being the members of the non-affiliated clubs.

It is a very organized activity. The studying in the university and playing sports are inseparable definitions. If the athlete has poor marks they could be not allowed to train and be part of the team. The level of the collegiate sport’s development in the US can’t be compared to that of any other country. To be the sportsman and the student means being involved in the professional sport yet instead of the money the athlete gets the grants. The successful players are not only famous but also have the earnings equal to several thousand dollars.

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Regardless of what day World Letter of Intent Signing Day in 2018 falls on, the weekend or the working day, it is a nationwide observance that takes a special place in the life of every young athlete.

The collegiate sport is one of the marketing instruments for attracting the students. There are numerous sports programs being financed for drawing in the best sportsmen. Each university looks for the boys and girls that would bring fame to their alma mater. In particular, the offsprings of this system are TigerWoods, Michael Jordan, Ryan Lochte, Rebecca Soni and the others.

The scale of the system is colossal. The national student championships are equal to the Olympic Games! The strongest teams are performing on the amazing levels of the skillfulness. The university sporting events are of the big interest for the citizens of the country. The best teams gather the whole stadiums of the fans and the million of the faces in front of the TV screens. The media, Internet, TV channels – all of them cover the events in details.

In fact, the collegiate sport in the US is a huge business with the yearly turnover of more than billion dollars. The most successful sportsmen are invited to the professional clubs and teams. Thestudentsarethegold reserve of American nation for the future sports generations.


The scholarships are highly popular in this field of the US educational system. The recruiting of the athletes into the universities began at the end of the 19th century when the college football turned into the branch of the commercial sporting event. It entailed the boom in the building of the stadiums all across the country. Many universities built the huge stadiums and to make up for their costs they started to attract as many viewers as possible. As a result, the strong teams became needed.

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Letter of Intent Signing

What is the date of World Letter of Intent Signing 2018? It happens on February 7th.

The administration of the universities understood that the number of the visitors on the stadiums depends on the quality of the games and the big numbers bring the big profits and the fame. Thus the coaches of the educational institutions were involved in the constant search for the new talents in all kinds of the sport.

In the middle of the 20th century, the program of the scholarships was legalized. However, the intention of the schools to exceed the limits of the compensations for the athletes resulted in the setting of the strict sporting standards for all colleges. Andtheyimprovedthecollegiatesportforthebetter. They allowed the schools to pay the grants for the sportsmen for their achievements. They also defined how much of the compensation could be made and in which cases, and put the different schools with the different income into the equal conditions in terms of the number of the issued scholarships.

Thus the letter of intent system appeared, as part of the scholarships program development. It is the agreement between the athlete and the university that claims that the student enters the school for studying and playing in its team and the school is responsible for their financial support.


The way of celebrating the holiday is always the same – there is a gathering, huge or small, of the people related, during which the student announces their choice and signs the commitment.

International Letter of Intent Signing Day Facts

  • Once signing the agreement, the athlete has no other choice of the school to study in. If they break off the agreement, then the season must be skipped and that is the point of the controversy in this seemingly smooth system.

Mark in the calendar, when is Letter of Intent Signing Day in 2018, and always strive for the better.


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