Trooping the Colour is a special festival occasion devoted to the official birthday of the British Monarch. It has its history and traditions. Annual observations are strictly kept by authorities and the British people. When is Trooping the Colour in 2022? How is this day observed?

Backgrounds of the day

The history of the tradition goes back to the beginning of the 18th century. The trooping of the flag was used to point the right battalion despite of dust and smog. The same time the colour was used to mark billets as places of rest and emergency. Each soldier had to know the flag under which he struggled. Unfamiliar places werenโ€™t the problem for warriors because their regimental headquarters were always marked with familiar colours.

Flags were regarded as the expression of spirit of troops and regiments. Colours were very significant among the warriors. Fallen comrades were buried with a special marking ceremony of covering a coffin with the coloured cloth.

Trooping the Colour

In the early 18th century there were many flags in one army. Nowadays there are several colours that are trooped. The first binding of the trooping the flag to monarchโ€™s birthday was in 1768. It was on the 13th of June.

Almost forty years passed and fully dressed officers were ordered to meet the Duke of Cambridge. In the beginning of the 19th century the main regiment made trooping the colour to honour both monarchs. There were exceptions when a monarch was ill or during World Wars. Since the 19th century it became a regular ritual.

The date can be known from an internet request โ€œWhat day Trooping the Colour in 2022?โ€ Itโ€™s always held in June. The most grandiose event took place in 1920. Ten guards marched in that parade in Hyde Park. The explanation of that pathos is very simple. Many noble guests and members of the royal family came to congratulate the monarch from different countries.

When Elizabeth II was a young girl, a princess yet, she always rode the horse. Moreover, she was always wearing the uniform of the royal regiment at the moment. The elder royal relatives, dukes and dutches rode in a carriage as they do now.

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Interesting facts of the day

Trooping the Colour is an unusual annual occasion which involves lots of officers and musicians. People can get tickets following the given instructions. Thereโ€™re several main facts in the ceremony:

  • Before getting a modern sense trooping the colour was an obligation to show the right side of a battle through dirt and smog.
  • Colours were carried only by infantry regiment.

  • If a regiment lost a flag, his officers were greatly shamed for a long time. But when a regiment got a strange flag, it was a great success and achievement. It was also a reason of merry celebrations and glory.
  • A great importance is paid to a planning part of the occasion. Nevertheless, there was a problem with a 17-year old boy in 1981. He wanted to shoot Elizabeth II during the ceremony just to become famous. He was sentenced then to a prison term of five years.
  • No matter when the monarch has a real day of birth. The official date will be set in June. Asking โ€œWhen is Trooping the Colour 2022โ€ people will get an answer about the official date, not real. The truth is that the monarch has birthday celebrations twice a year because Edward VII didnโ€™t want to have a festive party in autumn.
  • Officers always wear their uniforms which donโ€™t seem to be light. Guardsmen sometimes fall into a faint because of summer heat and heavy clothes.
  • The authorities had to cancel the ceremony because of a great strike in 1955. That was the only year when Elizabeth II missed the Trooping the Colour since she was 16 years.
  • Elizabeth II used to attend the ceremony on a horseback till 1986 when she was 60. From that time she always uses a carriage to arrive.
  • The performance is made by the army of Commonwealth and Britain.
  • The real Elizabeth IIโ€™s date of birth is on 21st
  • The colour is trooped not only at the official occasion. Different governmental buildings also raise Union Flag.
  • There is gunsโ€™ salute at noon.
  • Queen Elizabeth II is the Colonel-in-chief of the Household Division. Their representatives always take part in Trooping the Colour.
  • Troops which take part in the ceremony are highly trained regiments.
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Trooping the Colour

  • Edward II was the first king who took the salute personally at the ceremony.
  • In 2022 the ceremony is set on June, 13. Itโ€™s easy to get to learn using a question โ€œWhat is the date of Trooping the Colour 2022?โ€
  • The parade starts at the Buckingham Palace and goes along the Mall.
  • The ceremony usually lasts for an hour.
  • The Royal family greets people at 1 p.m.

How to become a spectator

The parade preparations last for two week. People who want to watch the rehearsals can do it on Saturdays.

People always can watch Trooping the Colour. Experienced spectators advise to stay on the Mall for better visibility. The best time to come is at 9 a.m., an hour before the beginning.

Annually thereโ€™s a ballot of tickets for seating. Every person can have not more than three tickets. The price of them varies from 10 to 35ยฃ. Thereโ€™re also a number of free tickets. The ballot is held with the applications sent during the first two months of a year. Other applications wonโ€™t be considered.

Every interested person can write what event heโ€™s eager to watch and how many tickets are needed. Anonymous letters are never accepted. Money isnโ€™t sent without obligation. April is a month of ballot results.

People must know that they arenโ€™t allowed to drive a car in the park. Thereโ€™s a dress code for women and men. Denim is strictly forbidden. A troublemaker can be refused to access the seated stand. Hats arenโ€™t obligatory. People must be ready for police searches. They can watch the ceremony on TV. If a person doesnโ€™t know when it takes place, heโ€™d better to ask experts โ€œWhen is Trooping the Colour in 2022, calendar of events?โ€


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