The USA has always been famous for their love and patriotic feelings towards their country and people which they express in various holidays. There are numerous holidays in this country, organized at a different time and for different reasons, which are dedicated to people and important historical events. A this is right position because in such a way they try to show, that everything happening inside the country is noticed and appreciated highly. In this article, we would like to speak about on of the holidays, celebrated in the USA and dedicated to one historical event. It is called Bunker Hill Day. We will speak about this even closely and know, when is Bunker Hill Day in 2019.

Closer to the history

So, let’s first speak about the holiday itself: to which historical event it is dedicated to and when has the holiday been formed. More than 300 years ago there was American War for independence. It was a very important step in American’s history and left its step on the life of the country and future generation. Bunker Hill battle is one of the battles, which took place during this war.

Bunker Hill Day

Everything happened at Charlestown Peninsula, which is situated between two rivers and is about 1,5 kilometers long. There are two hills, situated on the both sides of peninsula – on the south and on the north sides. During one of the battles, which events happened on the territory of this hill – British navy conquered the peninsula and won the battle.

In the honor of this battle, there was created a holiday and a special date was fixed – though a concrete date has never been named and it was difficult to observe it according to the records, which were left after all those wars and battles. But nowadays all Americans clearly remember, what day Bunker Hill Day in 2019 is.

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As this battle has been a part of War for Independence, feeling separate and independent from other countries is extremely important for all people, who struggled for it. It is especially important for those colonies, which officially declared their independence from Great Britain in 1790s. To fix this independence 13 stripes were drawn on the flag of the USA – it is equal to the number of colonies, which stopped to be dependent on British people. It is a huge attainment of all those people, who struggled, died but still haven’t lost their faith to win and were generously praised for their efforts.

What does the holiday look like

The holiday is treated as an official one in Massachusetts, but only in one its part – Suffolk County and people do not work and study at this day. Another part of the state do not observe this holiday and do not have any special celebrations. Though in Suffolk many state organizations close for the whole day, like libraries, for example. Also, many transport companies stop their work and do not organize any passenger transportation. Also, traffic problems may arise because of different parades, which are organized during this day.  That is why it is better for citizens to check beforehand, when is Bunker Hill Day 2019 in order to avoid some problems while organizing the day and making plans for this time.

Also, it is important to admit, that other parts of the USA – cities, and states – do not observe this holiday, though they know about the events, happening at that time. The holiday is organized only in the area, where all this directly happened. It is difficult to judge other people and evaluate the importance of this particular event. But people made such a decision and others should treat it right.

Bunker Hill Day

So, speaking of the celebrations of the holiday, Suffolk organizes a lot of interesting events to celebrate the holiday. As it concerns the history of the country, mostly such institutions as museums and historic sites organize such kind of events to entertain people and trying to develop their level of knowledge about the place, they are living in. These events are usually really very interesting and are worth seeing and being visited. For example, people can watch performances and displays, which show people’s life at that time, battles, scenes from the life of people, etc. Also, there is an opportunity to visit markets of cooking and different kinds of crafts. There you can not only watch at interesting and beautiful things and taste food but also buy it all.

Also during this day, a large parade takes place, where people can listen to different musical bands and watch beautiful performances and dancing, including military people, who also take part in the parade. It is difficult to count everything, which is included in this parade, that is why it is better to watch all this with your own eyes. It is a great sightseeing and it makes many people visit it every year to commemorate the battle. That is why many people prepare for this beforehand and know, what is the date of Bunker Hill Day 2019.

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Such historical events are really important both for the country and for people, who take part in these celebrations. First, it makes people have extra time to have rest and have a good time with friends or family, and secondly, all generations raise their level of education and knowledge of the country, where they live. It is very useful, especially for younger generations, as they are not usually interested in such things. But when such events are organized in such an interesting and funny way, their level quickly rises and becomes interesting for any person. By the way, Bunker Hill Day has celebrated annually on the 17th of June.


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