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When is Law Day 2018

When you google for the «Law Day» or «When is Law Day in 2018» you will face with the automatic search’s results, which mostly show you information about Law Day in two countries – the USA and India. And, honestly, it doesn’t mean, that such a holiday is not known or may be not widely spread to celebrate in another country, it only means that the USA and India have specific history and traditions of its celebration. For instance the Law Day is celebrated also in Ukraine on the 8th of October, but in Ukraine this holiday is really young and more means the Day of the legal worker, the lawyers day, So, its’ more interesting to investigate the history and traditions of celebration Law Day in countries, where this holiday is more respectful. Let’s start from the Day of Law in the USA.

Before the start of the holiday:

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The Day of Law is an official holiday in the United States of America which goes with its history deeply in the 1958 year when the first Law Day was proclaimed by the President D. Eisenhower. This day was established to raise and awareness of Americans about the power of Law.

Law Day 2018

So, when is the Law Day in 2018? The Congress in 1961 issued a resolution, which designates the 1st of May as an official date of celebration of the Day of Law in the USA. That fact is legally confirmed in the USA’s Code in Title 36, Section 113. Since that time each president of the USA has been proclaiming the 1st of May as the day of celebration commitment of the nation to the rule of law. And what is the date of Law Day in 2018? That is on the 1st of May.

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When is Law Day in 2018? The Calendar shows us it will be on Monday and for all American people, it doesn’t cause to have an official day-off. However, that Monday is not a usual day, but that is one of the significant days in the year, which calls people to respect their freedom and prove their dedication to their country, especially equity, and impartiality. It also aims to promote deference for the law, which is extremely important for national democracy.

Celebration traditions

The Day of Law is highly encouraged by the National Advocates Association of the USA. This day is a great chance for the nation to consider the court’s activities in their life. So some Association at this day organizes official lunch with invited quests for different modern legal questions to negotiate about them and to share the experience.

Actually, as a tradition, what day Law Day is in 2018 in the USA the activities might include:

  • Specific events (meetings, tasks etc.);
  • Discussion activities (connected with over speaking about the law issues);
  • Role plays at school on legal topics (special lessons).

Law Day

The Law Day, as were mentioned above, is an official holiday in the country, but not the cause to organize day-off. It’s the day of observance, but not the rest. So all public places work in their usual timetable with no extra exceptions. All educational institutions, such as schools and universities work beside with work part of the population having its usual working schedule.

The second country, which is also famous for the traditions of the celebration of the Day of Law, is India. In this country, it is also named Constitutional Day. When is Law Day in 2018 in India? It is celebrated on 26 November every year to feast (to mark) the Indian Constitution establishment, which happened in 1949. The first Law Day in India was celebrated on 1950. The tradition to organize special events in the educational institution is also held in India, so the Preamble to the Indian Constitution is always read on that day in schools and universities. There are also organized different online-competitions (such as the best essay writing, quizzes, and debates) for the topic of Indian Constitution.

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But not only the USA and India celebrate the Day of Law. Let’s see when Law Day in 2018 is, the calendar for different countries:

  • Ukraine – the 8th of October (celebrated from 1997);
  • Russia – the 3rd of December (celebrated from 2008);
  • Belorussia – the 26th of March (celebrated from 1998);
  • Kirgizia – the last Sunday of June (celebrated from 1993);
  • Moldavia – 19th of October (no information about the year, when it was stared).

The Law Day’s emblems (for all countries)

Posters, which describe the Law Day usually, highlight the power of justice. Femida is the Greek God of Legislation associated with the law and the legal profession.

She is depicted with a blindfold, symbolizing impartiality, with weights in one hand and a sword in the other – such a common image of her, which was used by Romans, who borrowed her image of the Greeks in the form of Justice. The Romans put in her hand a sword instead of cornucopias, originally she was not, and bandages, that is, she was depicted with scales and cornucopia.

Libra is a venerable symbol of measure and impartiality. On the scales of justice, the good and evil deeds are weighed committed in mortal life. The post-mortem destiny of the people depended on the chalice edge. The cornucopia in the Femida’s hand is the symbol of retribution or the retribution brought before her court.

As another symbol of Justice, we can mention National Constitution, which is usually the basis of all rights and liberties of the nation.

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So, as the conclusion it should be mentioned, the Law Day is the very important day, which unites people inside and, probably, outside of the one county measures. It helps people to be aware of their rights and freedoms, about the legal system of their county, to feel themselves more protected from crimes and to understand the importance of the legal sphere work. In order to everyone be conscious and skillful, understand clear their responsibility and exercise their rights to demand respect to his performance – there is special legal institution, which provides us with needed information and works to protect our rights and freedoms.

With the help of law, the state has an impact on the overall society, which underlines the critical role of law in the state and society. The relevance of studying this topic is primarily due to the need for an accurate understanding of aspects of regulating the life of society in the state through the use of the existing legal system.

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