Waffles are very popular among many nationalities. People eat them with honey and jam. Sometimes ice-cream is added. The tastiest variants are sold in cafes and restaurants. Lots of women have their own traditional recipe of waffles which is the favorite dessert of a family. This kind of dessert is so popular that the public has created special holidays to honor it. All over the world gourmets visit the best local restaurants and taste waffle. When is National Waffle Day in 2020?


The concrete origin of the holiday isnโ€™t exactly known. Nevertheless, thereโ€™s a legend which concerns the beginning of the eventโ€™s history. People say that the holiday is a mistake made because of mispronunciation. The legend says that the origin of the holiday comes from the phrase โ€œOur Ladyโ€™s Dayโ€. It was an original festival held by Christians. The occasion had a name โ€œVรฅrfrudagenโ€.

Before the start of the holiday:

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The Waffle Day appeared from Annunciation. It was observed 9 months before Christmas. That day was made a new holiday. It became Waffle Day. Besides, the US holiday devoted to this dessert is observed on the 24th of August. The event is connected to the day when a new stove-top iron for this cake was patented. Nowadays the tradition of celebrating the holiday has spread all over the world.

Waffle Day

The first notice of this cake goes to the 1st century. The dwellers of Greece invented 2 irons which could make a flat cake. It is said that the first representatives werenโ€™t sweet at all. They were savory.

The first waffles were made with the religious patterns on them. They depicted the image of Jesus. People didnโ€™t use to make special honeycomb patterns. Nowadays wafers differ greatly from those examples.

Later the cake was made in a wide range. People ate it despite their social estate and wealth. In the 17th century cooks made a sweetened variant. Despite its popularity the cake for poor people greatly differed from the variant which was made for wealthy people.

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The variant for poor people contained honey. Non-wheat grains were used for such cakes. Royal people could buy cakes which were made with sugar. The basis of such waffles is wheat-based. In the 18th century the price for a waffle dropped. It allowed poor people try cakes sweetened with sugar.

The most popularity was got in Germany. There were lots of recipes of this dessert. Special love of people was given to sugar and coffee variants. In the USA in the middle 19th century a special tool was patented to bake a waffle. It simplified the process of baking the cakes. Several decades later this kind of pastry wasnโ€™t so popular because of the rising popularity of other types of cakes.

This kind of dessert could extinct in many countries. This final was prevented by the appearance of the first electric iron which could make waffles. It happened in 1918. Nowadays people can make them at home on a special holiday. What day World Waffle Day in 2020? The majority of Europeans prefer to observe it on the 25th of March.


What does National Waffle Day mean for the majority of people? As any other food holiday the day can be used by friend and relatives to spend time together. People can spend the whole day together at home or at the restaurant. Another way to gather is to make a picnic which can be devoted to waffles.

The cake is a part of national cuisine in many countries. Different kinds of pastries are the symbol of many restaurant chains. The representatives of this business always take advantage of the holiday. They provide various sales and create new receipts trying to involve as many new clients as they can.

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The day can be a chance to show abilities and skill in the art of cooking. Children and adults usually take the most exquisite recipe and try to make the best cake. There is a chance to change the life style through different cookery contests which give the opportunity not only to win money but also to get other benefits.

The holiday is very popular among tourists, especially those who visit Belgium and Austria. These countries have the most evident benefit from the celebration. National recipes are very popular among people from other countries. They are attracted by the delicious waffles and tasty topping. When is International Waffle Day 2020? Itโ€™s celebrated on the 25th of March.


The origin of the holiday is thought to be a mistake. Nevertheless, waffles originated in the beginning of the era. It was a Greek invention. The idea spread through Europe and later Europeans were considered the creators of this kind of pastry or cake.

This cake mainly consists of dough or batter. It is usually baked with the use of hotplates which are closely toughed together. Nowadays people often use electric iron which consists of 2 parts. The patterns differ greatly. It depends on the king of a cake which is needed. It also depends on the recipe.

The most number of recipes is in Belgium. This diversity can explain the number of definitions of the term in the world dictionaries. People can cook them after having made the dough. Thereโ€™s another tradition to freeze this mix to delay the process of baking.

The term was used at first in 1725. The word is a derivation of the Dutch variant which appeared in the 12thcentury. The Dutch word had also transformed several times before entering English.

Waffles with berries

The origin of the day roots into Swedish holiday โ€œvรฅrfrudagenโ€. It is set on the exact date. The holiday was misunderstood. Thus, a new celebration appeared which isnโ€™t connected to the Christian observance. People celebrate the spring coming during the festival.

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What is the date of National Waffle Day 2020? Itโ€™s on the 25th of March.


The best way to celebrate the event is to follow its main tradition. Every person should eat waffles during the whole day. If itโ€™s impossible, thereโ€™s a need to try it for any meal. Waffles for breakfast are the best variant. There are many toppings that are possible to find. Chocolate and jam are the most popular variants for every family. Children adore sweet cakes, so try to find any topping you like.

Thereโ€™s a great variety of recipes. Everybody can find the most suitable one. Many families have got their own irons for baking these cakes. Children also can try them. Lots of sites in the internet propose their own variants of the dessert. Fruit and berries can become a great topping.

The holiday encourages art and endeavor. People can experiment with recipes and toppings. Adults can try savory cakes. The US cookery tradition proposes a variant with chicken. Cheese and chili are also suitable. Canadians prefer maple syrup as the topping.

Tourists can visit cafes in Belgium and โ€œThe Waffle Houseโ€ in the USA. There are special offers for every client. If you havenโ€™t got enough time, make your own party. Let your guests try the best recipes. The winner can get a prize. Take part in the local cookery contests. Find the information in the internet โ€œWhen is Waffle Day in 2020, calendar of contests?โ€

International Waffle Day Facts

  • The holiday is on the 25th of March.
  • Jefferson had a French iron for waffles.
  • In 1904 this cake was first used with ice-cream.
  • The first mass selling of special irons took place in 1918.
  • In 1955 Americans founded The Waffle House.


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