Such a special day with such a long name official calls «Take our daughters and sons to work» and for today it’s one of the famous unofficial national holidays in English-speaking countries. Firstly, this day was organized in 1993 and it’s usually held on the 4th April’s Thursday till modern times. The idea of this day is to take your kind or kinder to your work with you for just one work day. There are different opinions about the significance of this day both for parents and for children, but in any case that is decided that for children such an experience once in a year is a great chance to participate in, let’s say like this, an educational program through the practice. Let’s investigate the history of such a specific unofficial national holiday, what modern peculiarities it has now and when Take our Daughters and Sons to Work in 2018 is.


Holiday’s history

There was an issue that young women had limited professional opportunities to find good workplace. With the aim to solve such problem in a not usual way it was organized the first such a holiday in the far 1993 year. But, it is interesting, that firstly, affiliated by the question, that such a Day was connected only with young women, the Day was named originally take our Daughters to work – without Sons. That took a sense, but only for the first 10 years of organizing such an event.

Take our Daughters and Sons to Work 2018

Before the start of the holiday:

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In 2003, when, in general, the gender question in the professional sphere was vice versa solved and women received actually equivalent job opportunities as men, the first aim of a holiday changed a little bit and became more educational for all parties of such event. So, when is Take our Daughters and Sons to Work in 2018, the calendar for the next tree coming years:

  • April 26, 2018;
  • April 25, 2019;
  • April 23, 2020;
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Official Foundation of the Take Children to Work

With the aim to tag this holiday more serious characteristic as a part of the special educational program, there was founded an official Foundation, which deals with developing strategies and researching on the related issues. This strategy deals with empowerment questions, society related question, which helps youngest of us to realize their full potential to receive highest results.

Harmonization of the Take children to Work Day with the Post-Soviet countries holidays

Each of us remembers the times when our mom or dad didn’t have a chance and should take us with them on their work. But in the Post-Soviet countries, it has never been a national holiday. Sure, the activities held was particularly the same as in English-speaking countries, but there was not an idea, that for us, for children, such a time spending can be really useful in the prospective of better understanding an adulthood.

That is why the idea to implement good abroad traditions in our basic holiday practice appears. This project can be supported by educational institutions and employers on different levels, the most important are to build strong cooperation on this matter between children and their parents. It should be organized firstly on the voluntary basis with the strong support of authorities, mass media, employers, social workers etc. There can be organized interactive presentation for children, special projects depending on the type of parents’ specialization, highly appreciated by employers. As researchers say about this day we know, that such an event can be useful not only for children and not only for parents, borders only by family size, but also for companies, where parents work. The deal is that children are usually more free and progressive, that their adult coworkers, so fresh point of view can bring the new wave of development to the company. So, in what day Take our Daughters and Sons to Work in 2018 will be we can personally try to organize something special on this matter as an experiment.

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The most challenging step in this case is also for Post-Soviet countries, which don’t have an experience of implementing such a projects and for the USA and Canada – well practices in it, each year to make a decision not only for participating in such event but also in creating and implementing according to the project. To make this day effective, companies and educational institutions prepare special projects in which provide the description of the realization of specific entertainment for children and parents at this day. Such activities may be produced by company’s responsible managers (such as HR managers, social and media workers etc.) or taken from the official site of Foundation. Each such a day, each year, as usual, has its own topic and related activities.

Take our Daughters and Sons to Work

When is Take our Daughters and Sons to Work 2018 these activities may include:

  • Company’s technologies introducing to the children (by parents themselves, or by department’s workers), for instance work place and main duties describing;
  • Introducing to the children current job opportunities company has a current time (HR manager can prepare special jobs descriptions understandable for children made on their language and the required skills they have to learn to obtain this or that position – at school or in university);
  • Food breaks activities – conversation cafe’s, coffee breaks with tasty food and discussion club;
  • Future planning tasks – for instance, activity, which presume to create a plan of development (it can be personal development plan or the business plan for company development).

It’s important to pay high attention to the specific of parent’s workplace and then, based on it, to create a project. The ideas of activities can be absolutely different from participating in preparing the business plan to create new cups by children.

There are also some cases, when parents are unemployed or their employer can’t afford them to bring children at work due to high dangerous work conditions, for example. It doesn’t mean that in such families children don’t have ability to participate in such a holiday. In that case, parents can spend their free time on that day with their children at home or come to their school class to talk a little bit about their profession in general, their current duties, the company they work now and what they are doing to achieve thieve professional ambitions. That’s in any case important for children to understand, what their parents are dealing with in a professional life and it will help them to find their own perfect way of development.

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So, what is the date of Take our Daughters and Sons to Work 2018? It’s the 26th of April, warm spring, when all of us are full of new ideas and inspired by new comings. Let’s try to organize unforgettable journey for children to our professional world!


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