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🍨 When is National Strawberry Ice Cream Day 2020

Who can be indifferent to sweet, ripe, and juicy strawberries in combination with a filling? Truly, no one! What is the most desired summer treat? That’s right – ice cream. For many, this meal is associated with childhood, walks, generally with something pleasant, that’s why this holiday was born. After all, we are always pleased to remember the good moments in the company of close people, this holiday unites like you, and so you will not be bored.  You cannot wait to find out when is National Strawberry Ice Cream Day in 2020? So do I, this food occasion is traditionally commended every year on January 15.

Actually, the sorts of sorbet and frozen yoghurt are hard to calculate.  Fruit ice-creams keep on being amazingly mainstream, with strawberry positioning third after vanilla and chocolate. Coincidentally, pistachio ice cream is also considered to be a standout amongst the most prevalent in the world. This isn’t a shock, considering how the taste melts in the mouth, giving freshness. Commend its uncommon day today with an excursion to the biography of this cold dish.

Strawberry Ice Cream


In fact, it is difficult to find a reliable source where the genuine birthplace of this occasion is indicated. There are several versions. Firstly, it is trusted that the frozen yogurt, which is currently mainstream around the globe, Secondly,one of the first recorded uses of the icy meal was in 1744, when Maryland Governor and Thomas Bladen would serve it to guests and dignitaries visiting his home. This dessert has so long conquered the Americans that the government decided to introduce this holiday as official. Thirdly, in 1996, a Mexican entrepreneur Lui Rodriguez, an owner of an ice-cream box had a motivation to create an ice-cream restaurant chain in every state of the country. However, he had not enough financial means to imply into real life. Suddenly, Lui met a businessman who was interested in his idea and invested in his project plan. Six months later, the startup began gaining popularity all over the country. Nowadays, this project is known all over the world with 145 headquarters in North America.

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Thus, it depends on you what story to believe in. You should keep in touch when the holiday is held.

As we already know at what day World Strawberry Ice Cream Day in 2020 is, would be interesting for you to find out that initially strawberries were devoured by our predecessors for its therapeutic purposes. The old Romans believed that the natural product could cure melancholy, trouble, and kidney stones.


What does National Strawberry Ice Cream Day mean is somehow mentioned above and we should discuss the importance of the anniversary. Firstly, the day means you must try as many portions as you can to define the best one. It doesn’t matter where you are; grab your friends and relatives to delve into the world of sweets. Many competitions are held on this day to support the interest of global society. Secondly, you shouldn’t worry about the calories the ice cream contains as S.I.C.D. allows you eat any amount of the product. The main filling is strawberry but other ones are also presented all over the world. Thirdly, this day is a nice opportunity to get positive emotions and pleasure. Always keep in mind when is International Strawberry Ice Cream Day 2020 to be trendy and get new experience.

Moreover, in case you are on a diet, there are many calories-free cold desserts which allow you not to gain extra weight and feel comfortable. Fitness products are gaining popularity daily, and this process globalizes our modern world with new tendencies. So, you should not miss such an opportunity to communicate with new people, make friends, and get lots of emotions and experience.


Strawberry sweetness is one the three flavors alongside Vanilla and chocolate in Neapolitan ice cream. Strawberry sherbet is made with ready, red, beat delicious strawberries, and sure a touch of sugar. It is made by mixing the strawberries with eggs, vanilla, sugar and cream. Pink and light red tint are the hues frequently utilized as a part of nourishment shading. This holiday is made to have an essence of Strawberry Ice dessert with your relatives and companions.

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This is a cheerful, joyful holiday, accessible to all residents of the country. Adults and children get a lot of fun and unforgettable impressions. And do not ask why all the inhabitants of the planet love it. Every three seconds, a pack of frozen delicacies is sold in the world. On average, a person eats twelve kilograms of a favorite product for a year. After all, a cold delicacy is not only a delicious dessert, but also a great antidepressant, which gives a feeling of joy and happiness.

Kid taking Strawberry Ice Cream


Thanks to the popularity and national adoration of cold delicacy, a holiday was born. Every fan of this meal for sure knows what the date of National Strawberry Ice Cream Day 2020 is. This day is celebrated all over the world. At national festivals, the producers present new types of favorite delicacies, arrange tastings to show the consumer what it should be, set up sculptures, display high-quality photographs in the galleries and make installations of the product loved by everyone. For example, in Florida, on one of the buildings, a sculpture in the form of an inverted ice cream cone was installed on the grand day. In each country, the celebration goes according to its scenarios, but the frozen dessert has become an integral part of the celebration of various peoples.

Many famous manufacturing companies, competing with each other in hospitality, creativity, generosity, invite children and adults to taste ice cream, participate in relay races, quizzes and other entertainments.

International Strawberry Ice Cream Day Facts:

  • As per a review led by the International Ice Cream Association, strawberry is the third most prevalent frozen yogurt, supported by 5.5% of the populace.
  • Strawberry cheesecake dessert and strawberry frozen yogurt are varieties of this feature.
  • Organically, a strawberry isn’t a natural product by any means. Rather, it is a repository – the thick piece of a come from which a blossom develops.
  • 8-9 degrees F is said to be the ideal temperature for serving a dessert.
  • Around 10% of milk created in the USA today goes towards the frozen yogurt production.
  • It takes around 50 licks to eat one scoop of such dessert!
  • The most expensive sweetness is symbolically called “Golden”. It is sold in the US, it costs exactly $1000 per serving and is decorated with real edible gold, rare berries and caramel. They say that it is very tasty. There will be an opportunity – definitely try it!
  • Statistics say that in the summer every 1 portion of ice cream is sold every 3 seconds. In winter, 1 portion is sold every 20 seconds.
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So, nowadays, the world without ice cream is impossible to imagine! It is adored by children and adults. It is served at youth parties and high society receptions, being sold on beaches, supermarket, parks. And how much joy it brings on a hot day!

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