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🙏 When is National High Five Day 2020

When is National High Five Day in 2020? Are you able to give an answer to this simple question? Well, to tell you the very truth, we are almost sure now that you are planning to reply it negatively. The situation is that even using this gesture almost every day, people don’t know about this holiday existence in the contemporary calendar. Today we want to discover the most amazing facts devoted to the special occasion.


Discovering the matter what day World High Five Day in 2020 is, we would like to demonstrate our followers a great amount of interesting pieces of information. As a rule, everything concerning the historical background as well as the origin of the special occasion is demanded highly among the readers.

The official birthday of the “give five” mark is still considered to be the second of October 1977, when the Los Angeles Dodgers team in the final match of the national baseball championship took on their home stadium “Houston Astros”. In the middle of the match, Dusty Baker, the Dodgers batter, made his thirtieth home run of the season and, accepting congratulations from teammate Glenn Burke, beat him five – that was the first documented “give five” in history.

Over time, this tradition became incredibly popular not only among athletes. Penetrating different cultures, it gradually changed, losing its race and overgrown with a mass of variations and meanings, and eventually gained its current pop cultural status – now it is used by absolutely everyone: from senior officials and presidents to dark-skinned guys from disadvantaged areas.

High Five with dog

“The influence of African-American culture is very noticeable in sports, especially with regard to the congratulatory practice. First, in basketball, and then in other sports, ceremonial handshakes were replaced with the “give five” tradition, which is extremely popular among black athletes. This gesture was usually accompanied by the words “Gimme five” or “Gimme some skin”, with one or both hands raised up to make a sharp sonorous clap. For some time, fans began to use it, noting thus the goals of their favorite team, and over time this gesture spread far beyond the limits of sport. ”

Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to discover the names of the people, who initially proposed to celebrate this holiday. We also don’t know for sure why it is recommended to do it on April 18th exactly and annually.

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What does National High Five Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is difficult to tell what this holiday means for you. Why? – You see, we don’t know you personally that is why we are not able to tell for sure whether you use this gesture in your everyday life or not.

Initially the “give me five” gesture has grown out of African-American culture, in which all sorts of signs and poses have tremendous significance and symbolism. It was especially widespread in the seventies of the last century. It was regularly used by dark-skinned athletes (mostly baseball players) during games and jazz musicians.

In 1981, the phrase “gimme five” (“give five”) was included as a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary. The appearance of the term “give five” (high five) and the popularization of gesture happened because of another person – Derek Smith (player of the Louisville Cardinals basketball team), who throughout the 1980 season regularly used this gesture, noting thus successful actions teammates, in connection with which for some time the status of the discoverer was mistakenly entrenched.


The matter “When is International High Five Day 2020?” is not as easy as it may seem initially. Of course, it is not difficult to give a reply. – It is celebrated on April 18th annually. However, there are many facts, which may be interesting for all the people around.

Almost everybody knows that the central place among the set of male gestures belongs to the so-called “give me five”. This is old and rather traditional gesture in many countries, which is considered to be absolutely universal. Nowadays it seems to be used by all, regardless of age and social status: from office workers to street hooligans.

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It is not possible to establish the identity of a person who publicly beat off five for the first time – many claimed for authorship in their time: from Louis Armstrong to legendary basketball player Magic Johnson.

The canonical version of “give five” is performed in moments of personal triumph or joy for the successes of the one who is given five. If you are going to give or to take five, the straight arm must be raised up and slightly tilted back. Then there is a clap of the palm on the palm, the main thing is not to lose your opponent’s five and avoid a weak blow.


When is High Five Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. This is not a problem in fact. The holiday has a fixed date to celebrate, so the only thing you have to do is to remember that the day of April 18th can be spent quite differently.

Well, nobody will be surprised if we tell that the holiday doesn’t have any special traditions and rules of its celebration. The event is free to be modified. It is only up to a man or a woman to invent something exciting for him/her as well as for the whole surrounding.

Perhaps the best way to spend April 18th will be to share this gesture with as many people around as it is possible.

International High Five Day Facts

Well, the answer to the question “What is the date of National High Five Day in 2020?” provokes the appearance of many other additional types of matters.

Today we want to inform our followers that there are some modifications of this gesture, as well as to explain the meaning of the each one.

High Five

Here is our list:

  • Low Five

One type of the high five gesture, with the only difference being that the stroke of the palms occurs in the horizontal plane at the level of the abdomen or chest. The first low modification as a public gesture is dated 1927, when in the film “Jazz Singer,” the character Al Johnson, delighted by the invitation to perform in a Broadway production, beats off the “bottom five” entrepreneur.

  • Air Five

High modification air is usually performed in cases where the partners are at a distance and are not physically able to make a stroke with the palms. Often, this “give five” looks more impressive if accompanied by voice imitation of cotton.

  • Top Gun

The most spectacular and complex of all the varieties of the classic “give five” – top gun five – is a bunch of low and high five. This gesture got its name from the scene in the film of the same name, in which the character of Tom Cruise, a young pilot named Wanderer, beats off top gun five to his partner during a volleyball match.

  • Fist Bump

Another type of the high gesture, which also came to us from the sport, was one of the first fist bump that defender Fred Carter, who spoke for the Baltimore Bullets basketball team in the seventies of the last century, began to use. But Michael Jordan made him really popular – going to the floor, His Airborne sprinkled his hands with talcum powder in order to control the ball better, and, in order not to spoil the hands of teammates, he fought off not the classic high five, but limited himself with a fist.

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With regard to etiquette and acceptability of use, the fist bump gesture is extremely versatile (as well as the other types of “give me five”) and can be performed both as a greeting and as an encouraging or encouraging gesture, but most often the gesture is associated with showing respect and admiration to the one to whom it is given.

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