Modern cuisines are full of various dishes, which are represented by everything you would like from soups to salads and from cakes to drinks. This is of common knowledge, of course. But there are some samples, which in the course of time turned to become the traditional ones, playing the role of the particular thing of a special region. For example, can you answer the question โ€œWhen is National Clam Chowder Day in 2020?โ€ without our prompts or any surfing the net?

And, please, donโ€™t be upset in the case you donโ€™t. It is not a great problem indeed, as today we are going to discover this special occasion in details.


As a rule, we consider our followers to be rather curious people. They are usually fond of many facts and the matters devoted to historical background are of great interest. So the past of such question as โ€œWhen is International Clam Chowder Day 2020?โ€ is not an exception.

All in all this seafood soup is a traditional and popular American dish. It has been known well since the 16th century. In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, initially it appeared in New England. Nowadays it is believed that the mollusks began to add to the soup because they are easy to assemble.

Clam Chowder

Manhattan Clam Chowder differs from the mentioned above in that it uses a transparent broth and tomatoes are added for pleasant red shade as well as taste. In the end of the 19th century this type was called the New York one or the seafood soup of the Fulton Fish Market. Its more typical “Manhattan” name appeared in the 1900s and since then it has been associated with the population of Maine. Being and going to eat in restaurants, you can order either a Manhattan or New England soup of seafood But mind that they really appear bothย  on the menu. Perhaps the only exception is done in the distant Rhode Island.

It is possible that the Manhattan recipe is Italian seafood soup, renamed for stylistic reasons. This is confirmed by the fact that the New England version exists at least from the middle of the XVIII century, while the Manhattan version wasn’t mentioned until the 1930s. Another assumption is that the addition of tomatoes instead of milk goes back to Portuguese immigrants in Rhode Island, as thick soups with tomato are common for Portuguese cuisine.

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What does National Clam Chowder Day mean? โ€“ Oh, well. To tell you the truth it would be impossible to give a reply instead of you. All in all it is only up to you to decide, which special occasion is worth to be held.

In common sense the name of this dish, which is pronounced like Clam Chowder, comes from “clam” that is used in the US to designate any edible clams, except for mussels and oysters.

In general we can’t but mention that it is considered to be the total title for several types of traditional American soup. For their main component locals usually take shellfish and broth. As a rule, the kind of the addition depends on the region. For example, in New England people give preference to milk, but in Manhattan they love tomatoes.

In accordance with the professional cooks points of view, New England variation is made easier than others. The only thing you should do is not to forget about the main ingredient represented by milk or cream. This variety of the first course is cooked from ordinary potatoes, typical onions, available ham or fat, wheat flour and certainly shellfish. By the way we can’t but mention that the local consider the tomato addition to be nothing but harmful habit, brought by New York inhabitants.

It sounds rather amazing but in 1939 the House of Representatives of Maine adopted a special bill, in accordance to which it was banned to put tomatoes into any variant of seafood soup. And by the way now everybody knows but the New England variation is sometimes called the Boston one.

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Investigating the matter concerning what day World Clam Chowder Day in 2020 is we would like to discover the holiday in details.

Usually, some average potatoes, 2-3 onions and sometimes celery are added to the mollusks. To tell you the truth, any other vegetables are rarely added. From time to time, cooks take chopped carrots, as they are able to bring some pleasant shade. Sometimes parsley and bay leaves are also chosen for the dish.

By the way, we can’t but mention that from time to time under the relatively word “chowder”, delicious and saturated Clam chowder is understood without additional clarification.


When is Clam Chowder Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. It is not a problem in fact. In this case the only thing you should do is to remember when February 25 comes. The date of this special occasion and it means that you can be involved any moment you like. By the way this year it will happen on Sunday. Why not to spend this day in a special way? Are you ready for something new?

How can we do it in a proper way? The holiday is non-official one that is why those, who want to celebrate, have to invent something special for themselves.

Of course, the most suitable way to do it is to try this dish. You can cook it at home or eat somewhere outside.

Clam Chowder in bread

If you are going to take the second piece of advice you have to mind the following.

In the small American state called Rhode Island there is variation of this soup prepared only from broth without any tomatoes. For this region milk is more common. Up to the present moment many Rhode Island canteens and restaurants serve both kinds (New England and Rhode Island ones). But there is a very amazing tendency:ย  white clam chowder is more popular with guests, while the transparent one is usually ordered by locals.

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And by the way, we would like to admit that some places prepare this first course in accordance with their own original recipes, not suitable for any of the mentioned above options. The important remark is that soup is served either with brackish or octagonal crackers. All around the area of the United States, it is often proposed in bread breads, especially in SF, where bread from sour dough has been traditional since 1849.

Fish chowder resembles the ordinary one, but instead of shellfish, fish are used for cooking. In the most cases people take cod. This variant is prepared with fat sort of cream, chosen fish, corn, and sometimes with onions.

International Clam Chowder Day Facts

Discovering the matter โ€œWhat is the date of National Clam Chowder Day 2020?โ€ we would like to introduce our readers a great amount of various facts devoted to this direction. Here is our modest list:

  • In the novel “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville, whose first chapters took place in Massachusetts, one chapter is entirely devoted to seafood soup (and called Chowder), but in the Russian translation this soup turned into a “boiled fish”. Why did it happen in a way like this? โ€“ We donโ€™t know.
  • Seafood soup exists in several variants. The peculiar features of its preparation as well as the serving depend on the region, where it is cooked.
  • This seafood soup is believed to be a very tasty and unusual first course. As a rule, it is appreciated by the fans of seafood in general as well as by those contemporary men and women, who canโ€™t imagine their life without something healthy and original at the same time. Chowder is very hearty and it can be perfectly combined when served with fresh herbs and cheese crackers.


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