Purple Heart Day is one of military holidays in the United States of America. This particular one is related to the creation of military decoration that goes by the same name. This day is being observed in order to honor and respect soldiers, that given their lives to achieve certain goals, same as those who had returned from the battlefield and have something to tell.

When is Purple Heart Day in 2021? This observance is annual and takes place on the seventh of August, so this year it will also be on August, 7. This is when every person in America will have chance to honor the memory and exploits of those who perished during standing the racket of the call of duty. They also can donate money or simply spend some of their time to support wounded veterans financially and mentally.

On this day numerous social activities are being held. They provide carriers of Purple Heart with possibilities to share their battlefield experiences, to be treated with respect and recognition. Also, some of military organizations carry such thing as “remembrance meetings”, giving veterans chance to meet each other and talk about past and future.

Purple Heart Day

Purple Heart Medal

As we have answered the question of what day Purple Heart Day in 2021, let’s take a look at the symbol of this day itself. To understand the importance of this military observance, one needs to know what it takes to achieve Purple Heart Medal and how much of a painful struggle this process is.

Purple Heart Medal is a mark of distinction that is given to those who did not return from battlefield or did return wounded. This applies only to wounds, gained on the battlefield, though. It’s given in the name of President of the United States and is one of most honorable awards in American militia.

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It was established by former president of United States, the outstanding George Washington himself in 1782. It was called not Purple Heart Medal, though. Then, it was called the Badge of Military Merit. General Washington had given it to only three soldiers, who fought in well-known Revolutionary War, the war that established America as independent and free from British and French Empires country.

Next occasion of awarding with Badge of Military Merit happened only during World War One, when General Summerall decided to revive this award and send a request to Congress. That’s when it was redesigned and became the Purple Heart Medal with the help of herald Elizabeth Will.

So, who exactly achieves this vastly honorable award? Anyone who died or was injured during the combat with enemies of United States is supposed to be awarded with Purple Heart Medal. Those, who have been injured not during the combat don’t get the award, even if they are veterans of American army.

Given all of this, you might ask yourself such questions as when is National Purple Heart Day 2021 will be. Just to remind you, we will state this once again. This holiday is an annual observance that being held on the seventh of August.

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How this day is being celebrated

The Purple Heart Day, which also goes by few different names, such as Purple Heart Appreciation Day and Purple Heart Recognition Day, is not an official holiday in United States. It’s only an unofficial observance, but that doesn’t mean that only small amounts of people are attending to it. Looking on the bright side, it’s even better this way, as public offices and services work by their normal schedules, same as shops, libraries and gas stations.

As libraries and book stores remain opened this day, youth can attend to self-education, gaining more knowledge about vicissitudes of war, numerous exploits of soldiers and names of heroes behind the safety of civilians. They can also attend to organized public meeting and hear about it from actual participants of combats, who know what it is like not by rumors.

Once again, what is the date of Purple Heart Day 2021? As was previously stated, it’s going to be on August, 7. Don’t miss your chance to meet real-life heroes and ask them important questions. This day is also an opportunity to show that they are appreciated and not forgotten in any possible way. Veterans must know that their exploits aren’t left unnoticed and that these are valued by every single person that can live only owing to outstanding valiant soldiers.

Purple Heart Day

What you can do

If you want to help those, who risked their lives in order to keep you safe and sound, you might find this part of article rather interesting. There, you will find information related to the ways of helping veterans with their civil routine.

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One way to help those traumatized people is to help them mentally. For example, there is tradition of flying the flag on your home that can really cheer up veterans. This will make them think that they are not only patriots in the United States and that if it was up to you, then you would also risk your life in order to save your country, just like they did.

Another way of reassuring veterans is, obviously, attending to one of the organized meetings, where they share their experiences. If they have someone to listen to them, they will think that they are still important and honored by society. You can also try to help them with civil life, as many veterans have troubles with returning to peaceful life after war and have a lot of trust issues.

Now then, what you also can do is help them materially. There is Purple Heart Foundation, which helps raise money in order to lend a hand to wounded veterans. This organization will gladly accept your donations and spend gained money wisely. And you will live knowing, that you’ve helped someone with their problems.

So, you might want to know answer to the question of when is National Purple Heart Day in 2021 to mark it in your calendar. It’s understandable that after all what you have read and learned, you want to help veterans in one way or another. Well, keep in mind that Purple Heart Day takes place on the seventh of April. And no matter what you will do, respect and remember self-sacrificing exploits of American militia.


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