In the modern world people adore travelling by air and there is a great amount of advantages for this kind of journeys. First of all, of course, it is faster, more convenient and safer than to do the same thing by car, by bus or by train. From the disadvantages we would like to mention the impossibility to travel from door to door, as the airport is usually located outside the city borders.  But can you answer the question “When is National Aviation Day in 2020?” Unfortunately, as a rule, contemporary men and women are not able to do this, even if you get them some time for thinking.

That is the reason, why we have decided to discuss this holiday in details.


Of course, it is almost impossible to tell, what day National Aviation Day in 2020 is, without mentioning the historic background of this event.

All in all we should mention that this special occasion has a relatively long history. Initially it was established by F. Roosevelt and it happened almost 100 years ago in 1939. And the date was not chosen occasionally. The matter is that August 19 is a birthday of famous and really talented American plane designer O. Wright, who was born in 1871. By the way the scientist was alive, when the Presidents proclaimed this holiday and he was truly proud of it.

National Aviation Day 2017

The well-known in the world Wilbur brothers as well as famous Orville Wright are considered to be the so called the aviation pioneers. That was the prior sphere of the country and a great amount in investments were done in order to construct the 1st capable airplane on the planet. Despite the common fact that the brothers mentioned above never became the first ones who built and flew a pilot plane, these two scientists are believed to be rather important in the area of the air flight.

Their discovery of three aircraft rotation axes gave the future pilots the opportunity to maintain the aircraft balance during all the flights and to manage it effectively. According to the contemporary specialists points of view, it contributed much to the further plane construction development. Despite claims for priority from other aviators and long and hard patent wars, the Wright brothers’ contribution is indisputable, of course.

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This notable event has a fixed date that it why you can celebrate it every year if you like. This is not the public holiday, of course, but all the state institutions should be decorated with US flag installation on August 19.


What does National Aviation Day mean? In fact, it is up to you to decide what to do these mornings, afternoons and evenings. But, as a rule, many people all over the world use it for discovering something new and at the same time rather amazing about this theme.

For example, in the aviation history there was a case, when passenger on one of the flights tried to carry the crocodile in his bag. It sounds terrible, doesn’t it? But it is not everything in this story. The matter is that the reptile managed to escape and brought panic on the board of a small African airplane. As a result, the management of the aircraft was lost, and it crashed. Unfortunately, only a few passengers managed to survive.

By the way, have you ever heard that in general, it is strictly forbidden to transport mercury on the board of the plane. Why? – The matter is that even a small amount of this substance causes a serious threat to the metal from which the airframe is created.

Is this holiday really important or not you should decide. But in accordance with statistic data, only in the United States every day about 30,000 aircraft are flying, carrying at the same time about 2 million people a day.

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By the way, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta is considered to be the busiest hub of the world. There the annual passenger flow is 96 million people.


Trying to find the answer to the question “When is International Aviation Day 2020?” we are able to find out some interesting facts, which have been quite unknown before. For example, it is rather interesting to mention that, according to expert estimates, in the case of crash, the passengers, who are sitting in the plane tail, have a chance to survive, which is 40% more than passengers in the front part.

Or have you ever heard that each pilot of the aircraft has a separate food. This measure protects passengers from the situation when the pilot-in-command and the co-pilot receive food poisoning during the voyage?

Believe you or not, but most people order tomato juice on board even if they do not particularly like it in everyday life. According to scientific point of view, in low-pressure conditions tomatoes seem sweeter.

Famous black boxes or flight recorders are always made of steel. During the emergency situation they can be crushed by the plane weight, so it is not always possible to extract all the information stored in them.

The skill pilots are able to explain you that oxygen mask is able to help only in the first 15 minutes. But, please, don’t worry, this time will be quite enough to reach a height that is comfortable for independent breathing.

National Aviation Day


When is Aviation Day in 2020, calendar will tell you without any problems, but do you know how to celebrate August 19 properly? Frankly speaking, there are no any special customs and rules, but can always participate in something interesting this day.

For example, you can celebrate the National Day of Aviation of the USA visiting the Museum of Science and Discoveries in Fort Lauderdale. That is the perfect destination for the whole family. Besides the other things, numerous guests watch various presentations specially created by employees of JetBlue that is the constant partner of the event, and visit the exposition To Fly. Both installations are amazing or even terrific. It can be rather attracting both for children and for adults. Aviation experts usually share their stories from life and work on land as well as in the air. As a rule, the event is held from 10 am and is totally free.

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Aviation Day Facts

So you have already known what is the date of National Aviation Day 2020, but would you like to find out something really interesting about this topic?

Here is our list:

  • The longest military aircraft in the world is the American C-5 aircraft. Its length is comparable to the height of a six-story building. The smallest representative of the family is BD-5 Micro, the weight of which hardly exceeds 160 kg.
  • Modern aircraft is equipped with electronics, which allows them to fly without pilots. Technically they are sufficiently developed to carry out flights without human control, but the human component is an important factor. However, none of the two types of control (manual or automatic) are 100% safe.
  • Not everybody knows that air pollution affects the flight safety. The scientists have discovered that the more carbon dioxide is constantly released, the more incidents can be caused by the plane turbulence.
  • The glass of the Boeing 747 pilot cabin costs as a representative class car. And the Boeing 747 can be bought for $ 230-270 million.
  • The first steward was a guy called Heinrich Kubi. This man was hired to work in 1912. By the way the first lady flight attendant appeared on the aircraft board in 1930, her name was Ellen Church.
  • English is the official language in aviation. On international flights, all crew members must speak English.

The Boeing 747 is one of the largest aircraft on the planet. It is able to take on board 568 passengers. And by the way the plane has an average of 260 km of wires inside.


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