National Maritime Day is an American holiday remembering the date of Savannah (Georgia) steamship sailing from the USA to Great Britain. Historical occasion happened in 1823. Later in 1933 the date was declared as a Remembrance Day by the American Congress. When is the National Maritime Day will be celebrated in 2021, what is its history and customs, – all these facts are in our article.

Background, customs of the Remembrance Day

This day is a date of sailorsโ€™ esteem and admiration, but it`s not considered as a federal holiday in the USA culture. Americans reflect gratitude to the maritime industry. People remember all benefits that it had brought to the United States through the history; its development and prosperity.

This day is associated with events when the American ship left state Georgia and went to an oversea journey under steam power. It was so dangerous, but mariners decided to risk. Moreover, Americans remember 250 thousand sailors of the American Merchant Marine who gave their lives during World War II. Hundreds of mariners went to prisons, about 800 hundred ships were destroyed or being drowned during the War.

National Maritime Day 2017

The holiday has its official symbol of maritime life: ideograph of an anchor laced with a string around it. Some images are accompanied by a picture of a boat or ship.

What day of National Maritime Day in 2021 is going to be? There are some traditional ways how to celebrate maritime date. Year 2021 is no exception. Every year the official observance begins with the memorial service in Washington, D.C. Military Sealift Command gives solemn monologue and after a minute of silence tosses a memorial wreath into Anacostia River in honor of perished sailors.

On that day people go to the Docks to congratulate mariners who spend all their lives working on and around marine industry. Everything has changed since 1819, but the problems of safety and security in an ocean are especially actually nowadays.

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What is the date of National Maritime Day in the United States in 2021?

The official date of the holiday falls on May 22.

When is National Maritime Day celebrated in 2021 according to a working calendar? Holiday gets to on Monday. It is a working day, but through the country a set of festive events is planned. In the afternoon people can observe the ship parade, sailors march. Honored seafarers are deserved special awards, dignities, state prizes on that Day. On National Maritime Day one can see the flag of the United States by the government officials and all government buildings.

Local citizens and the visitors of the United States have a unique opportunity to see or visit on National Maritime Day:

  • Short boat trips in every port of America;
  • Annual thematic fair in Seattle;
  • Ship excursions with topic expositions on board;
  • A historical ship โ€˜Golden Bearโ€™ in Savanna (Georgia);
  • Concerts and creative activities at the port territory.

If the Americans cannot visit the official holiday, they arrange family picnics, meetings with old friends, go to the cinema that evening or join public celebration after work. Celebration can last until late at night.

Holiday events are held in every state of the USA. If you visit America when the National Maritime day in 2021 is held, don`t miss the opportunity to witness the official part of the holiday in Savanna (Georgia)! You will be imbued of solemn ceremony and celebration scope!

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What other interesting places one can visit on National Maritime Day in America?

Detailed information upon other cultural events on National Maritime Day on May 22 one can learn through social media some months before the holiday (first of all, recreational activities are meant).

It`s recommended to visit the Seaย Museum of ships models, maritime pictures and artifacts. The Museum is situated in Georgia. It`s famous for its ships collection that illustrate the rich maritime history of Savannah. One can see here various models of steamers, navy boats, colonial vessels, armour-clads. Exhibitions look delicate; they have an enormous quantity of features.

National Maritime Day

At this particular Museum there is a model of famous first steamship โ€œSavannahโ€ crossed the Atlantic Ocean. The steamer was launched in New York in 1818 and it was only 98 feet long. The constructing of it had been financed by William Scarbrough and inspected by President James Monroe. Sailors had planned to make a 6-month voyage and to visit Liverpool, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen and Arendal in Norway. But unfortunately, the steamer sank in New York, in 1823.

On National Maritime Day on May 22, 2021 it is definitely recommended to go to the port of Savannah. Every year a great festival is held here!ย  Everything around is dedicated to the Maritime Day: greeting speech of the authorities, celebration of sailors, ship parade, students`defile in naval uniform, etc. The territory of port is decorated with themed decorations, national flags, and marine tapes.

National Maritime Day is one of most important holiday for Americans. They are assured sailorsโ€™ feat had contributed the USA the achievement of one of the greatest nation in the world. Many years the United States depended on investments in maritime industry. Lost mariners enabled American nation to become economically independent and strange. Thanks to them it had been assimilated how it was important to provide sealift capability, to support American armed forces, deliver humanitarian goods all over the world.

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On National Maritime Day such facts as strategic opportunities, the future of American maritime industry and development of infrastructure are discussed.ย  It is spoken about the inextricable link between the Navy and politics, level of economic development in the country. Americans are very proud of their history. They always remember people who died in the name of homeland.

The solemn part of the event in honor of National Maritime Day always ends by raising the American flag. The celebration of the Day is traditionally broadcast on the main TV channels of the country.


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