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🍹 When is Bloody Mary Day 2019

“Bloody Mary” is not just an alcoholic drink. It is something refined, not tolerating increased attention. This cocktail is for relaxation, for a night club, to communicate with your loved one, to talk with friends. We do not drink it, we enjoy it. People celebrate the fact of the existence of this famous beverage. In this article, we’ll find out when National Bloody Mary Day is in 2019.

When and how the first beverage appeared, no one knows for sure. There are at least three legends about the invention, one of which may turn out to be true.

Years passed. Drinks went out of fashion and again became popular. It invariably remained an attribute of a stylish way of life. By the way, the passing decade was especially “cocktail” – the regiment of connoisseurs of these drinks has arrived significantly. There are more than ten thousand well-known recipes and about 17 million possible variations of mixing alcoholic beverages. However, visit any bar, and connoisseurs will prompt seventy percent of all drinks ordered there were invented exactly in the years of the “dry” law. The global observance of B.M.D. is celebrated on the 1st of January. The main aim is to recollect and honor such an invention in our life. The inventor still remains unknown but let’s dive into past.

Bloody Mary


The history of this cocktail is contradictory. In Paris, “Harry’s Bar” claims that in 1921 the recipe was invented by their barman Fernand Pete Petiot. He called it “Bucket of Blood”. However, the cocktail is not mentioned in any of the collections published by “Harry’s Bar” from 1953 to 1960. Simultaneously, in 1964, Pete Patio confirmed in New York Magazine that he was inspired by the recipe of a New York bartender and added various spices to the mixture of vodka with tomato juice.

It’s strange after Fernand Pete Petiot left the Parisian “Harry’s Bar” to move to the “St. Regis Hotel” in New York, he tried to rename the cocktail in the Red Snapper but had no success. Currently, the Red Snapper has turned into one of the variants of “Bloody Mary” with gin. Let’s get closer to what day Bloody Mary Day in 2019.

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Anyway, the cocktails became famous only in the 1940s. By 1945, it appeared in the New York “Stork Club” and became a symbol of the Parisian hotel “Ritz”. According to the biographer of Hemingway, “BM” Berten – a bartender from the “Ritz” – far surpassed the others.

As for the name, it’s unknown who was the godfather. We know the cocktail was somewhere called “Bucket of Blood”, and in other places- “Mary Rose”. Perhaps the final name came from a combination of the two: “Bloody Mary” by association with Maria Tudor, who the Protestants nicknamed Bloody.


What does National Bloody Mary Day mean?  “B.M.” is a unique drink and, accordingly, it is necessary for a bar. When creating new variants of the recipe, the task of the modern mixologist is to improve the ingredients of the cocktail – tomato juice, sauces, and spices. Almost in every bar, you can find your own version of this drink. When is International Bloody Mary Day 2019 is completely clear and we can step forward.

On this day, millions of people gather to celebrate and try this perfect mix. Every bar in EU and the USA is fully crowded and no empty place could be found. In case you are in EU, then navigate yourself by hashtags #BloodyMary2019 to find out the places you might visit.

Interestingly, some attribute the name of the cocktail to Hemingway, who named him after his wife Mary, who did not like it when he returned drunk from the Ritz. “Bloody Mary” was better than other drinks concealing the smell of alcohol. Hemingway himself wrote about he brought his recipe to Hong Kong in 1941 and thus unwittingly contributed to the fall of this British colony, which the Japanese seized on December 25 of the same year.

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“BM” contains both poison & antidote. If the cocktail is made properly, and competently seasoned, then this is a real delicacy. Otherwise, it quickly begins to resemble a cold soup forgotten in the dining room of a nursing home.

The legend of Bloody Mary dates back about a thousand years ago but became known to most people only in the late seventies of the twentieth century. At that time the editorial of several newspapers received the story of the Bloody Mary.

BM is the wicked spirit of a sorceress who was sentenced several centuries ago to be burned at the stake of dark magic. There is also a more ancient, reliable, and fact-based story of the BM origin, about the cruelest queen of England of all time – Mary Tudor, who ordered to burn at the stake more than three hundred people during her reign. There is a third version of the legend of the appearance of an evil spirit, about an unhappy young girl who died under the wheels of a car, but believed this is just a fantasy of sophisticated minds.

Components of Bloody Mary


What is the date of Bloody Mary Day 2019? Refresh your knowledge by turning back to the beginning of the article and then we get to traditions. According to the rules of etiquette, the cocktail is served before and after meals. In most mixed drinks, to improve the appearance, it is customary to add fresh or canned fruit or berries as a garnish, for example, cherry. For wine and dessert cocktails, there are other ways of decorating.

Beverages are usually served in special or crystal dishes – high glasses or glasses. If there are no special dishes, then glasses for Maderas with a capacity of 75 cubic meters can be used or wine glasses with a capacity of 250 cubic meters and more. It should be noted if the glasses stood empty for a long time, they got the smell of the environment. It is their good rinse. Most of the cocktails are taken to drink through an artificial or natural straw, served with drinks or pre-set on a table in a high vase. As a decorative design of cocktails, often use a circle, a lemon or orange slice, lemon spiral, orange peel, nutmeg, seasonal or canned fruit or berries, etc.

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National Bloody Mary Day Facts

  • According to one version, the drink got its name in honor of the charming girl named Mary, who frequented the bar in Chicago under the name “The Bucket of Blood”.
  • There is also a non-alcoholic version of “Bloody Mary” – “The Virgin Mary”. These are all components except vodka.
  • The “Bloody Mary” has an official recipe, but there are no strict rules, for which the drink is popular and loved all over the world. It’s easy to cook at home, and experimenting with the proportions of vodka, tomato juice, sauces, and spices, or adding a new component, you can create your own version of the famous drink.
  • It is believed that on December 1, 1933, a presentation of this cocktail took place in one of the New York bars, where it was positioned as a wonderful remedy for a hangover. Then its victorious procession began, both for different drinking establishments and for self-organized feasts.

To sum up, be careful with cocktail drinking and don’t forget to check up when is Bloody Mary Day in 2019, by the help of a calendar.

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