Almost everybody loves having dinner in restaurants. There’s no matter whether it’s a cup of coffee or a plate of salad or a steak. Many restaurants propose fast meals. Lots of people like this kind of food. There’s no need to wait for a long time when the meal is ready. Hamburgers and cheeseburgers are very popular among small children. Though these meals aren’t very useful and nutritious, they’re still sold. People like fast food so much that they have initiated a holiday when everyone can taste a new variant of coffee or cake. When is National Fast Food Day in 2022? What is the most usual way of observing the occasion?


The history of the day hasn’t got concrete facts. There’s no certain explanation about the origin of the date. It is thought to be initiated by one of the restaurants. The occasion is obviously an act of promotion. There are lots of people who adore this kind of meals. The event is a reason to choose any dessert or burger. According to the statistics, the amount of portions is enormous on the date, despite a great number of restaurants. That is why it is obviously very profitable. The day isn’t an official holiday, though it can be named a national holiday in the USA.

The origin of fast food started due to the raise of the amount of cars. The World War I ended and people started to buy a new kind of vehicle. It became very popular. This fact let individuals drive for long distances. Rapid journeys raised the necessity to have a lunch in a short period of time.

Fast Food

This fact became the motive for different businessmen to initiate certain places where clients could have a rapid meal. The popularity of such places grew rapidly. Travelers could buy a hot and tasty hamburger.

The pioneer in this niche was White Castle. It started working in 1921. The popularity of the place was very strong due to its hamburgers. In the middle of the 20th century this kind of meals became nationally accepted in America. During the next 50 years this type of meals has spread throughout the world. Besides, every country has its own variant of such menu. Tourists can try any variant of the international menu. You can join this degustation by the search “What day World Fast Food Day in 2022?” It’s on the 16th of November.

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What does National Fast Food Day mean for the majority of people? The date isn’t an official national holiday. Nevertheless, it is thought to be a great reason for having a meal in a small café or one of the international representatives of such restaurant chains.

The day has a great sense for these chains. They propose a great variety of various meals according to the wide range of tastes. They usually have a great amount of benefits despite a serious brand competition. The day has a great popularity among many visitors of small cafes. They also have many clients.

The day is a chance for many people to try new meals. They can choose any restaurant in the city. It’s especially suitable for people who often travel. They can order Stekt Strömming in Sweden, Kaassoufflé in the Netherlands, Chaat in India, Kolbice in Hungary or Tacos al Pastor in Mexico. The variety of tastes is so great that every person can find something special.

Children are also great lovers of such meals. They always take a chance for ordering them. Hamburgers, cheeseburgers and Cola are their main idols in America and other countries. The event can be a good motive for visiting small city restaurants. When is International Fast Food Day 2022? The occasion is set on the 16th of November.

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The term is explained by many dictionaries as food produced for the mass use. Its main feature is a quick preparation. The process of serving is also rapid. Dictionaries admit that every representative of this kind of products doesn’t have much nutritional value. It doesn’t contain many nutrients. It consists of such ingredients that let people feel satisfied and fed.

The word doesn’t concern those meals that need less preparation at home. People can use it in the home needs, though it can’t be accepted in the wide sense. This term can be used only in accordance to restaurants and stores of the exact type. They use precooked and preheated ingredients. Meals are also served in packaged forms. People usually visit such restaurants to take meals out.

There are many outlets in the places where cars and other kinds of transport are concentrated. Sometimes these places have shelters where visitors can have a snack. Besides, these restaurants have standard features which are common to every representative of a certain restaurant chain.

The title of the holiday is very understandable, that is why people always understand what they should do during this day. Many groups and individuals even have certain traditions on the occasion. What is the date of National Fast Food Day? It’s on the 16th of November.


There are lots of restaurants of this type in the USA. According to the official data, there are more than 300 thousand places. That’s why there is no difficulty in searching the seats to celebrate the date. Any person can visit such places while driving across the country or just a native city. According to the statistics, American citizens spend more than 100 billion dollars every year eating fast food.

Most Popular Fast Food

The best way to observe the occasion is to spend the whole evening by visiting various restaurants. The first stop must be done at McDonald’s. This chain gives special sales for the day. They promote various propositions to their visitors. Children and adults can find something individually special for themselves.

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The next stop can be Burger King. It can propose a special Strawberry Shake for a dessert. Many Americans adore onion rings. This chain has got lots of fans. If you want to taste a basket of chicken, you should go to KFC. The best way to get information about different menus is to find it in the internet. Lots of families prefer to take meals out. They gather at home and celebrate the day watching a new movie.

If you want something special, just ask any restaurant what special meals they have at the moment. They can propose Two patties, Bacon bits in a special cheeseburger. Every chain also has got a special dessert in its menu. Find the information about special offers in the internet with “ When is Fast Food Day in 2022, calendar of proposals”.

International Fast Food Day Facts

  1. It is believed that Americans will waste for fast food more than 230 billion dollars in 2020.
  2. Hamburgers used to be known as bad type of food in the beginning of the 20th People thought it was dangerous for them. It was considered as meals for poor people.
  3. McDonald’s is the most popular place in the USA. Almost every child visits this place every month.
  4. North Korea is the only country which government doesn’t let trading companies sell Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola.
  5. The first newspaper article about hamburgers appeared in 1894.
  6. The first McDonald’s restaurant appeared in 1949 in California.
  7. The McDonald chain is the hugest employer in Brazil.
  8. Fast food can be a reason of diabetes’ appearance.
  9. French fries is the most popular menu item.


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