Weird holidays arenโ€™t strange and unusual for Americans and other nations. Each of them is proposed to set a concrete idea. People like holidays and festivals. They participate and make photos. The results of such celebrations can be seen in Instagram. All weird occasions arenโ€™t official, though they are recognized by thousands of people across the whole world. One of such occasions is made to develop peopleโ€™s creative thoughts and ideas. One of the dates is devoted to hats. Festivals, fashion contests and exhibitions are annually held on the strict date. When is National Make A Hat Day in 2022? What are the best ways to observe the date?


The history of the day can be found neither in the internet nor in official documents. It seems to be a great promotional means for a representative of a cloth manufacture or trading company. The first organization could announce the occasion to design an advertisement of a new collection of hats.

Trading companies always have the goal to increase the amount of goods. So they could propose people the idea to celebrate the holiday. The day is annually set on the 15th of September which is the beginning of autumn. The weather in many countries changes at that time. It begins raining and the temperature falls. Thus, it is a good reason to make people buy hats.

Make A Hat Day

Designers provide special offers for women and men. It is a chance to buy a new model. Women of fashion always try to attend fashion shows and exhibitions. The idea could be made from any designer who wanted to make people buy his hats.

The history of hats is very long. People wore different variants of them. Hats always varied according to status, class, profession and religion. It is easy to characterize any person due his or her hat.

It is said that the first pictures of a hat could be made 26 thousand years ago. The first hat which was found was made more than 5 thousand years ago. It was found with its owner which had frozen in a mountain in Europe. His cap was made of hides. It was an interesting model. It was fastened with a strap. The ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians wore this piece of clothes. They were conical. Later hats were made of wool and skin.

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During the Middle Ages the shape of this kind of clothes varied depending on the status of a group. It showed a personโ€™s assignment to a certain class. In the 19th century hats were decorated with feathers and ribbons. Nowadays hats are often worn for special events and as a sign of self-expression. If you want to take part in the occasion, you should ask โ€œWhat day Make A Hat Day?โ€


What does Make A Hat Day mean for the hat-lovers? The occasion is a great chance to express artistic taste. Nevertheless, not everybody can choose a good variant for himself. The date is a wonderful event when a person can attend shows and galleries, communicate with stylists.

The date is a great reason to study the history of this piece of clothes. Itโ€™s always obligatory to have an individual style. Various events can be provided for promoting different models. If a person is a modest individual, if he or she canโ€™t make a choice, itโ€™s a high time to listen to specialists, to visit galleries and communicate with designers.

The event can be used as the best way to find different suitable hats for low price. Manufacturers also can use the day for increasing sales. Various products can be sold on the date with great concessions. The main way for selling is making advertisements.

Mothers can teach their daughters how to be stylish without great money. It is the best time to persuade children that a hat isnโ€™t always a means of keeping warm but itโ€™s also a trend or style index. When is International Make A Hat Day 2022? Itโ€™s set on the 15th of September.

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If you hear the title of many holidays, you know exactly how you should observe the day. This holiday isnโ€™t an exception, though you may not do the piece of clothes yourself. The word itself doesnโ€™t raise any difficulty for a listener.

According to the world dictionaries, the word itself is defined as a thing which covers the head. It is more often used for outdoor activities. It can also be a part of a uniform for some professionals. It may have a brim. Some variants donโ€™t.

Hats are also worn by various persons who represent the churches. Roman Catholic cardinals also wear this part of clothes. It hasnโ€™t got a brim. Another relative meaning concerns the offices of cardinals.

The word is often used with a verb. According to dictionaries, the most usable verbs are โ€œto put onโ€ and โ€œto wearโ€. The word is a part of many idioms. The origin of the word appeared earlier than the 10th century. It roots in Old English.

Hats can be worn both by women and men. There are some kinds for little children. Designers usually propose this kind of clothes to be worn by men and women simultaneously. A purveyor for women is usually named as a milliner. These specialists for males are usually named as hatters.


One of the most ordinary ways to observe the occasion is to design a hat. It is a rather difficult procedure, though it may be simplified. People can take the simplest schemes. There are lots of various schemes in the internet. People can take the most popular schemes for handmade. If you want to have a bright thing, you can stick various rhinestones and small beads. Ribbons and artificial flowers are also widely used, especially for special occasions. Mediocre seamstress can use patterns and just decorate them.

Make A Hat Day

Women can spend their time with children. They can teach them how to make a covering for head. If a child is older than 10, some piece of cloth can be used. If a woman has a small child, it would be better to make a covering from paper. The main idea is to communicate with a child.

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Sometimes mothers can make cakes in a shape of a hat. There are lots of recipes and ideas in the internet. Local authorities set interesting contests where people can represent the best variants of edible coverings.

Another way to follow the occasion is to choose the best covering for head in shops and trading centers. Designers propose various models, so the amount of coverings is always great.

Some cities hold various contests and shows where local dwellers represent their coverings which are more likely to be unusual. What is the date of World Make A Hat Day 2022? Itโ€™s on the 15th of September.

Make A Hat Day Facts

Lots of interesting facts can be found in the internet and other sources. Some of them should be known:

  • British taxis were designed with a high roof. It was made for gentlemen with hats. They didnโ€™t need to take them off.
  • Workers in kitchens have their own hierarchy. It can be seen due to head coverings.
  • In the 16th century the British queen made people wear coverings for head from 7 years old.
  • Felt coverings can cause lots of harm to health. People who make such things usually used mercury in the process of production. The toxic impact was so great that it could make harm to nervous system.
  • Fedoras were made at first for females. Then males began wearing them.
  • Americans couldnโ€™t wear coverings made of straw after the 15th of September. The law breakers were always punished by beating.
  • A dunce cap has its origin in the 13th
  • Panamas have no relation to Panama. The origin of this kind of covering can be found in Ecuador.

If you want to follow the traditions of the date, you should define the schedule with a question โ€œWhen is Make A Hat Day in 2022, calendar of events?โ€


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