Holidays when people honour their relatives are the most sincere and gentle. It is the best way to express gratitude and honour. There are several annual events which main purpose is to connect relatives, to bring them together. One of such holidays is devoted to grandparents. Grandmothers and grandfather are the gentlest relatives. They always love and pamper grandchildren. Small and adult grandchildren can give their appreciation to old people every day. The greatest appreciation can be given on the certain date. When is National Grandparent’s Day in 2022? How can people follow the traditions?


The occasion was initiated to recognize a great contribution of elder relatives into lives of grandchildren. These people are a link with their ancestors. They can provide traditions into the family. They can use their love and tenderness in relation to the children of their own children.

The day has a concrete origin. The occasion was initiated in 1961. It was proposed by M. McQuade and J. Reingold. These people took into account a great grandparents’ role in the children’s life. The idea was proposed during the Conference on Aging which was held in the White House.

Grandparent's Day

Reingold took the main idea and brought it to his territories. He provided the first occasion in the retirement home where elder people spend the rest of their lives. They were usually forgotten by their relatives. The man made a proposition to gather elder people and their grandchildren. 1961 was the year when the event was made an official occasion in New York.

Later in 1970 the demand to make an official holiday on the governmental level was directed to the US government. The demand was made by M. McQuade. Three years later the occasion was held in West Virginia. The state was the first to proclaim the holiday an official event.

Only in 1978 Grandparent’s Day got its national value. Pr. J. Carter signed the bill. It stated that the day had to be celebrated to appraise elder people’s role in holding the moral value of the whole family. Their great role can influence the whole country’s emotional disposition. If you write a request “What Day Grandparent’s Day in 2022?”, you’ll get the answer “On the 13th of September”.

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What does Grandparent’s Day mean for the majority of people and the whole country? If the occasion has a definite origin, it’s more likely to be very important than those holidays which aren’t mentioned in the official documents.

This event has a very significant value for the majority of people. The holiday has got even the official music and symbols. The US National Grandparent’s Day got its song in 2004. It is devoted to both grandmothers and grandfathers. Its composer even got an award for a great contribution into the event’s following. Later the official flower was found and set. It was forget-me-not. It was announced to be the symbol of the day.

The importance of the occasion is so great that there are lots of official events across the country. Other nations in the world also began following the tradition with festivals ad meetings. The idea is so great that it has to be promoted among small children. Educational establishments make special festivals and lessons for children. They are given the idea of giving the appreciation to their grandparents. The best way to bring up an honest nation is to develop the sense of love in the children’s minds. When is International Grandparent’s Day 2022? It’s on the 10th of September.


The term “grandparents” is used for many years. This word is a combination which has a definite meaning. The word has a strict definition. These people can be the parents of mothers and fathers. Such relation is called maternal and paternal. During the ancient times the link of grandparents and grandchildren wasn’t so obvious. People didn’t use these relations. Nevertheless, almost 30 thousand years ago human beings started to live in groups which included several generations. Scientists insist that those times became the starting point of the formation of traditions of the mankind. Three generations which lived together formed a close link for future traditions and customs of each nation.

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Grandmothers and grandfathers are considered to have the genetic overlap for 25%. This relation belongs to the second degree. Sometimes a grandparent hasn’t blood relations with a child. Nevertheless, he or she has this status due to the laws. It happens when a grandmother or a grandfather is a step-parent of one of the child’s parents or is a blood parent of the step-parent. Sometimes these relations are closer due to the character of people.

Children usually don’t use the official word to name this relative. They like “granny”, “gramps”. But the last choice depends on the family traditions.


People prefer to celebrate the occasion at their grandparents’. It usually gives several ways to observe the date. Almost in many families a grandmother and a grandfather have at least two or three grandchildren. They may gather in groups and congratulate their elder relatives together. Another way is to give an individual attention to a granny. The choice is up to every person.

One of the most popular ways of celebrating the date is to visit grannies at home and presenting them a present and a cake. The words of love are so important for these people. Another good thing is to order a place in the local restaurant and invite gramps to the evening meal. It can become a great tradition in each family.

Many grandchildren prefer to take their gramps out to watch a theatrical performance or a film. A simple walk in the park could be a great surprise for every old woman and man. The aim is to give as much attention to the old relative as possible.

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Grandparent's Day 2017

Another question is a present. People whose income isn’t very big may present a simple festive card with sincere words of love. Many children like to make a card themselves. The present may be personal. It’s a chance to please a granny with a family CD or photo-album.

What is the date of Grandparent’s Day 2022? It’s on the 13th of September.

National Grandparent’s Day Facts

  • The official song of the occasion was appointed in 2004.
  • The official celebration throughout the country became possible in 1978 after the acceptation of the governmental bill.
  • The statistics shows that the amount of grandmothers is more than the quantity of grandfathers. According to the data in 2013, there were more than a million grandfathers in America and almost 2 million grandmothers.
  • The range of responsibilities of grannies in each family can vary greatly. The most common thing for grannies is reading fairy-tales to their grandchildren in the evening.
  • The occasion hasn’t got a certain date in the year schedule. It is always set on the first Sunday after the Labor Day.
  • One of the founders of the event, Mrs. McQuade, was a great granny herself. She had 43 grandsons and granddaughters. She was even a grand-grandmother for 15 children.
  • Forget-me-not was accepted as an official symbol of the occasion.
  • It was calculated that an average granny is 48 years old.

The ways of celebrating the holiday are various. The best way to join the occasion is to get information about the proposed events and to take a granny to those events. Write a question in the internet “When is Grandparent’s Day in 2022, calendar of festivals?”


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