World kiss day

What day is it?

No matter what kind of kisses you prefer, World kiss day, which is celebrated around the world every year on July 6, is a great opportunity to once again realize the extreme importance of this touch for the emotional state of a person. It can be a passionate French kiss or a friendly kiss on the cheek, in any case it reveals your attitude towards another person and has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional of both kissing participants. In addition, kisses have a beneficial effect on our health. They relieve stress, burn calories and benefit your immune system. In 2022, the world will celebrate World kiss day July 6 on Wednesday.

How did the idea to celebrate World Kiss Day come about?

The holiday was first introduced by the residents of Misty Albion in the middle of the 19th century. Subsequently, the day gained international importance due to its official approval at the United Nations.

Kiss is a process during which a person touches another person or even a thing with his lips to show his positive feelings. When we kiss another person, we usually hug them. There is even a separate science that studies the psychological and physiological properties of kisses, which is called it Philematology.

Disputes about the origin of the human kiss have not subsided among scientific researchers for centuries. Some believe that lip touching is simply a habit that humans have cultivated throughout history. According to others, it is an instinct that is also inherent in animals. For example, a kiss, similar to a human, is demonstrated by monkeys. Feeding chicks is considered a kind of kiss, when parent birds pass food to their children with their beaks.

The meaning of a kiss in history

History and mythology define it as a certain ritual action that testifies to social, religious, mythical relations between people. Certain idiomatic expressions about a kiss have even taken root in different languages:

Kiss of death – the ability to kill through the touch of the lips.

The kiss of Judas – or the kiss of betrayal. The expression is based on the story of how Judas pointed out Jesus Christ to his enemies with a kiss.

A kiss can be passionate, have a deep sexual meaning, or can have a social meaning, such as:

  • Medieval kisses among members of the royal family.
  • Kisses in Christianity – people kiss the priest’s hand, cross, image, etc.
  • Welcome kisses.
  • Kissing the hand of a ruler (king, tsar, emperor).

In filmography, the kiss first appeared in 1896. It was a short film by William Hayes with a kiss scene between the main characters.

What are kisses like?

Kiss can be carried out in relation to another person, in relation to oneself, as well as in relation to any objects. Regardless of the direction of the kiss, it is always accompanied by a certain emotional color. Questions may arise regarding the touching of the lips to an inanimate object. However, we also tend to express our emotional attitude to our native land, to bread, to our parental home. Therefore, it is quite natural when a person kisses the threshold of his native house after returning after a long absence. And kissing the coat of arms or flag of one’s country is nothing but a manifestation of deep devotion and loyalty to one’s state and its people. A soldier who kisses a weapon shows that he is ready to go to the defense of his Motherland at any moment.

It is known that quite different emotions can be expressed through kisses. Depending on this, they are divided into the following varieties:

  • A passionate kiss, or a kiss of love, takes place between two lovers lips to lips. It not only expresses deep emotional feelings of tenderness, but also arouses exciting passions.
  • Friendly kisses allow you to show a person that you appreciate, respect, and are friends with him. Usually this is a kiss with the lips on the cheek, sometimes on the back of the hand. The tradition of double or triple kissing on different cheeks is common.
  • Kiss of respect – when you honor a person, respect him, bow to his authority, age, etc. Usually, children kiss their parents’ hands, parishioners – the priest’s, etc.
  • A kiss of admiration, if you are touched by a person and you want to kiss him. Such a gesture is also caused by a feeling of joy, very often expressed in relation to a small child or a cute animal.
  • Air kiss – you can send to a friend or loved one. To do this, you need to kiss your own palm, and then direct it to the person you would like to kiss and blow for a kiss. An air kiss is also called a kiss when a person imitates a kiss towards another person.
  • A kiss in the form of an emoticon has become popular in recent years with the development of social networks and messengers.

I wonder about kissing

  • According to scientists, the culture of kissing existed as early as 2,000 years before the birth of Christ. Then people directed their kisses as a sign of affection to the gods.
  • In 1981, the science of the kiss emerged – philology, the features and properties of this gesture are studied by the health committee.
  • In the language of immunologists, a kiss is a process of mutual immunity enhancement. After all, more than 200 different bacteria are transferred from one to the other during the touching of the lips.
  • In the Roman Empire, there was a law: if a man kissed a girl in public, he had to take her as his wife. In medieval Italy, kissing in front of a priest could lead to prison and severe punishment.
  • Representatives of some African tribes kiss the ground on which their leader walked. This is how they show their respect and honor to him.
  • As a result of a passionate kiss, chemical reactions occur in the human brain, similar to those that occur when firing a gun or skydiving.
  • A kiss has a positive effect on a person’s health. It helps to increase the pulse and improve blood circulation. As a result, it increases the general tone of a person.

How to celebrate World Kiss Day?

Celebrating this date is extremely pleasant. Even in the morning, you can kiss your loved one, thereby showing your tenderest feelings. You can also show your care for a loved one – a child or a mother, by hugging and kissing her before the working day. When meeting with friends, don’t forget to peck each other on the cheek.

And also: in World kiss day don’t use garlic or onions or your partner will lose all desire to kiss you.

When will we celebrate World Kiss Day??

Year Date Weekday
2021 July 6 Tuesday
2022 July 6 Wednesday
2023 July 6 Thursday
2024 July 6 Saturday
2025 July 6 Sunday

World kiss day

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