Nations usually commemorate the date of birth or death of a significant historical person. Americans have some dates which concern the Presidents. One of such holidays is Lyndon Baines Johnson Day. It’s observed in Texas. When is Lyndon Baines Johnson Day in 2019? How is it observed?

History of the day

L.B. Johnson was born in 1908, on the 27th of August. People know him as LBJ. Initially the young man was going to become a teacher. He graduated Teachers’ College in Texas. Later he became a teacher of political subjects. His teaching direction also was public speaking. The man became the President of the USA in the 60s of the 20th century. He was born in 1908, on the 27th of August. Johnson became the President after the tragic J.F. Kennedy’s death in 1963.

His political aim was to protect civil rights and to improve educational establishments. President Johnson continued the political direction of the previous American president. This man insisted on the lessening or even cease of racial discrimination. He initiated African Americans’ voting. In 1964 the Civil Rights Act was accepted.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Day 2017

The President elaborated the program “Great Society” which was accepted in 1965. It consisted from the following points:

  • educational problems were to be decided in the highest degree;
  • the rights of ordinary people should be protected;
  • African Americans should be given the voting right and other civil opportunities;
  • cities and towns needed investments to develop their infrastructures;
  • medical programs were to be paid attention to;
  • all the American districts were to be improved including beautification and conservation;
  • the development of arts was one of the most important paragraphs;
  • police control and crime prevention were given attention in the law;
  • consumers’ rights should be protected in a more strict way.
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All these propositions were developed into serious programs which helped to develop the country. Texas was the territory where many African Americans live. They got lots of rights and became equal with white Americans. If you want to watch celebrations, you should write the question in the internet “What day Lyndon Baines Johnson Day in 2019?”

Johnson was famous for strengthening military participation in war with Vietnam. It was the reason of people’s opposition. The man finished his presidency in 1969. Then he lived in Texas where he lectured in the Universities and took part in different disputes devoted to sociology.

The former president died in four years after living the post. It was in 1973. Half a year later local authorities decided to make his date of birth a holiday. They proposed to observe the date annually in Texas. It was on the 27th of August.

How to observe the date

Lots of events are held in Texas on the 27th of August. The contribution that was made by L.B. Johnson is nowadays still obvious in many categories of life. Thus, special occasions are carried throughout the state and other parts of the country. People try to commemorate the memory of LBJ and his deeds.

Many programs are made on TV devoted to life and political contribution of L.B. Johnson. Parties and events are held in the Texas State University. “Great Society” was a notable speech of the man. This speech and other reports are commemorated on the day.

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People in Texas haven’t always a day-off. It is a day when it is required to safe a needed amount of staff in the state governmental offices. In 2019 the date falls on Tuesday; so all the offices will be closed. When is Lyndon Baines Johnson Day 2019? The observance will take place on the 27th of August.

This day visitors may attend different exhibitions in Texas and Washington, DC. The monuments are always popular among the votaries. One of such memorials is near the State University in Texas. It was set in 2006. The people can also visit State Park which bears the name of the 36th President. They can have a rest there. Swimming, fishing and picnicking aren’t forbidden at the territory on the day. People can also make a walking tour across the rancho where the president lived for many years.

Lyndon Baines Johnson

Facts about LBJ

Lives of famous people are usually full of interesting facts that make their personalities attractive to ordinary people. Lyndon Baines Johnson is not exclusion:

  • The young man started his career as a teacher at the school where Mexicans studied. This fact may be an explanation of his political choice and desire to stop racial discrimination.
  • In 1948 he became a senator in the elections and got the name “Landslide Lyndon”.
  • B. Johnson was a leader of the Senate majority for many years.
  • His efforts were so strong that he got problems with his heart.
  • What is the date of Lyndon Baines Johnson Day 2019? The answer is “On the 27th of August”.
  • Heart attack made him to lead healthy style of life till his death. He forgot about smoking and kept to a diet.
  • During Kennedy’s presidency he was regarded as an outsider.
  • The man became the President without ordinary elections but after Kennedy’s assassination. The same day he took the oath on the board of a plane in Dallas.
  • The first months of his presidency were devoted to providing the laws concerning lessening racial discrimination.
  • Johnson’s wife is regarded to be his motive force. She was called as Lady Bird by Americans. She always accompanied her husband during his political trips. She helped to provide State educational and “beautification” programs.
  • Johnson’s presidency failed because of his orders concerning Vietnam. The man even had a depression. More than 30 thousand American soldiers were killed in war with Vietnam.
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“When is Lyndon Baines Johnson Day in 2019, calendar of commemoration?” The phrase will help to find a schedule of interesting events.


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