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When is Morse Code Day 2019

When is National Morse Code Day in 2019? Unfortunately, this question can be answered only by few people and most part of them are the representatives of definite societies and circles. As you, perhaps, understand this code isn’t used every day, so it is not a great surprise that some contemporary people have never heard about its existence. We find this special occasion to be an amazing one and this is the reason, why we are going to investigate it today.


The matter concerning the question what day Morse Code Day in 2019 is needs some clarifications and additional explanations, as it is not so easy as it may seem at the first sight. At the very beginning we would like to mention that unfortunately, we haven’t managed to discover any facts available about the establishers of this special occasion. At the same time, it is unknown why we have to celebrate it in April 27th annually.

Unfortunately, Morse couldn’t introduce his idea to life immediately. He needed three long years for its fulfillment. It happened because of the lack of technical studies. He didn’t have even the elementary knowledge in that sphere. The first device received and then fixed the appropriate signal through the wire of 500 m. long. Also we can’t but mention that initially nobody saw any commercial benefits from this discovery.

For the very first time, the masterpiece potential was admitted by the local industrialist called Steve Vale. The inspired author gave some money for further research of the inventor and his only son Alfred, who was an helper. The tests were quite successful. The tool was gradually improved. The signal became more accurate and the length was increased. In 1843 the representatives of the American Congress made an important decision to launch the first telegraph line. It’d to be arranged between two local cities Baltimore and the capital city of Washington. Just one single year after that, they used this line to send the first text containing the phrase “Your result is fascinating, my God!”


What does Morse Code Day mean? To tell you the truth, we don’t know how to answer this question instead of you. The significant matter is that worldwide there’re plenty of those, who have never been interested in this direction, so it isn’t a great surprise that all these men and women will take April 27th as any other day of the year.

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As you perhaps see clearly the device mentioned above couldn’t create any definite letters. The displayed items were represented by lines of a chosen length. However, that was really enough, of course. Different lines and dots variants were taken to denote the letters as well as figures. Unfortunately, contemporary specialists don’t know for sure if the code itself was a demonstration of the author or his partner and assistant Weil.

At the very beginning Morse alphabet was of 3 different in length signals. Dot was used as a time unit. The existing dash sign involved three dots. In its turn, a space between letters in one single word is represented by three dots and there’re 7 dots among the existing words. This collection of signs created confusion and made the process, used for telegram getting even more complicated. The easiest units were taken for the most required and frequently used word combinations.

Nowadays, telegraph as well as wireless uses the particular and unusual for that period code for their purposes.


Talking about the topic “When is Morse Code Day 2019?” we want to inform our followers that this tool was done occasionally. First of all we would like to tell the followers of our Internet resource, that the author had no appropriate studies at all. Actually, at that time this man was a very successful artist, as well as a establisher and head of the National American Academy of Drawing, which was arranged to New York. When the future inventor was coming back home from Europe, he was amazed with some magic, which were demonstrated to the bored passengers on the ship. Everything was being done by people, who were using the so-called physical term as electromagnetic induction. Under the conditions the wire was put to the ordinary compass. – Its needle was spinning wildly.

The decision of sending particular signals by wire came up to Morse. The typical drawer at the same time drew a diagram, which was something of the telegraph kind. The equipment included a lever on a particular spring. An ordinary pencil was put to the very end. When electrical current was switched on, the pencil was down and created a line on a going sheet of paper, and under the condition the power was off, the pen or pencil was up.


When is Morse Code Day in 2019, calendar will tell you without any significant difficulties. And you won’t have any troubles with memorizing the date of this holiday. Would you like to know why? – The matter is that as it has been already mentioned above, the special occasion has a fixed date and can be spent on April 27th annually.

Certainly, we shouldn’t expect for any events organized on the state level. Perhaps, it is even impossible to do it. However, there are some institutions that are always ready to make your day interesting. We recommend you to spend this day doing something new. For example, you can learn some symbols from the Morse code. Are you ready? As a rule, it is going to be very amazing. Or you can discover this direction in details. Nowadays, there are a lot of documentaries, books, magazines and films, devoted to this direction. You are free to choose to your own taste.

National Morse Code Day Facts

Investigating the matter “What is the date of Morse Code Day in 2019?” we would like to represent you a great amount of terrific pieces of information.

For example, have you ever thought whether the Morse code can be taken in the modern world? What do you think, if it can be called a contemporary means of everyday life? – Well, perhaps, you will be really surprised, but the answer to the last question sounds like “yes”.

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The direction is that nowadays it’s used actively in the Navy in general and in the Ministry of Emergency Situations in particular. Moreover, it’s extremely popular between radio fans and amateurs all around the planet.

By some specialists’ points of view, this kind of code will never disappear. Why? – Most likely, it will become immortal because up to the present moment it has been the most available and the simplest way to send messages at the distance. The choices are really endless. For instance, you can get a signal no matter how long the distance is and how serious and rough the weather conditions are. The users are also free to encode messages by hands without any computers or other devices. This is an explanation why the code mentioned above won’t fail under the condition when the complex equipment is unavailable.

The skillful radio operator is usually able to send from 60 and up to 100 items per one single minute. The absolute record speed has been really impressive. It has been 260-310 characters per minute. It sounds terrific, doesn’t it? However, not everything is so easy as it may seem at the first sight. The main trouble of reminding the code is that usually it isn’t enough to remind the mentioned above combinations for each symbol existing.

If you’re really going to investigate the direction, it is recommended to pay attention not to the general amount of items in a letter, but also the “sounds” that are usually obtained at the moment when the whole letter is sounding.

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