The Big Mac has become one of the symbols of the American snack food. The McDonaldโ€™s chain has much benefit by selling this kind of food. People eat millions hamburgers every year. This fact has made the fact of creating the day possible. The Americans annually celebrate the holiday devoted to the hamburgerโ€™s eating. They prefer to observe the event at their restaurants which have spread throughout the whole world. When is National Big Mac Day in 2024? How can people observe the date?


The origin of the holiday canโ€™t be found exactly. The date was certainly initiated by the restaurant chain. Organizers wanted to attract the publicโ€™s attention to their food and to promote a new kind of hamburgers among their clients.

The new hamburger was created in the territory of Pittsburgh. The initiator of the new idea was J.Delligatti. He was a manager of the local restaurants. He made that food in the restaurantโ€™s kitchen. It is considered to be the 1st franchise. The location was in Ross Township.

The first food was given two names. The first was Blue Ribbon Burger. Another variant was very difficult to pronounce and understand. It was named as Aristocrat. Those two names didnโ€™t satisfy the creators. It was decided to choose another variant.

Big Mac

The young woman from Illinois, who was an advertising secretary at headquarters of McDonaldโ€™s, proposed the 3rd variant. E.G.Rose proposed to name the new type of hamburgers.

The first example was made in Uniontown in Pennsylvania. The first price of the hamburger was 45 cents in 1967. The new hamburger was created in order to compete with another sandwich. It was served in Eatโ€™n Park which was the representative of Big Boy restaurant chain.

The new sandwich was very popular. In 1968 it was sold in every McDonaldโ€™s throughout the USA. โ€œWhat day World Big Mac Day in 2024?โ€ The occasion is observed on the 9th of December.


What does National Big Mac Day mean for every client and the restaurant chain itself? The holiday can be observed in every part of the Earth which has got a McDonald restaurant. The sandwich is the most popular part of the McDonaldโ€™s menu. It is a part of the youth culture, a part of the US cuisine, a part of America itself.

The US people couldnโ€™t ignore this fact. Thatโ€™s why a special holiday was initiated. It can be used by every client for worshipping the McDonaldโ€™s religion. Nobody can spend the occasion without visiting a local restaurant.

The event is a great possibility for every family to spend the whole day together. It can be a great tradition for them to gather in the McDonaldโ€™s and to invite other relatives to taste the sandwich on this occasion. Friends also can take a possibility to honour the occasion by making a great party where the main food is the Big Mac.

The occasion is a wonderful possibility for the restaurant chain to earn much money in every city where the restaurant is located. The McDonaldโ€™s chain has developed special propositions for the event. Clients may find hamburgers and other dishes with a sale.

The holiday can also be used as a chance to start making sandwiches at home. It can be different from a familiar variant. Nevertheless, the event can be devoted to the sandwich itself. When is International Big Mac Day 2024? The holiday is observed on the 8th of December.


The origin of the day is unknown exactly. Nevertheless, the definition of the holiday is strictly understood. People all over the world know exactly what it means. Different nationalities know what this hamburger is. Especially it concerns children. They have no hesitations as to the way of spending the day. People always eat hamburgers when they hear that the day is devoted to this meal.

Dictionaries give rather similar definitions to the term. There are slight differences between these meanings. The main definition was made with the creation of the hamburger itself. The chain restaurant made the exact recipe which is nowadays used by every restaurant.

The word is explained as a hamburger which is made and sold by McDonaldโ€™s. This restaurant proposed sesame buns which consist of three parts. Theyโ€™re filled with a sauce, beef patties and cheese. Itโ€™s obligatory to put there pickles and onions. Lettuce is also a part of the hamburgers.

The holiday doesnโ€™t propose a new kind of the hamburger. It is very important for every client to eat the thing that they expect to eat. They are to get a familiar thing without any changes. What is the date of National Big Mac Day 2024?The holiday is on the 9th of December.


The holiday can be traditionally observed in McDonaldโ€™s restaurant. There are many sets in the US territories. People can easily find a suitable place. They are to be sure that they can find the hamburger during their trip. It is a usual practice to make a special proposition to the clients on the date. They make not only the sales of hamburgers but also propose special sauces to their clients. Every establishment has a special festive program which helps people to find relax and fun.

The best way to spend the day is to buy a hamburger and other food. Friends and relatives are the best companions during the holiday. Everybody should eat this hamburger. It is a symbol of the day in every McDonaldโ€™s establishment.

Girls eating Big Mac

Busy people can also observe the date. They can order this kind of meal and eat their order during their break. They can follow the tradition with their colleagues after their working day. Itโ€™s a great motive to make a funny party. People can try to make a hamburger for their party though itโ€™s very difficult to find an original recipe. Nevertheless, if itโ€™s difficult to find an opportunity to taste a Big Mac, itโ€™s a need to make a hamburger on your own taste.

If you are a child, remember the date and always pay your parentsโ€™ attention on the occasion. It has to be their obligation to go to the local McDonaldโ€™s restaurant and have a Big Mac. Parents have to make a holiday on the date. Another way is to meet your friends and schoolmates and have a party in McDonaldโ€™s. Find the best propositions in the internet! When is Big Mac Day in 2024, calendar of events? Find the 9th of December.

International Big Mac Day Facts

Lots of facts about McDonaldโ€™s restaurants prove their popularity.

  • More than 100 billion hamburgers have been sold in McDonaldโ€™s restaurants.
  • More than 100 restaurants which are representatives of McDonaldโ€™s chain have a Big Mac in their menu.
  • A new McDonaldโ€™s restaurant is opened every 4 hours nowadays.
  • Thereโ€™re almost 36ย 000 McDonaldโ€™s throughout the world.
  • In the middle 80s of the 20th century it was supposed to provide theย “Big Mac Index” which had to show the comparison of the local currency exchange and price of this kind of hamburger.
  • The owners of the chain have always kept a secret of the hamburger and other receipts. Nevertheless, in 2012 the secret of the sauce was evolved.
  • The hamburger has a great amount of calories. An ordinary order should be burnt by a seven-hour walk.
  • Almost 80 hamburgers are sold per a second throughout the world.
  • The amount of calories of a Big Mac depends on the local cuisine. Japanese variant has got almost 560 calories. The Australian variant has got almost 500 calories.


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