When is National Independent Bookstore Day in 2020? As for us, this question sounds really amazing, however, unfortunately, only a few people are ready to answer it immediately and without any hesitations. Of course, this special occasion is never celebrated on the state level, but we are sure that it is deserved to be kept by as many people as it is possible. That is the reason why today we are going to introduce it in details.


Of course, talking about the matter concerning the direction what day Independent Bookstore Day in 2020 is, we canโ€™t but tell the curious readers about the history of this amazing holiday. First of all, let us mention, that Independent Bookstore Day is believed to be a young special occasion. In 2020 the followers and appreciators will celebrate its fifth anniversary.

Initially it was introduced by Samantha Schoech, who is thought to be a talented writer, a gifted copywriter and an honored editor, working in the well-known Northern California Independent Booksellerโ€™s Association. It was this lady who proposed the company representatives to establish the holiday like this one. They thought and came to the conclusion that it could be a perfect idea for many contemporary people all around the country.

For the first time the amount of the participants was not huge, however, up to the present moment more than 400 institutions are really glad to take part in the event.


What does Independent Bookstore Day mean? โ€“ Well, frankly speaking, we are not able to predict your attitude to this special occasion. We donโ€™t know for sure whether it means something special for you or not. So it is only up to you to decide what to do during the last Saturday in April.

All in all the main aim of the special occasion is to help the independent bookstore owners all around the country. In order to survive in the contemporary business world these people need high sales in every season. As a rule, IBD has a great amount of their own production, and thus the holiday may be used as an opportunity to sell everything for the best prices.

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Also it should be mentioned, that such bookstores are considered to be rather useful for the development of the contemporary literature. They usually help to promote new authors, giving them a chance to introduce their masterpieces to public. In accordance with the statistics data, last year these stores were able to sell up to 80% of their production.

The modern sellers prefer to promote their stores not only as the places where it is possible to purchase a book, but also as the areas, where various communities are able to gather for their meetings in order to show their true love to stories. As a rule, bookstores become the ideal places both for kids and for adults, where it is possible to relax with a cup of favorite drink and a good book.


The question โ€œWhen is Independent Bookstore Day 2020?โ€ requires the representation of some additional pieces of information. The holiday is relatively new, so a great amount of contemporary followers of our internet resource would be really glad to investigate something new.

There have been a lot of men and women, who try to support the local bookstores in their surroundings. They usually do it by purchasing books only from there. After that, under the condition they enjoy the general atmosphere inside, they help various volunteers. For example, it is possible, to promote the place or any event and in such an easy way to inspire the other people to become book-lovers too. As a rule, it is done mostly with the help of the special hashtags.

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By the way, some people become inspired so much that they create their own bookstores and make the successful with authors (popular or still unknown) and publishers.


When is Independent Bookstore Day in 2020, calendar will surely inform every curious person and you will get a perfect opportunity to be involved into this unusual event, which is up to the present moment is celebrated mostly on the territory of the USA.

Are you interested? โ€“ Well, if your answer is positive, we would like to warn you to be careful and attentive. The matter is that the holiday doesnโ€™t have a fixed or stable date for its celebration. You have to remember that it is necessary to keep it on the last Saturday in April. This year it will happen April 25th, however, the next year, in 2020, it will be on the other day.

Nowadays it is a one-day party, which is organized on the national level. It usually takes place at indie bookstores all around the country. As you perhaps understand each modern store is unique and independent, so every party is not similar to the others.

As a rule, the program includes readings aloud, live music, tasty cupcakes and other bakery, merry events for children, so called art tables, meetings with authors, barbecues at the open air, various contests, and other attractive events. However, this is not everything, of course. โ€“ There is a long list of exclusive books and other literary items which can be purchased on that day only. There is no any opportunity to get them before, after or online.

Under the condition you are not able to take part in any event organized by the local library or the nearest bookstore, feel free to have your own amazing Saturday instead. What about the special party in the family circle? โ€“ You may spend the day reading or reciting the rare books or at least novels. As a rule, there are some in home libraries. Or you may write your own stories, decorate them with drawings and create so called books. Perhaps, one day you will be a famous author and people will read your masterpieces on the last Saturday in April. Who knows?

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National Independent Bookstore Day Facts

Talking about the question โ€œWhat is the date of Independent Bookstore Day in 2020?โ€ we would like to introduce our readers something really amazing concerning the peculiar features of bookstore business.ย 

The strong desire to survive in the contemporary market usually force bookstores to look for promising niches and to work with the assortment more carefully. As it turns out, this business has its own secrets that make it possible to be operated profitably and even to develop networks of stationary retail outlets.

The most important features of the bookstore include:

  • These kinds of shops are worked profitably only in places where the target audience is concentrated and in high-traffic areas: near children’s rooms, the subway, food courts, universities, large shopping centers, etc.
  • Together with books, shops usually sell a variety of related products: board games, gift cards and stationery.
  • Book stores usually occupy a certain thematic niche: children’s, classical, professional literature. Although at the point of sale, non-specific bestsellers can be sold in small quantities.
  • Promotional events are required. As a rule, they are introduced by meetings with writers, interesting people or amazing master classes for children.
  • There is a strong necessity to combine stationary retail with online trading. After all, a lot of time is always spent on choosing books. This process makes many people do it at home at the computer.
  • Automation bookstore should be conducted with an eye on the listed features of their work. Programs and equipment should support trade and accounting of various assortments and provide for the possibility of sales on several market places.


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